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  1. It looks good but the red lettering is a little off lol
  2. I do now lol
  3. @Exlaxchronicles VHL logo?
  4. Best in the league honey
  5. Truth but I got some inactives that he can replace
  6. Nah im going to sign him!
  7. Ottawa Lynx offer $1Million @Marko
  8. Actually it's @Corco
  9. @AlphaHawken congrats on the first goal!
  10. I'm honestly Vegas's worst nightmare. Maybe because I played for them last year I learned all there secrets? @Tagger you got to shut Louth down
  11. Mom get the camera my dman is scoring a hat trick a weak! I need to play Vegas more every hat trick is on them.
  12. Good game Ottawa! @AlphaHawken congrats on your first point!
  13. Well ill give you an synopsis if you choose to below.