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    New Reviewing System

    Anyone who has been present in the VHL since we introduced the “Auto-6” grading system will know that the amount of activity focused on Point Task conversation has gone way down and in some ways our quality has gone down as well. While the system of reviewing instead of grading was good in theory the incentive wasn’t present for the reviewers to handle the increased workload and the reviewers themselves got burnt out much easier. With this in mind I would like to officially announce the 2nd major change to the VHL’s reviewing system since we opened our doors. Points Tasks will still automatically receive 6 TPE but there will no longer be a formal “PT Staff” doing the reviewing. Instead all members will be able to review point tasks and claim up to 2 TPE (capped) per week for it. This means if you can’t find a league job that interests you, or if you’re just missing out on a few points to hit the cap you can still earn them simply by reviewing the work of others. Here’s how it all works. Each review you post should be constructive in nature and at least a few sentences long to distinguish it from a regular comment, which are still completely allowed. Assuming you meet that criteria you post the link to your review in your review log; the forum for which will be moved to a public forum within the “Into the Stands” section. Get enough in a week and you will earn TPE given out by @DollarAndADream, who’s official title will now be “Head of PT.” So how much exactly is enough? It’s very simple. 4 Review Points = 1 TPE Media Spots, Rookie Profiles, and Graphics = 1 Point Podcasts and Biographies = 2 Points So, if you review for example 2 GFX and 1 podcast in a week you earn 4 points and thus 1 TPE. Double that and you hit the cap at 2 TPE. A note, however, for anyone who has been a reviewer before and is used to the old system. There will be no banking of reviews in this system. Once you hit 8 points for a week that is all you can claim. No more weeks of doing no work and getting paid for it. With that said, carryover is still allowed under 2 TPE. For example, if you grade 5 media spots that’s 1 TPE with 1 point carried over to the next week. In addition, only 2 reviews are allowed per PT. Reviewing should ideally be done in reverse order (from oldest PT’s to newest) and on a first come, first serve basis. If 2 reviews are already on a PT and you claim one after that claim will not give you points. Essentially the regulations around reviewing have not changed but the option to do so is now open to everyone. To allow time to adjust to this new idea and ask answer questions if necessary the new reviewing system will go into effect Monday, October 9th. Slightly before that time all PT’s older than 2 weeks will be archived so that people cannot grave dig old topics for reviewing. If you have questions on this new system or would like things clarified please feel free to ask.
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    Important Friday VHL News

    I've got a little Friday night news for you. #1. As you know there has been a hunt for some new faces to join the commissioner group to help run the league heading into S57. One person wouldn't be enough to handle the load right now as we saw with @Smarch's departure from the position, so we have decided to hire two. There were a handful of people that expressed interested and they were discussed between myself and former commissioners, ultimately the decision was made to hire two long time members that have shown dedication to the VHL. Therefore I am letting everyone know, @Beketov and @Devise have both been added onto the commissioner team and will take roles doing the various tasks beginning by prep for S57 and the off-season. #2. The Board of Governors (BOG) will once again be getting revamped into the off-season with new additions. If you sent me a message about being a part of it, I'm not ignoring you I just wanted to get the commissioner roles settled first. #3. The VHL Draft lottery will take place on Sunday night via a live stream broadcast on twitch with me as the host as per usual. All non-playoff teams with their own picks get hyped. #4. Nothing really changes for the league as a whole with new commissioners. BUT, tasks will be done faster, responses will be faster, and vacant jobs will be filled with applicants. All good things. All major league changes as still discussed in the BOG and on the open forums so be sure to take part in what you can. Thanks guys. Have a good Friday night.
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    New Official VHL Position

    Just a quick announcement to make here. We've decided to hire and institute a new paid VHL position based on a solid proposition that was brought to us. The VHL will now have a paid Book Keeping role. The responsibilities of this role will be to keep the VHL Hall of Fame section updated every season. This covers records, award winners, franchise history, all time stats, and Hall of Fame Members. The Book Keeper will also be responsible for organizing, and running the Hall of Fame induction ceremony every season. Pay for this job will be 1 TPE per week during the season, and 2 TPE per week during the off-season due to the increased work load. Our very first VHL Book Keeper (officially) will be none other than long time member @ADV!
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    Bring Back Chat

    A Meeting of the VHL's Best

    Here's me and @Victor meeting in a pub in London. And I've never really taken selfies so here is my best shot. Victor is massively tall btw, he's like 7'5'' at least. My first ever meeting with someone in the VHL since @Will and @Higgins flaked on me a few years ago. It was a fun time, and I think I semi convinced Victor to come back and make a player (he has a great idea for said new player). We also reminisced on our fantastic podcast with @Ahma a few years back, when he told us about his dead lizard :(. Also, Victor wanted me to let @Kendrick know that he still loves you. Lastly, Victor's real life friend came and met us after a little while, and it was kind of funny that I made up a story about how me and Victor knew each other from when he lived in Vancouver rather than tell this person we met up from an online sim league. It was fun being under cover
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    The Return

