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  1. Reign Legion Meute Bears
  2. At noon today it's been 48 hours I think I'll lock it then
  3. Story: Robbiez a clown with no willpower and weak trolls. The End.
  4. Ottawa Yukon Vegas
  5. Mmmmmm new lines
  6. Yukon offers $2,000,000 to come play with us
  7. @Strtlght for the last pick
  8. How would you like to play long term for a Vasteras franchise versus a Vikings franchise? Do you think I would have the leagues support in changing the location yet again? Do you think it's possible that you could slide out of the top four in this deep draft class? Would you be ok with a third term and a third team playing with me as GM? Can I join one of your podcasts after I get home and grab a new headset?
  9. @Higginsx2 and @Banackock
  10. @eaglesfan036 has been disqualified. He will get last place auto but receive no TPE
  11. You need a defender bud
  12. Luigi De Rossi @punkhippie