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  1. Mmmmmm, new lines doing new line things
  2. Yukon Ottawa Yukon
  3. Reign Meute Dynamo Titans
  4. Holy fuck Oakheart is on the team, time to do lines, like a lot of lines
  5. @Tagger is rubbing off on my @Higgins
  6. Anyone else still better off drafting you and trading you after 2 worst case scenario
  7. @HigginsOakheart belongs on Yukon
  8. @HigginsOakheart belongs on Yukon
  9. @HigginsOakheart belongs on Yukon
  10. Hard to help the team when you have almost 100 TPE not updated. and yeah Oslo wound up the same place as Vegas, without a title.
  11. I can say with 100% certainty that one of @Kendrick @Corco @Phil Are on the Iron Eagles next season if I have a top 3 pick. I might retire Kensington with the amount of goalies in the league. I only really made him to help out Oslo last season
  12. They were PMed about it yesterday