    After a few seasons of silence, former VHL player turned agent Matthew Boragina has finally found a player he hopes will not only become a VHL regular, but also become a prominent player within the league. Boragina filed the paperwork necessary for his newest client, Elias Sobeck, to be eligible for the S58 VHL Entry Draft. Not long after the announcement, he helped facilitate a one year deal with the Oslo Storm so that Sobeck can get some pro experience prior to the draft. Sobeck, a dynamic offensive center, hopes to one day join the ranks of the elite VHL players. The announcement of a new client for the former player comes as a bit of a surprise to some in the VHL community. Not long after retiring, Boragina found a very gifted offensive talent in Russian born player Yuri Girgorenko and convinced him to declare for the VHL. Most would assume that Boragina would be able to bring in more talent, but were shocked when all he could muster up was a promising looking defensemen in Mikkel Boomgaarden who turned out to be a lackluster VHL defensemen, and then a bust of a player in Lars Siktanc. Elias Sobeck appears to be the redemption project for Boragina. While some of the VHL GM’s might be scared to select another client of the talented former player, Boragina hopes that he can prove that he still has an eye for talent.
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    I’m going to start off by saying that this article isn't going to focus on the VHL as if it was real. I'm not going to be discussing stats, up and coming players, or even the recent VHLM dispersal draft. The VHL is fictional. The league isn't real, nor the games, or even the players. The VHL as we know it is a fictional entity hosted on an internet forum. The only thing real about it is the community, its members, and the (simulated) stats that their creations produce. If none of this is ultimately real besides those who support it the question many will ask is, isn't all this pointless? In the utilitarian sense of pointlessness, the VHL is in fact pointless. None of us are making any money off this. Some of us may in fact be losing money due to our participation and loss of productivity. And while this may be true I still say there is inherent value in the VHL that casual onlooker might not notice. I gave up playing hockey after the 8th grade knowing I would never be able to make the high school team. I'm currently writing this as college freshman nearly halfway through my first semester and I still miss playing the game every day. As nearly every other kid that played hockey I dreamed of playing college and eventually NHL hockey. Also like many of those who played hockey growing up but were just not good enough to play in the higher levels I came to realize that I would never achieve those dreams. I would continue into freshman year of high school trying not to pay attention to our school team knowing old teammates would be living out a part of my own dream I wouldn't get to experiece. While I began to grow out of this childish behavior I found myself wishing more than ever that I could achieve these dreams while still accepting that I never would. Until recently I thought would never feel the joy of the game again, but it only took one link to change that. I discovered the VHL a couple of months into my last summer break before college. I saw a post advertising this forum on the r/wildhockey subreddit. I was blown away by how well developed everything was thought out. From designing players, simulating games, and gaining experience everything just seemed so right. I hadn't felt such joy for something fictional since finishing the entirety of the Wheel of Times series. While not being able to truly and accurately portray a professional hockey league to a T I was still able to live a little part of that dream I had since I was a kid. I'm not going to say that the VHL solved some huge hole in my life but it was able to bring me a bit of joy I haven't had since I quit hockey. Obviously I can't this is true 100% for any other members on this forum but I wouldn't be surprised if at least some share a similar story. This ability to live a smaller part of the dream is why I joined the VHL. This is why the VHL isn’t completely pointless. Long live the VHL. Dear graders and mods, If there is a better place to put this in I would be happy to move it. Sincerely, AlphaHawken
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    S57 VHLM Pre Season TPE Rankings

    Hey VHLMers (and anyone else who reads this!) Last season I started an article which each week analyzed TPE factors for each team. These factors include each teams total TPE, the weekly increases, the average TPE per player on the team, the teams relative position in the league, and which player was the current highers TPE earner. Seeing as last year was a bit of an anomaly concerning the amount of players in the league and such I thought I would do it again this year to see the differences year to year. (also, now that I understand how things work in the league, I will have a better idea of what I'm looking for and as this continues it will certainly change and evolve) Without further ado, lets check out our pre season rankings! Team Total TPE (Increased TPE) Average TPE per player League Position Top TPE Earner 1. Oslo Storm 1073 (0) 59.61 (18 players) D - Nicodemus Raven, TPE: 107 (SEA). 2. Ottawa Lynx 998 (0) 71.29 (14 players) C - Corey Klopfenstein, TPE: 157 (CGY) 3. Saskatoon Wild 852 (0) 71 (12 players) LW - Phil Bennington, TPE: 161 4. Yukon Rush 786 (0) 49.13 (16 players) D - Augustus Gloop, TPE: 141 (20 Banked) (SEA) 5. Las Vegas Aces 751 (0) 50.06 (15 players) D - Colton Rayne, TPE: 175 (14 Banked) League Total TPE 4460 (+0) 59.46 (75 players) So! some big differences from last year, and some similarities. The Storm, after a disappointing last place finish last year, are poised to take the league by.... wait for it..... it's too easy..... should I?..... yea I'm going to.... STORM. They begin this year as the only team in quadruple digits for total team TPE. The addition of first round pick Jasper Canmore @Bushito plus the retention of some good depth from last year should vault the Storm into an early season lead. They also happen to have the deepest roster with 18 players, and a good Average TPE of 59.61, despite having the lowest top TPE Earned. The Lynx, just like.. fuck man, there's no holding them down. GM @Beaviss Pairs some decent late round draft picks with a great foundation, and lands him and his team in the 2nd spot, boasting the highest average TPE per player. After a disappointing loss to the Las Vegas Aces last season, look for the Lynx to be early favorites for this years founders cup. The Wild for the second year in a row have weird stats. I just cant put my finger on this team. They are right smack dab in the middle of the road TPE wise, yet they more of less match the Ottawa Lynx for average TPE. That may be due to having the smallest roster in the VLHM, but it is also due to the potential steal of the draft falling into their laps. Surprisingly, LW Phill Bennington @Phil Dropped to third overall and the Wild walked out of the draft with a huge smile on their face. This team could be the dark horse if Phil gets hot in the playoffs this year. The Rush come in 4th for total TPE, but fall into last for average TPE. The Rush have a lot of great options on defense. The addition of 1st round pick Dragon McDragon @JardyB10 only improves and already deep defensive core. This team will rely on these defensmen to withstand the more offensively focused teams. That leads us to your defending Founder Cup Champions, the one, the only, the razzling, dazzling, envy of everyone in the VHLM and I dare you to tell me otherwise Las Vegas Aces . After dominating their way through the VHLM playoffs last year with only 2 losses, the Aces will look to begin building towards their next great team. The only returning member of the Championship team is Defenseman Colton Rayne @Spade18. Most of the rest of the players from last year were either taken in the draft and playing in the VHL (many in the first round), or were placed back into the draft and dispersed among the league First round pick Lavar Ball @Mr.Baller looks to be a sure fire prospect, and newly acquired center ice man Vaclav Hrdina @diamond_ace has the opportunity to be a workhorse offensively for this team. Other draft picks of this year Mikka Toivonen @James and Joseph Lenin @Bolsheviks had impressive pre draft showings, so we will see if they can keep up the effort and help this team up the ranks. Even with a relatively thin VHLM draft, we're looking forward to another exciting VHLM season! Best, Spade
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    New Vasteras Logo

    Am I the only one who doesn't want Stockholm to move because it legit has the best logo (by far)?
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    So I was just browsing Reddit, when all the sudden... #sethknew
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    New Vasteras Logo

    The league should just start refering to them as Vasteras until the blue team accepts reality
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    Beketov 16K Post Party!

