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  1. But even then, you still get things such as training camp (10 tpe), contract money TPE (~6 tpe if you buy a free week), yearly award predictions (~3/4 tpe), any game predictions you guess correctly over the course of the season (~0-10 TPE), and practice facility (1 tpe) once a week in the VHLM. That's around 30TPE per season before you even include welfare, which would add around 10-15 TPE a season, which puts you at around 100 TPE by the seasons end. It's not too late to unreturned, what do you think? @Confusion
  2. Why not just claim welfare? @Confusion
  3. Yukon property
  4. fill in those birthplace, height, weight, and jersey numbers @Marko
  5. Saskatoon offers $1,500,000
  6. Sounds like a VHL trade you would do
  7. Ottawa Oslo Saskatoon
  8. @Boomcheck Sasky offers $2,000,000
  9. trust the process but actually Higgins cmon
  10. That's something you need to ask @Higgins