Double header drafts tonight! S55 VHLM Draft at 9 EST and the S55 VHL Entry Draft at 9:30 EST.


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  1. What's going on with Ying and Stolzschweiger? Two straight weeks and they haven't hit the weight room or practice rink at all. Are they too busy helping Anderson scouting for Cologne?

  2. Also happen to remember when the first substance abuse ban was assessed?
  3. All GMs should get together in a thread and just do it for shits and giggles.
  4. You got weird rules. Did Mr. roll the fucking dice decide that lol
  5. Pretty sure you can still get practice facility lol, you just miss out on achievement tracker
  6. Thought you only wanted 8 each season
  7. Is there an exact date from July 2007 when the VHL came to fruition?
  8. Why is Threencarnac playing so much?!
  9. Game tying goal but I finally messed up in the shootout
  10. Lane/Volkov
  11. Who?
  12. @YEAH!stlemania
  13. @YEAH!stlemania
  14. Congrats on winning the VHLM Championship last year with the Las Vegas Aces @754!
  15. Love the tidbit on Koreans and StarCraft. Maybe my next player should be Korean...