    Post party time! Been awhile since we've had one of these and I've never been the best at them in the first place so I'm probably not the best person to bring them back but whatever, here we are, so let's get going. ---------- @hedgehog337 I'm trying to recall if I ever ever been on a team with you, it's been so long that I'm uncertain. Either way you're a great member of the league and a great GM. You really turned Riga around in a hurry. I felt bad about not going there with Holik and do want you to know that had NY not made the deals to grab me I would have likely retired as a member of the Reign. @Phil Ah Phil, what more can I say about you that I haven't said before? Such a great asset to the league and always there to offer some CoDCast questions. As I said in an episode a little while ago, I think you would make an excellent GM even if you never actually want the job. Also, you were instrumental in at least 2/3 of my #Bek campaigns so I thank you for that. Get back to full activity, kay? @Ahma You need to get back to your full activity levels ASAP. You were always a great community member. Would love to see that fire come back again. Legit, you come back to activity and I'll write way more about you. Seem fair? @Bring Back Chat One of my favourite seasons in the VHL was my year in Calgary with Miller and that was because of you. Can't thank you enough for bringing me on board with that great group of guys. The process may confuse me now but god damn did it ever work then. Also, I promise, we are trying to bring chat back. @Beaviss I've said it before and I'll say it again. You're one of the best new members we have gotten in a long time; along with a few others right now. Keep up the kind of drive you have had in the first few months here and I see you going a long way in the league. Being inducted as a builder feels amazing, trust me. I say that because I can see you getting there one day. Also, you're approaching 1000 posts, so I nominate you for the next post party. @Bushito I'll admit, I wasn't the biggest fan of your GM appointment because we have butted heads a bit in other sites but you're proving my assumptions about you wrong. Your activity level has been great and you've been pulling the Vikings back up. Not sure how I feel about the possibility of Vasteras returning again but hey, it's fun discussion at least. @Banackock You gave me some of my best chances at a cup with Holik and I damn well know you felt bad about us not winning it. It's not often I have seen GM's here have such faith in their teams and take losses quite so personally. You believed in every single one of us and I assure you that I felt just as bad letting you down as you did letting the team down. You were a great GM and I hope I get a chance to play for you again someday. Also, keep the ideas flowing! they are wonderful discussion. @Green I've always joked that Miller could have been amazing if not for O'Malley running the league while he was around. You've managed to build some of the best players in the league with a consistency that's honestly rather scary; even this time around while being on welfare. You've always been an inspiration as far as your layers are concerned, if not a bit of a thorn in my side, and honestly I'm not sure anyone else but you has a shot at hitting the old records. @Spade18 You're another of our newer members but no less welcome than Beaviss a bit up there. I've been in this league for 10 years so I may not always notice all the new members but I have definitely taken notice of you, specifically your ideas and work ethic. Don't lose those things. They are what can make you great. @tfong Our resident welfare based asian! You have brought a lot to the VHL over the years. Not only being such a big advocating for welfare rights but also major VHLM changes back in the day if I remember correctly. Even without your Kanou level of activity you've always managed to make solid players; with two awards to your name if I'm not mistaken, and you've been a great precedes for a long time now. @Devise My new partner in crime! There was no one else I would have rather seen get a commish spot alongside me and honestly no one else I would have been okay losing it to. You've given a lot to the VHL over the years and I can see the insane amount of fire you once had burning back up again. You're the exact kind of member the VHL needs more of. Also, just to throw it in there, I will not forget what you did for me with Holik. You gave me a solid chance at a cup when no one else would. I truly feel like I may have ruined your shot at the threepeat but I still appreciate you having enough faith in me to not only run with 1 defenseman but also bench yourself. @ADV I'll admit, I always confuse you and STZ, don't ask me why. I was very glad to see you come to Toronto to be my D pairing with Sokolov and I always look forward to your insight on things with the Pajodcast. If I'm not mistaken you have the most wins ever as a GM (or is it most top GM awards?) as well which is pretty impressive. Even if I'm wrong you've been a hell of a GM several times. I wish you could have found more success with Stockholm; you deserved it. @boubabi We butt heads sometimes, it happens with all members, but at the end of the day you're probably the best GFX guy we have ever had around. Logos, skinning, cutting, banners, the whole nine yards. It makes GFX contests a little dull but you keep the whole community on it's toes. @Corco I'll admit, I haven't talked to you over the years as much as I would like. I know you have a pretty thankless job as backup simmer and didn't get nearly enough recognition for how much you did with the anniversary tournament. It always amazes me to find how many things you do behind the scenes that don't necessarily get noticed but are always vital. @KGR First off, damn you for making my last couple of season's with Holik more stressful. I'll admit you made many of us eat our words with your second season with Moon and I wouldn't have dared vote anyone else for most improved. Second, you somehow manage to be the perfect troll that I can argue with but not completely hate. I don't and probably never will understand how you do it. @TheLastOlympian07 You are probably the most under the radar early member we have. Everyone thinks of myself and Sterling and Kendrick but here you have been for so long just cruising by with decent; if never quite spectacular, players. I was really hoping Toronto was going to pick you up this off-season but alas Calgary beat us to the punch. Honestly if you apply yourself a bit more I think you'll find the league very willing to give you as much responsibility as you want. You have more respect around here than I think you realize. @BOOM You have brought more tits to the VHL than anyone else. Honestly I think several times we received warnings from our old hosts because of your beautiful antics. I know I have accidentally opened posts at work before and immediately had to close them because of you. Also, you make some pretty awesome players. Never change. @DollarAndADream I'm definitely glad to be getting you a bit more responsibility as head of PT. I feel the role has gotten a bit boring for you as of late and it'll be great to see you doing what you did well before. Speaking of which, you've been a great GM to me in Toronto. I don't know if I would have been your choice as I was fold Molholt but you have welcomed me graciously in and have been quietly building a pretty fantastic and tightly knit team. I see you being able to go as far in this league, both player wise and as a member, as you ever care to go. @scøtty First off, change your name back for god sake, it's just confusing. Hell just become anderson, we know who you are anyway haha. You kept the league distracted a bit from me in the early seasons so I actually partly thank you for keeping me around. Had I taken the full brunt of the rage I may not have kept going. You have managed to cross the line a few times in this VHL stint and I hope that lessons have been learned somewhat from it. But even with that you've been a relatively solid member the majority of the time now and I hope you can fully put your past where it belongs. Also, stop retiring so damn early. You get enough TPE that you could build decent players that GM's trust but you need to stick with something long enough. I know there could be a great member in there somewhere, I heard him the morning you came on the CoDCast. Just stop hiding. ---------- With that I end my post party. Admittedly this was going to be a 590 but I've written so much more than I anticipated that I'm posting it as an MS. I hope you all enjoyed being present.
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    S56 Prediction Points

