Double header drafts tonight! S55 VHLM Draft at 9 EST and the S55 VHL Entry Draft at 9:30 EST.


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  1. I like it
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    *HILF Hasian I'd Like to Fuck
  3. The Stockholm Vikings German forward Tyson Kohler has officially surpassed the 700 point plateau in his Victory Hockey League career. Kohler officially has 702 points which sits him 54th All-Time in the VHL career points. With a solid year and keeping with his current pace we could see Kohler hit around 752 points which would put him 36th All-Time in career points. Kohler has since longed for a Continental Cup in which he was very close to capturing with both the Stockholm Vikings as well as the Calgary Wranglers. Kohler's award cabinet isn't that crowded either as Dianna Maxwell got some biased votes and won an undeserved trophy a couple years back. Kohler's hunt for 750 started a game ago and he hopes to rise the all-time points list very soon. Kohler sits 4th all-time in career points by a player born in Germany, could be #2 by the end of his career. *For Kohler
  4. On a roll boys!
  5. Good victory boys!
  6. *Arizona
  7. Well Tippett's style is a little outdated and he isn't that good with young players so it was a good move. The jury is still out on Raanta.
  8. Chicago re-acquires Brandon Saad and Anton Forsberg for Artemi Panarin, Tyler Motte. Arizona (who doesn't have a front office haha) acquires Hjalmarsson from Chicago for Connor Murphy and Laurent Dauphin. Arizona let go of Dave Tippett Arizona acquire Raanta and Derek Stepan from NYR for 7th Overall and Anthony Dangelo Kris Russell finalizing a 4 year (4 Million per) deal in Edmonton
  9. Nicely done guys!
  10. Burry them softly
  11. Well they needed cap haha
  12. Another solid win
  13. Nice win boys!