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  1. Who is it you think your talking too?
  2. it is kind of ironic honestly. Throughout most of my VHL career I haven't really had the best of luck we'll say when it comes to individual player success. Here we are in Season 55, and my newest player who I vowed to put the most into and build the proper way and all that jazz, well he's actually doing pretty good. Over a point per game as a forward for me in a rookie season is something none of my other players even came close to. I believe Logan Laich had 9 points his first season, so yeah. The future looks bright for him. But the irony here is that my long term VHL future looks bleaker than ever. Oh no don't worry, don't fret to my loyal American teammates, many of who which have struggled through ups and downs at key times. Even earlier in this season the locker room wasn't exactly a banging place. And as for Verner and Toronto, that is a done deal. When I say longer term I mean, after Verner. I'm too committed and have put too much into these two players and this run to make some shock retirement. Although I did do that with Rift, but that was for the lols, know being goalies suck. The shocking thing about this recent "burnt out" run, it's kind of come out of nowhere. I experienced a bit of a down time in my VHL activity following stepping down from Cologne in the mid 40's. As such Humberts career was kind of sacrificed, and he didn't finish with the TPE levels I was initially hoping for. He wasn't a full on scrub, just a depth guy. But that aside, I was coming off a hard GM run, and some underwhelming players. It all felt like a natural little lull before I went back harder. Now though I don't know how hard I want to come back. I still have a few more things on my bucket list, but I think after this initial two player test I'll probably limit myself back to one player. A welfare one at that. It feels odd to say after putting a lot of seasons in here, but's easy to get burnt out here. Maybe it more speaks to how much I have going on in my life too. Our Youtube Channel (shameless plug) Pajodcast Media has been pumping out content, and I've been busy with the home office stuff. But honestly I'd be lying if I said I didn't have the time to write a media spot last week, which was the first time I missed something for Verner. I did. We haven't recorded a VHL Pajodcast in a bit either despite pumping other content to our channel. It's mostly just there hasn't been a lot of interesting things going on in the league to really push me to get motivated to post more. That has changed recently with the remainder that hey yeah 10 year anniversary, and also you know that weird guilt you have when you forget to be active in an online sim league. Especially one you try to be active in. It's a strange thing. Anyway I've probably rambled long enough for the point task here. The league certainly isn't dead, I think that is probably a long shot statement at any point. Not until we have some harsh harsh evidence. But I think I may speak for a lot of people here when I say the burnout is certainly very real. It gets realer by the day, and while I like many others already here on on the path to a welfare only player, I'd really hope to see some more new faces in here step up. I know I know, I say that all the time. But speaking with Advantage and Kyle, and a few other older members here. There is going to come a time where unless enough faces do step up, will it make sense to keep this league? Or would now ownership simply change enough that it would make sense to start it's own thing? I for one hope we start to look at crazier changes following the ten year anniversary. A reset, no VHLM, entirely new sim to go with all that. I don't know, something big some shake up. Two player I think makes sense going forward just from an option perspective, it allows those who want to fill your league up with players to do so without compromising the interest level of players who don't want to engage with it.
  3. It's been an interesting season for Verner Reinholdt. The Toronto Legion rookie has had some good chemistry with fellow linemate Bo Boeser, and even with defender Roman Sokolov. The three currently at the top three scorers for the Legion, and all are managing to play above a point per game pace. This is despite both Bo and Verner being rookies. The future is clearly looking for a Legion franchise that experienced a relatively short hangover, considering they did threepeat not that long ago. But now the fan base is already prepping for another hopefully long competitive run at the top. While Season 55 may not be the year, seeing the success of their up and coming forward core, and with some good prospects in the tank...notably Dexter Lane. Watch out. The Legion are going to be a big deal in S56, S57 and beyond. Bring it bitches! Oh I need three more words for this to be 150. There you go.
  4. The VHL will be celebrating it's 10th anniversary in July. Let that sink in. This silly crazy place has existed for ten real life years. A decade. Wow. Anyway there is some talk going on in the BoG about what we may do for the big occasion. Don't worry we recognize that things are a bit low in activity right now, and you know a decade is a pretty big deal. Based on the discussion I've seen I feel like a big event will unfold and everyone will smile and type a few things around the boards and be a bit more happy. But the reality is as we've all been saying the dip in activity isn't just the pacing of the season. That plays an impact, but a large majority of the member base is older now. That is what you get when some have been doing it for a decade. If so facto, we are all busy. We have lives. Some have kids, marriages, families, serious jobs, are in the end of their college/university careers so it's actually super serious business. The list goes on. Anyway, I still am looking forward to a big ten year anniversary, as such so should you. It could be a fun time.
  5. Lot of years left on the Oshie contract but gotta love signing him for that term.
  6. Robert Jelen. Fuck it I'll be team NY + Moon.
  7. Ravenwing and Shankly
  8. Could be a crazy off-season. I like the Habs move Drouin gives them more much needed offense. Curious if Habs can still manage to keep Radulov and run Drouin - Galchen - Rads as a line.
  9. And a Cup win. But he was great in the playoffs. But basically yes goalies pretty much have a tough time with RoTY. I did win it with Rift as goalie on 32 with a pretty pedestrian .912 save percentage but rookie skaters sucked that season.
  10. Astrid Moon Bobby Digital @Caillean
  11. It's been a while since we heard from now VHL rookie forward, Verner Reinholdt. Reinholdt last spoke during a engaged World Cup run, mostly to discuss the World Cup but also to highlight his frustration on the Calgary Wranglers. Well low and behold, the season is underway, we are a few games in, and Verner Reinholdt is not a member of the Calgary Wranglers. Before the start of the season Reinholdt was traded to the up start Toronto Legion. Currently Verner has 7 points in 6 games played as he begins to settle in on a young Legion team. We caught up with Verner after the most recent game against the Cologne Express, just to talk about the off-season, his future with Toronto and everything else under the sun. Now that the trade and drama is all over, and the season is underway, Verner and his focus change to being the best teammate and member of the Legion he can be. Reinholdt was honored with a Assistant Captaincy over the course of the season too, and now the aged rookie gets to wear an A on his shoulder. The Swedish forward spoke about legacy and honor when we asked him about wearing the A for the Legion.
  12. How many rules have you fucked up now Anderson? It's okay your just returning to the role lol.