    S56 Prediction Point Payout Base prediction points are claimable on both players. Purchased doubles/triples are claimable only on the player that purchases it - these are listed at the bottom. @boubabi - 2 @Corco - 5 @Kyle - 2 @Tyler - 3 @Bushito - 3 @Strtlght - 3 @Beaviss - 3 @Frank - 7 @Megster - 3 @Green - 3 @Jala - 3 @jRuutu - 8 @Ahma - 3 @Lunaro - 3 @Jonessee27 - 3 @Devise - 3 @hedgehog337 - 6 @Velevra - 5 @KGR - 2 @STZ - 3 @iRockstar - 5 @Banackock - 5 @DollarAndADream - 4 @Eggy216 - 3 @CowboyinAmerica - 6 @Fire Hakstol - 3 @TheLastOlympian07 - 7 @Tagger - 0 @ADV - 4 @Quik - 3 @BOOM - 3 @tfong - 4 @Beketov - 3 @Phil - 5 @Kendrick - 5 @solas - 3 @BluObieZ - 2 @evrydayimbyfuglien - 2 @MD9 - 3 @der meister - 4 @Sullvino - 4 @Spade18 - 3 @Lunaro - 3 @Bring Back Chat - 3 @Pandar - 3 @murguy - 4 @Gooningitup - 5 @Gudnason - 2 @DeathOnReddit - 3 @Smarch - 6 @Higgins - 2 @JardyB10 - 6 Double Prediction Points @Beketov - Sokolov (6) @Corco - Rudolph (10) @jRuutu - Jokinen (16) @hedgehog337 - Krigars (12) @Kendrick - King (10) Triple Prediction Points @Bushito - Abbott (9)
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    S56 VHL Awards

    Hate to interrupt but yay for winning Rookie of the Year? OK, continue.
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    Trivia Leaderboard

    +4 TPE @der meister @Velevra @jRuutu @CowboyinAmerica @Jonessee27 @Strtlght @BOOM @Green @Bushito +2 TPE @Sullvino @Smarch @Ahma @Corco @Kendrick @Spade18 @STZ @KGR @solas @punkhippie
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    [UNOFFICIAL] S57 Draft Discussion

    holy crap, my friend just stopped by for two hours, and how the hell do I tell him I need him to leave so I can watch how a forum hockey sim draft turns out thankfully he left before I was taken! Congrats everyone that went so far!
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    Claimed: Dear VHL GMs

    Dear VHL GMs, @eaglesfan0366 @STZ @Frank @Banackock @DollarAndADream @ADV @Tyler @Higgins @hedgehog337 @Bushito I am writing you this letter in the hopes that you’ll take me into consideration when scouting for the Season 57 draft. I feel like I will be a suitable addition to any team, and I will also be 100% committed to the team that selects me. I was given the idea of writing a letter to you all from my wonderful Player Agent, Phil Knight. He suggested it would be a good idea, given how limited my TPE is compared to those at the top of the draft boards. Anyway, growing up, I was an avid fan of the VHL. I've watched it all as I grew up, seeing my breathen win Gold at the World Cup, seeing my favourite player (Villeneuve) win in Riga, be traded to Seattle and pull off the miracle and win the Cup.. I have watched the VHL very, very closely for a long time. I really am not one to sell myself. I cannot tell you with confidence what my strengths and weakness are. Suffice to say that I know I have the speed, strength, dexterity and hockey IQ to make it anywhere I go in this very prestigious league. Now, because of my limited ability to sell myself, I have asked a couple of my references to tell you themselves. I have left their contact information at the bottom in case you would like to verify the quotes. If you have any questions, feel free to email or call me back at any time. If I don’t pick up, then I’m either sleeping or training. “Bennington is going to be, and to be quite honest already is, a remarkably strong hitter. This lad is 6'3" at the age of 18 and he uses his size in the most effective way. He can position himself perfectly to line up a hit, or come between an opponent and the puck. You better have a massive goon protecting your top players, because he will undoubtedly send them crashing into the boards and give the puck away.” ~ Alan Smith; coach of the Liverpool Lasers “One thing you cannot help but notice, is his explosive speed. This big teenage can seriously move quickly. Think of how nimble and agile Lebron James is, and that is sort of how I few Bennington. Every time I see him break out into stride, it is remarkable to me how quickly he gets going... and how quickly he can stop on a dime. Good luck trying to stop him.” ~John Watson; VHL scout “One thing? I can only say one thing about him? Now that is difficult. Alright, giving that when you look at him, you would expect him to be the enforcer, but this kid can shoot the puck, and with accuracy. With his high hockey IQ, he knows when his best option is to shoot the puck, and man can he execute a wicked wrister. Time after time I've seen him charge into the attacking zone, pull up, and fire a wrist shot over the shoulder of an unsuspecting goalie into the top shelf. Man what a shot!” ~Phil Knight; VHL Hall of Fame Builder “Pretty unsurprisingly, one of the things a teen as big as Bennington will need to work on is his puck handling. With his gargantuan stick length, controlling the puck will always be an issue. He can receive and give passes with no difficultly, but breaking out with his speed and size.. that's where the issues lie. He will need to train hard for that." ~Alan Smith "With such talent, he definitely will want to work on his special teams and special plays. Sure, his hockey IQ is off the charts, but as we all know Special Teams largely boil down to the coach's plan. Unfortunately, this is where Bennington is too smart for his own good. He’ll do what he thinks is best. Usually he has the right idea, but since his teammates don’t know what he’s thinking, his adjustments don’t always work. He’s got to understand that not everyone can just instantly be on the same page, and maybe he should just stick to the damn plan laid out by the coach.” ~John Watson "The age old saying of "he doesn't know his own strength" really applies to Bennington. He will get a ton of roughing penalties, there's no way around that. He goes into a hit fully committed, but sometimes it is just so overly ambitious, I just don't see how he'll be able to avoid taking penalties. Small price to pay for his skill set though ” ~Phil Knight Thank you for reading everyone. I am looking forward to hopefully being a part of one of your franchises. If you have any questions, please let me know. My references’ contact information are below: Alan Smith, 3 Cherry Drive Liverpool, Merseyside Alan.smith@liverpoollasers.co.uk John Watson 55 East 52nd Street New York, New York jwaston@vhl.com Phil Knight 125 Dalemount Avenue Toronto, Ontario KnightTimevhl@gmail.com
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    Point Task Changes

