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  1. Josh Vestiquan might have been before? Not sure...
  2. Jesus Christ was a goalkeeper back with Hamilton Canucks in season single digits.
  3. Good on @der meister @Spade18 and @Sullvino... everything else in Vegas, including myself... @Tagger reminded us and still!
  4. Might as well bump Rask Rowe up
  5. Tabootie!
  6. Knowing you, you should be asking at least triple what he's offering.
  7. Only one way to find out! Gretzky jumps ship to Cologne and we'll see how much Davos' and Cologne's ratings change!
  8. Yeah, I don't plan on drafting a goalie this year, because I'm making Jesus Christ at the deadline, and with the abundance of goalies available, no one's going to waste a first-rounder on him and I can snag him with a second rounder in S58.
  9. In before Rudi Ying holds out or some shit.
  10. Thats what too much pussy to maintain four players and still sim the VHLM will do to you.
  11. Komarov
  12. Looks like rotten Swiss cheese lol
  13. Help out Oslo? Where again did they end up
  14. Review: Wonderful read that is both funny and accurate as well. Looking forward desperately to see the entire series. Is Cologne's piece coming later today? @eaglesfan036
  15. Review: Tagger sure is a reason Vegas is contending once again this year as he nurtured new talent and manages to get steals once again, like Komarov. Getting Gudnason for VHLM Forever is another stud piece of business as well. While we do have a few players heads and shoulders above everyone else, Vegas truly is a team with all its parts chipping in for success.