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  1. Fake news. Also pretty sure it's just that Calgarys new motto will be don't trust the process. And @Kyle obviously returning to GM role after all these seasons.
  2. I read some theory the other day about how the Hodor moment was Bran recognizing there are serious consequences to his power when he isn't just using his power to warg into a traditional animal. It then went on to suggest that perhaps Bran only has one "shot" to do whatever it is he's supposed to do. And since he can see the results of how things happen and can pretty much look through time, that potentially he is allowing events to unfold specific ways in order to set the stage and put the important players in the exact spot they need to be for him to do whatever it is he has to do. Which I think certainly fits in line with his, I only tell people about visions when it seems convenient for me sort of thing. And yet most of the time his visions lead to people being put into the plot armor type situations.
  3. Martin didn't "lose" control though. He simply takes too long to write and finish books. The end game that Martin was building too aka Dragons vs Zombies will still happen in the books. Your crazy if you think otherwise. Does that mean that it'll happen the exact same way? No of course not, but Martin didn't lose control of anything. He really only helped them write the odd episode early on, and has said to been completely fine with the show going it's own direction but still finalizing itself on the same end game. We are at that end game, and the show doesn't have the budget nor the episode count to be making every loose plot hole and character arc make sense. I find it interesting how the same people complaining that certain characters don't get good loose ends tied/good resolution had no problem that Rob died, or Ned. Lots of character arcs from the early seasons were just as shit, or more appropriately short and made very little sense. Why did it take Ned so long to discover the truth? Why did he then use his honor to get himself killed? What about Oberyn? Why did he taunt his opponent so much and get himself killed, pretty stupid decision, he seems smarter than that. The truth is the why's are all irrelevant. They have always been. It's a tv show, not a book. While Seasons 1-4 are a bit more faithful adaptations, really things started to change pretty early on. I could bring up Stannis too another character whose arc just sort of ended shittily. The show and to a lesser extent the books have done that stuff all the time. The only reason people hate it now is because it's happening to the characters they like, ala Littlefinger, Tyrion, etc. And the characters they hate, ala Jon and Dany are being saved by tropes. But here is some crazy news? They have been saved from tropes from the beginning. Dany walks into the fire and her dragons are born, how much false tension was put on her and Jon since day one of this show? TONS. It's not new, it's not fresh, it's not some new twist where suddenly the plot armor characters are loaded with tropes. That has been the story since day one of the show and the books. Welcome to tropesville. As @Kyle has kind of echoed here, you guys have to learn to get over it or watch a different show imo. I hate how "Lord of the Rings" get used as an insult because something can't be good of it's predictable or filled with tropes. Like "random murder for the sake of shock" in and of itself isn't a trope either. You know how many shows I watch that has the type of shit you calls call unpredictable? Tons. Tropes are tropes are tropes, whether they are high fantasy, murder mystery, political intrigue. "But but in the past smart characters never relied on tropes." They didn't? How about when Tywin showed up last minute to save Kings Landing? How about when Rob ambushed the Lannisters out of nowhere? How about...the list goes on and on people. The types of shit you are seeing, the last second save of the days have been happening since the earliest Seasons. Has some dark shit happened and in the end a lot of characters bitten the dust? Yes. But Jon Snow and Dany are not yet at the point where they are meant to bite the dust. Derp, that isn't unobvious. I think the "false tension" they attempt to create with some of the scenes is kind of bullshit but it's been bullshit from day one. The only reason we didn't really care or notice is because enough dark shit happened to make people think "anything can happen." Of course anything can't happen. What did you think they were going to kill off all the main characters and have nobody with plot armor so that in the final season once we built to end game there would be nobody left and we'd have to spend time getting re-introduced to new characters? All media is filled with tropes. All stories ALL OF THEM, go back and look do some googling are unoriginal since like back to a long ass time ago. There was a study done on how many villains in modern media in general are reflections of a bunch of old plays and poems from like hundreds of years ago. You can trace all this shit back to something in most cases, which means putting so much emphasis on something to "shock you" seems so crazy to me. Why does that matter? Or more importantly, why does it always have to matter? Without it it's meaningless. Just sounds like hipster talk to me. You got 5-6 seasons of strong character build and some of the best slow scenes you were going to get. Even in Breaking Bad's final season we weren't getting the slow scenes like we had in Season 1. This isn't some new concept or insulting one either, taking the characters the show spent seasons building up and engaging them in a all stakes against the wall type of end scenario. Again that doesn't have to be for anyone, but just stop watching. There is no sin in that. But don't kid yourself from recognizing the game of thrones we see now isn't an insult the previous seasons of the show. It's very much not only in line with what they have been building, but using concepts and tropes they have leveraged from day one of the show imo.
  4. Haha Walmart would never sell an item that useful. Home Depot on the other hand?
  5. Finished a match 65% last week yo.
  6. The other aspect that will hurt Thrones too people is that so much of the show now feels like fan theories being confirmed in some regard or the other. That is just a reality of something reaching such a big cultural zeitgeist. We study it wide spread for too long that the likelihood that what actually happens being predicted is high.