    Good day VHL. I just wanted to update you on some changes to the Point Task system that will be effective immediately. We have always been flexible as it relates to the posting of your point tasks in a given week. This includes allowing extensions, and point tasks to be done in advance. After some healthy discussion, we've come up with a new ruleset that we feel will allow those doing PT's even more flexibility, as it relates to earning points in a given week, or even a month. We are now formally allowing a months worth of PT's (4) to be posted in advance. This applies to Media Spots, Graphics and Podcasts. We are also allowing even more flexibility as it relates to Media Spots. Effectively every 500 words of a M-Spot counts as a single weeks worth of PT. This means users have several types of M-Spots they can post in a given month. The new breakdowns are as follows: Four 500 word M-Spots One 1000, Two 500 word M-Spots Two 1000 word M-Spots One 2000 word M-Spot Note that you can still only still claim one PT per week, regardless of the length of your media spot. In instances where you create a longer media spot, to claim just link the same PT in your update as required.
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    Theo Axelsson Retires

    Probably my best player ever, although the new Müller is looking pretty good so far. Finally made the two-way forward that I'd been hoping to make for a while and finally got over 1,000 TPE (1,121, but who's counting). Pretty happy with how my build turned out, hopefully Axelsson finishes strong in S57. On to the next one.
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    Hrdina On The Comeback Trail by Cecil Harvey, Ice Monthly -ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA Morning breaks. The sun rises on the city of Erie, cresting over the lake, and with it comes the sounds of skates scraping the ice, pucks flying into the net, and whistles being blown. Three men are out on a small local outdoor rink. One of these men, Clark Marcellin, screams commands over the sound of a whistle. "Hustle" is heard as he points to a line. VHL free agent Vaclav Hrdina lines up on the blue line, ready to perform a skating drill around a series of cones. His father, former NHL center Jan Hrdina, is out there watching his son, making sure he keeps up with the rigors of practice. He knows there's potential there; it wasn't long before when the younger Hrdina was a star studded prospect lighting up the Czech league and turning heads with the decision to declare for the VHL rather than Jan's NHL. Jan has always been supportive of Vaclav's decisions, even that which led him to try out a rival league, but he's seen his fair share of disappointment when his son hung up the boots in frustration a few seasons back. "It hasn't always been easy, watching my boy out there making rookie mistakes like he never used to make. There was a time when I thought he could, and most likely would, be better than I was. Those days are gone, but somewhere in there is the old flame that used to burn in this kid for the sport. If that can be lit, he could still make something of himself. I want to see him do it, which is why my friend Clark is on him day and night to get better." Jan's career wasn't anything too spectacular either, but he carved out a niche for himself as a faceoff specialist and 40 point guy on the Pittsburgh Penguins, before winding down his career with the then-Phoenix Coyotes and New Jersey Devils while battling hip issues. After he finished in the NHL, he had a few sporadic seasons in the Swedish league before calling it a career. He knows what it's like to have and then lose a career as a pro hockey player, which is why it hurts him to see Vaclav squander his gifts so much. Back when Vaclav was first deciding between the VHL and the NHL, Jan had plenty of connections in the NHL, so he decided it might be a good idea to try to build up relationships with a few high profile names in the VHL. He looked for a respected agency first, but then focused on trying to find a player who'd succeeded in a similar role to what his son wanted to become. He'd found a few, and the two Hrdinas went to talk to them, get a feel for what to expect in the league, but the one man who stood out the most was Clark Marcellin. Incidentally, the diamond_ace agency was one of the ones on Vaclav's shortlist, so naturally when Marcellin was willing to put in a word, that sealed the deal. Now, years later, the success story that was Marcellin, having long since retired, has been trying to bring his young protege back into the fold. "I really thought highly of Hrdina when he first wanted to join. He had all the makings of a superstar, except apparently the drive to actually become one. I took him under my wing when he first came into the league, but when he stopped showing up to practice, he also stopped calling me for advice and drills. At that point, it just spiraled out of control for him. It was no surprise when he inevitably dropped out of the league and no team was willing to sign him. You have to have a guy who is at least willing to go to practice, to try to get better. Vaclav had lost that somewhere. From what I've seen so far, he might have found it again, but then again he was never really expected to lose it in the first place. The jury is still out on whether he earns another shot, but my early prognosis is good. I mean he came out here to train with me at five in the morning, there had to be at least some drive there." Marcellin was highly decorated when he was in the VHL, so if he sees something different about this young man now than before, it's a good bet he's right. Marcellin found a home in Erie after his playing career, as he decided he wanted a location that was relatively near a few VHL teams (Toronto Legion, New York Americans, Quebec City Meute) now that he was training players. He travels to team facilities if it's a player under contract, but if he's working with a free agent, he'll invite them to stay in his guest house for their time spent with him so as to save himself the expenses. After three hours of morning skating and passing drills, the three stopped at a nearby coffee shop for breakfast and to warm up before heading back out. Post-breakfast training saw Vaclav try to best his old man at faceoffs, which used to be Jan's specialty. Marcellin would call out an area - left of the dot, straight back, or right of the dot - and Vaclav would try to win the faceoff and direct the puck in the specified direction. As the day wore on, he seemed to improve somewhat, although he'd still lose the occasional one to the former centerman. It's a long hard road ahead for a kid who hasn't played competitive hockey in a few seasons. He'll have to compete against guys who never took a week off, much less the amount of time he's spent sitting on the couch. Nonetheless, there's no question the talent is there, and the potential to go with it. That's never been in doubt. The question is whether the work ethic is there to convert that potential into more talent and a spot in the league he once left. So far, he's off to a good start.
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    VHLM Co-Commish

