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  1. still trying to understand some of the pitching movement, but yeah, it makes sense. My obvious thinking was to play with the mind of the batter so you throw up/down inside/outside fastballs/breakingballs so they don't know what to expect. My guess would be to start with a high fastball (so you set up a high velocity pitch, and then, throw your nastiest balls down low to mess with the batter
  2. live again
  3. ALright, is there some baseball nerds here ? I'm trying to understand some of the tendencies of the pitchers vs certain handedness. Like I've been told a changeup/curveball is more effective when you throw to an opposite hand batter, I guess because he has less time to see the release point and he would have a hard time to guess if the pitch is a fastball or not ? What is it ? How bout lefties vs lefties ? The Mad Bum and the Kershaw of this world often use to outside sliders as a strike out pitch, which is obvious, but how yo uset up that pitch ? High inside fastball or what ?
  4. Not yee
  5. adding that to my rotator, thank you <3
  6. Ottawa or Riga's player ???
  7. thanks to whoever made the first sig I'll add it to my rotator
  8. Damn nice
  9. @eaglesfan036 @Fire Hakstol RIP schenn ?
  10. Fuck m8 gg
  11. Nice
  12. Fuck thats some good shit