  7. Plus people often use predictable too mean bad. Which don't get me wrong the tension that can be created by the unknown is useful. However I've also seen just as many examples of things focusing so hard on trying to he unpredictable they forget key elements, like the characters. In this case I'm okay with predictable mostly because I bought into and have enjoyed the characters and the slow build arcs surrounding the main characters now. Specifically the ones getting saddled with predictability. Like earnestly Jon may be my fav character and that became the case for me a long while ago. Seeing his pivotal nature to the story pay off, predictable or not feels good to me.
  8. I have seen tonights episode finally, watched the leak. There are a few things that plot hole wise seemed a little silly, but in general it was pretty much what I was expecting to happen and I'm for the most part fine with it. Still building towards end game stuff for the final season clearly.
  9. Bump it up here only got two PM's. You can do better than that VHL. I summon the power of @Tagger do your job bud. Oh also stop playing McCree every game when we play because then I can never play him and he's prob my best hero.
  10. Apologies. Give me Ay Ay Ron.
  11. Hello VHL. As you may know our very own magazine is set to return soon. As such, so is my feature the Devise Device. Which means I need questions and talking points sent to my inbox again. If your are not familiar with the article it is me grabbing a talking point from our very own VHL community as well as answering questions of any type and variety from our members. I usually draw 3 questions out of my pool per week and cover one talking point. Don't worry if I don't use yours in a given week as I'll save them and get to everyone. So what I need from you all is to PM my inbox with questions and any talking points you have.
  12. Haha. All time best save percentage? Possibly but MT going to play back up a whole career, I got that shit Locked up. Sad to see another back up go though but a little more room in the goalie market probably not a bad thing.
  13. The books will have more elements of other stuff but it's not like the show runners made it more fantasy than its supposed to be. Martin was building to the fantasy elements from the get go. Hell the books have far more fantasy elements that the show runners ignored or didn't include. I'm not saying people don't have a right to not enjoy the fantasy. Be my guest. But don't claim it's some surprise shift. As I said it's all about the poetic irony it always has been and Martin with both the books and the show had been laying the obvious ground work for what we are getting now for a while. It was absolutely obvious once long winter came and magic was full gear that it would completely alter the rules to the typical politics and tactics we are witnessing. The show runners shouldn't get all the flack when the actual reason a lot of connecting scenes are now inferred because the business reality is HBO has seriously huge costs if this show. Last I checked it was in the range of 10+ million per episode. The show runners didn't cut this season to 7 and next to 6, HBO did. And that isn't a shocker either the network has a history of high production cost shows being cut it out right cancelled. Ultimately the show runners are doing the best they can to hit all the beats to connect to the ending that Martin has told them about. I get that people like the slower scenes and character building, I do too. However we had seasons upon seasons of that build, so I'm okay with them using that build to carry us into the super hero team up levels of set pieces we are at now.
  14. But that is why all of this is so poetic and completely in line with the show. Up until now what has been the standard rule of thumb? The show gives you characters to invest in, who are engaged in plot points for a season or so. Then, the smartest most manipulating characters shock everyone and make many of those heavily invested characters either die or there plot points irrelevant. See Ned, Rob, Oberyn, Joffre, Stannnis, Renly, the list goes on. Yet all the while it was the cunning consistently surviving, winning if you will. Then completely disconnected from that we had several sub plots about magic, dragons, faceless assassin's, ice zombies, resurrected warriors. Now what are we seeing that the high fantasy hit it's peak build? All the characters the show invested in for seasons upon seasons I referenced winning earlier, dying or their plots becoming irrelevant. The only difference is it's the magic making them irrelevant but it's still just as poetic and ultimately if you have seriously been paying attention that is at the heart of everything this show has been about. The poetic thing plays into the title of the books too A Song of Ice and Fire. Furthermore your silly if you think Dany is being presented as the saviour character. The marketing of the show made people think it's all about the Throne. But only the first book was subtitled that. Danys plot is about her fighting herself and trying not to be like her father the mad king. She tries to carry herself as better yet whenever things don't go her way what happens? Inferno. She won't survive the show. She'll probably go out in some typical poetic fashion. Jon is the saviour. He embodies the entire essence of the shows lore. Remember A Song of Ice and Fire? Let's see her a man born a Stark and a Targareyen, aka cold North and. Dragon house, who served on the icy wall and was resurrected by the Lord of Light and fire to boot? Yeah I'm pretty sure he's the saviour. Also, he won't rule anyway. The Throne isn't important in the end. Once Jon learns of his heritage and claim to Danys he will completely renounce it and talk about how Westeros needs leaders not rulers. Besides who in their right mind would want to inherit that useless chair anymore anyways? Only power hungry monarchs. Westeros has been at war for years the rulers in Kings Landing have been ruling by fear for ages now, they are in severe debt, and Dany just burned most of their food supply for long winter. If anything screams internal civil war King's Landing does. Add to that a soon to be proven undead army marching on the masses. Good keeping people from just fleeing where Dany came from all those seasons ago or to Dorne or basically off this doomed war ridden continent.