    Again with the departure of @Corco leaves an opening at VHLM commish. After discussions with the blue team based off a shortlist of candidates. We have decided it would be best to mix old and new. I've been around since Season 19 so my view on things can be old school at times. Which is why were bringing in a member with a fresh perspective who has proven to be an asset to the site in the short time since they've joined. @Beaviss will be replacing Corco. I will help ease the transition and we'll discuss possible changes in the VHLM for as early as Season 57. Congrats!
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    VHLM TPE Rankings: Week 1

    Hey VHLMers (and anyone else who reads this!) Last season I started an article which each week analyzed TPE factors for each team. These factors include each teams total TPE, the weekly increases, the average TPE per player on the team, the teams relative position in the league, and which player was the current highers TPE earner. Sally forth and let me show off my greatest life skill which is over analyzing everything and not really gaining insight from it! Pre-season: Team Total TPE (Increased TPE) Average TPE per player League Position Top TPE Earner 1. Oslo Storm 1073 (0) 59.61 (18 players) D - Nicodemus Raven, TPE: 107 (SEA). 2. Ottawa Lynx 998 (0) 71.29 (14 players) C - Corey Klopfenstein, TPE: 157 (CGY) 3. Saskatoon Wild 852 (0) 71 (12 players) LW - Phil Bennington, TPE: 161 4. Yukon Rush 786 (0) 49.13 (16 players) D - Augustus Gloop, TPE: 141 (20 Banked) (SEA) 5. Las Vegas Aces 751 (0) 50.06 (15 players) D - Colton Rayne, TPE: 175 (14 Banked) League Total TPE 4460 (+0) 59.46 (75 players) Week 1: Team Total TPE (Increased TPE) Average TPE per player League Position Top TPE Earner 1. Oslo Storm 1220 (+147) 67.77 (18 players) 2 C - Jasper Canmore, TPE: 145 (STO) 2. Ottawa Lynx 1123 (+125) 80.21 (14 players) 1 C - Corey Klopfenstein, TPE: 157 (CGY) 3. Saskatoon Wild 878 (+26) 73.16 (12 players) 3 LW - Phil Bennington, TPE: 165 4. Yukon Rush 842 (+56) 52.63 (16 players) 5 D - Augustus Gloop, TPE: 141 (20 Banked) (SEA)) 5. Las Vegas Aces 808 (+57) 53.86 (15 players) 4 D - Colton Rayne, TPE: 192 (22 Banked) League Total TPE 4871 (+411) 64.95 (75 players) Gains all around. Our order stays the same, but now we get to see where everyone lands standings wise after a few games simmed. The Storm are still number 1 with an impressive team gain of 147 TPE. Despite impressive numbers, The Storm sit in second place. Upon further investigation, I found that they and the Lynx are even across the board as far as record goes. The Lynx get the leg up in first place as they have won the only tilt between the two teams this year. Also, just want to give huge props to Jasper Canmore @Bushito who made absolutely insane gains since last week. Speaking of the Lynx, Ottawa had the 2nd best gain this week. This gain vaulter the team into the quadruple digits TPE wise, making them the second team to hit 4 numbers! Their Team average is staggeringly high compared to the rest of the league, but that may be because they have the 2nd fewest players. They hold onto the first because of their previously mentioned tie breaker with the Strom. The Wild had the weakest increase this week, seeing their players only increase a grand total of 26 points. They have a strong average, but have the fewest players in the league. As a team with so much "this but that" it makes sense that they hold strong at third place in both TPE ranking, and in the league. Next come the Yukon Rush they made some decent gains, but all it's good for is last place. They do have 2 wins, which is more than the Aces, but have no overtime loses, and less goals, which hurts them in the standing and leaves them in last place. Last is the Las Vegas Aces. The Ace's have the lowest TPE, yet had the third highest gains this week. They sit in 4th place with 4 points, tied with the Rush. Even though they have 1 win, The Aces have been better than their record shows. 1 loss came in over time and 1 in the shoot out. The Aces have also put up the most goals in 1 game this season with 10! It should be an interesting ride from here. Olso and Ottawa seem to be the most active, but with a few players on the docket to join the league, we could see some serious shake up in the next few days. Thanks for reading as always. Best, Spade
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    Americans full of hope [1/2]

    Last season Komarov was shunned the fans werent happy they drafted a man with 15points in 72 games let alone a Russian. However that changed quick this year they cant keep his jersey in stock. After tearing the VHLM a new one Komarov has become a fan favourite. A star in the making, one that American fans hope leads them to many cups. Komarov is likely in line for atleast 2 awards in the VHLM. Top goal scorer and top two way man. With MVP being a debate he should be apart of. This comes ontop of being the VHLM champ, after last years bitter defeat. This season will be painful for New York, you will not hear anyone debate that. However, this season starts the climb from the bottom. Casey Jones, Sergei Komarov, Launchpad Mcquack, Irk Arkander are all expected to start the season and form the core. With Colton Rayne expected to stay down for the season in the VHLM. Komarov has put expectations on himself to atleast be in the conversation for rookie of the year. He will be coming into the season putting it likely abit over 300 hours into his training. Putting him just a 100 hours behind cousin Pavel, and 200 behind his uncle Vladimir. This is impressive, and goes further to showing Sergei wants to set himself apart from the other Komarovs. Seems to be on good pace right now as he hopes to be the face of the Americans success. The core, Casey Jones just captured the VHLM scoring title. To go along with the cup he shared with Komarov as part of the Aces core. He will be the anchor of the blue line for many seasons too go. Colton Rayne, proved to be a beast in terms of the plus minus area. Making sure he drove play and kept the puck out of his net. He along with Jones, Komarov captured the cup with the Aces, well being the ying to Casey Jones offensive yang. Launchpad Mcquack is the wild card. He could be a great number 2 C. Making a formidable 1-2 punch down the middle for years to come, or he could call his career early. His agent aims to prove tbe league wrong, and the Americans took the flyer. They hope he can build on that and become a good center to help round out the core. Takashi Fujimoto is the Veteran brought in with hopes that his experience can guide this young roster. The hope is well they may not win a cup, they will atleast gain experience learning from a talented veteran on what it means to be a pro. The bonus, it cost little and they hope to atleast be playoff bound next season if all goes well. The Americans still need things to go there way. This will not be a simple road but, things look a heck of alot better from where they are now to where they were last season. Lets hope the momentum can carry into next offseason
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    Two Weeks Prior EXT-SMALL TOWN-MORNING Slow fade in from black to a shot of a small town in Montana named Lee Valley. The roads are not even paved. It has a western feel to it. As we go along the main street of town we pass the tavern that still has places to tie up your horse to. We slowly move through town till we get to the Sheriff’s office just as the door opens. Outsteps the sheriff who flicks his badge and fixes his cowboy hat before moving down to brush his thick cop mustache. We can see a tumbleweed pass by in the reflection on his aviator sun glasses as he stands there looking down main street. As we slowly pan back he moves the sun glasses down the bridge of his nose and tilts his head down as he watches an old lady cross the road. We now realize its Steve Mulligan @TheLastOlympian07 INT-CAR-DAY Max King is driving his blacked out Ford F150 FX4 somewhere as he is deep in thought his voiceover can be heard. King That little fucker fucked me over. Mulli will wish to take a mulligan on that one when it’s all said and done. This is beyond Hashtag mad. What he did is irreversible and he must pay like the little Mulligan that he is. If he thinks he can hide from me in a Western Recreation Town he is sadly mistaken. INT-SHERRIFF STATION-MORNING Present Day Mulligan is sleeping in a chair with his legs up on the desk with a cowboy hat covering his eyes. He seems at peace as he sleeps as a voice can be heard. Voice Mulli He does not move Voice Muuuuuuuullllllliiiiiiigggggaaaaaaannnnn He starts to stir as we see King sitting down King I know you can hear me Mulligan I can. But I wish I didn't King All I wanted was your help. We push back to reveal King is in a jail cell with his hands cuffed to the bars King This wasn't my idea when I asked for your help Mulligan I told you to not go King up in this peaceful town and you didn't listen King I had to do what I had to do. But now I have your attention will you help? Why is Mulligan a sherriff? Why is King in custody? And what does he need Mulligans help? Find out tomorrow with the two episode premiere of King and Mulligan. Theme Song King and Mulligan INT-CAR-DAY One Year Prior King and Mulligan are sitting in King’s truck. King seems to be irritated about something as Mulligan is sitting in the backseat of the truck baffled. Every time Mulligan goes to say something King stops him. King Stop It Mulligan Wha… King Zip Mulligan Ca…. King No Mulligan Bu…. King Fuck off already. You know what you did. You fucked me over and for what? Some tail? I would never do that to you. My Partner. A bond among partners is sacred and you shat on that oath. Mulligan It wasn’t about tail I swear Mulligan outs his hand over his heart Mulligan I SWEAR KING! Look at me, I’m swearing. King turns to look at Mulligan King FUCK YOU! That’s swearing. Looking at you just makes me think about what you did Mulligan Exactly what did I do? So I know why I’m in the backseat Black Commercial INT-COIN LAUNDRY-NIGHT Night before Mulligan is doing his laundry but looks a bit nervous almost like he is on the job staking out someone. Mulligan looks over his shoulder at a Asian man talking to Ciroc @Phil. As Mulligan is looking at them a woman in her 80’s catches his attention and he begins to focus on her. King can be heard in Mulligans earpiece. King Is Ciroc there? Mulligan Sure King Sure? Yes or fucking no Mulligan licking his lips Mulligan Yup King And he’s talking to that Asianic cocksucker? Mulligan MMMMM cock sucker King What the fuck? Mulligan Yes cocksucker King Okay, so we have probable cause that they are talking about the shit right? Mulligan Probably King Ok tell me when I bust in there and do my thing Mulligan begins to grind his groin against the washing machine as it does the wash Mulligan Wiiiiiillllllll dooooo King Are you having a stroke? Mulligan does not answer because he is too occupied at looking at the lady King MULLIGAN! No answer as Mulligans groans get louder King I know you can hear me! Mulligan gets closer to climax as the meeting between Ciroc and the Asianic cocksucker ends. They both leave the laundry mat. INT-CAR-NIGHT King spots the two leaving the laundry mat which makes him throw the 40 of OE on the ground outside the car King MULLIGAN! YOU COCKSUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE GETTING AWAY INT-COIN LAUNDRY-NIGHT Mulligan COCKSUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!! NOWWWWWWW!!!!!! King Too fucking late cock hole. Get your ass to the car. Surveillance ended due to incompetence. Mulligan looks at the old lady King NOW MULLIGAN! Mulligan But… but… my clothes! King Fuck em! BLACK Commercial INT-CAR-DAY Mulligan Laundry! And I’m sticking to it King Yeah after you were done you had to do some. Now we are nowhere closer to figure out what that noodle obsessed cock muncher Fong is up to. Thanks Mulligan! Mulligan When can I sit in the front? King When you do something right INT-FONGS THONGS-DAY Inside a lingerie store that is empty and probably even locked up tighter then Fort Knox the sounds of screaming and cheering can be heard. We follow a man to the back where he knocks on a steal door. He waits a second or few till a man opens sliding piece to see who it is. Guard Pongy Pongy Man Fongs Thongy The guard opens the door for the man. As we enter the backroom area we can see a bunch of Asian men playing Fong Pong which is like beer pong but played with noodle pots so it’s much easier and a lot dumber. As we pass them we enter a dimly lit room where naked girls are making what appears to be noodles as Fong sits at a table watching two other naked women count money. Fong grabs a noodle “brick” and breaks it on the table. He then leans down and snorts the powdered noodles. He sits back up straight and looks at the women to his left. Fong @tfong Quality control As we slowly pan away from Fong and the table we can now see other naked women turning cocaine into noodles. INT-CAR-DAY We now finally see that King and Mulligan are parked outside Fong’s Place. King is watching the door intently as Mulligan is in the backseat now handcuffed. Mulligan You know I can strangle you with these right? King You know I can shoot you right? Mulligan … good point Mulligan begins to text Emily his fiancée. King sees this and gets irritated King If you would focus more on your work and less on your slutty two bit girl maybe you spend less time in the backseat cuffed Mulligan Well… after the hot sauce, ball stomping, TV shooting Asian hostage situation… Flashback INT-FONG’S PARENT’S HOUSE-DAY King kicks open the door of the house of Fong’s father and rushes in with his gun raised. Mulligan follows behind. King Freeze! It’s the police! Mulligan This is a bad idea King Mulligan go sit in the car Mulligan No I should probably see what I am going to be lying about King Good thinking Mulli that’s why I keep you around King finds Fong’s parents watching TV with the volume all the way up because they are going deaf. King walks over to the tv and tries to talk to the father King What the fuck is wrong with you idiots? They don’t respond King I’m turning this shit off Fong’s parents seem to not care till King turns off the TV. Fongs father freaks out, gets up and grabs King by the head and begins to bang it off the top of the TV Fong’s daddy YOU… NO… TURN… TV… OFF At each pause Kings head bounces off the TV. The TV is now destroyed as the old man continues to beat King. King Mulligan! King gets hit in the gut King He is… The old man puts King in a sleeper hold King Stonger then he looks As King starts to pass out as he gasps “Help me Mulli” King is still getting the shit kicked out of him by Old Man Fong as Mulligan watches in horror. King What are you doing Mulligan? Mulligan stands there not moving King Help me! Mulligan reaches for something but before he can pull it out Fong’s mother attacks him with a flying leg kick to his head. Mulligan stumbles backwards and falls onto a glass table shattering it. Mulligan screams out in pain and shock. Momma Fong You pay! You pay for glass table Mulligan What? You attacked me! Momma Fong You pay and you pay now mista! Mulligan stands up as he pulls out a piece of glass from his hand which cause him to bleed onto the floor. Momma Fong freaks out seeing this and kicks him right in the balls. Mulligan drops to his knees in pain as he screams. BLACK Old Man Fong picks a up an eyedropper out of the bowl filled with red fluid Old Man Fong Now who wants some hot sauce in their eye? Old Man Fong goes to Mulligan and while his wife holds Mulligans eyes open he puts a drop in each eye which make Mulligan scream in pain. BLACK Mulligan I tend not to call Emily around you because I know how much you two do not like each other. Plus I rather not have her worry about me. King Nothing bad has ever happened to you under my watch Mulligan Hot Sauce Quick flashback to hot sauce King Don’t be a baby Mulligan Ball Stomping Quick flashback to ball stomping King Yesterday’s news Mulligan I was shot and you left me there to bleed out Flashback to Mulligan laying in the street holding his arm as he bleeds out. Mulligan is screaming for King to help but King is walking intently away from a burning Asian restaurant with a smile on his face. Back to inside the car. A car pulls out in front of Fong’s Place. This catches King’s attention. King MOTHER FUCKER! BLACK Commercial INT-CAR-DAY King now sees Ciroc getting out of the car and walking into the restaurant. Moments later the trunk opens and Dom @Green gets out of it and walks to the corner of the street. King MOTHER FUCKER! King gets out of the car and starts to run towards Dom at full speed. Mulligan is stuck in the car cuffed. Mulligan I guess I’ll just stay here Mulligan looks beside him like there is someone there Mulligan Good idea Mulligan I know. Thanks Mulli… Mulligan pauses for a second Mulligan Gan! BLACK Episode 1 finishes Episode 2 starting at 8PM EST tonight! For Ko Kane
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    Claimed: Yukon Rush Draft Review

    Only a few short days ago the S57 Dispersal Draft was held and the Yukon Rush had themselves one hell of a draft. Let us meet the new members. 2nd Overall - D - Dragon McDragon - @JardyB10 The rearguard from Moose Jaw is an impressive specimen at 6'5" and 210 pounds. McDragon could certainly stand to add some muscle to his frame in the future to better handle the rigors of professional hockey. The Yukon management is not complaining though, he boasts some of the best defensive IQ in the draft and his headman pass is already on par with some veteran players in the league. McDragon has already started working on his skating; it is not quite good enough to call average but coaches say he is a quick study and it won't be long until he is a stud. 7th Overall - G - Burger King - @Tyler Knowing that you can't win without a good goal tender the Rush made sure to target one early in the draft. King comes in at 6'4", which is a pretty typical size for goalies in today's game. The young net-minder is raw in terms of skill but has sky-high potential and could end up surprising a lot of players who think they are in for an easy game. The tendy from Houston is well rounded but once he gets some professional coaching we could see a drastic change in style. 12th Overall - Otto Axelsson - Dangles13 The Rush went with another raw player with high upside at 12th and also another position of need. Swedish center Otto Axelsson is unheralded and not particularly skilled at any one thing. He projects as a well-rounded play-making center and at 6'2" he is a big pivot with strength to play a good two-way game. Can the young Swede deliver on his draft position or will join the ranks of so many before him who couldn't handle the pressure of being a professional athlete? 17th Overall - LW - Vincent Oakhart - @Boomcheck Keeping up with the pattern of drafting big fellas, the Rush took big sniper Oakhart to complement Axelsson's pass first mentality. The heaviest player Yukon selected projects to be a goal scoring phenom who can skate and crash bodies with aplomb. Less raw than some of the other players drafted he might be leaned on heavily to start the season but if early indications are to be trusted he can handle the load. 22nd Overall - RW - Matthew Clyne - @haffiedq The first player less than six feet for the Rush is offensive minded American born Matthew Clyne. The undersized winger can skate and shoot but is also an underrated passer who can dish with the best of them. He might have a hard time adjusting to the pros with his small stature and his reluctance to hit the gym may find him in the coach’s dog house more often than not. 27th Overall - LW - Larry Lobster - @VHLwhat Last pick of the Rush is American born Larry Lobster, another big shoot first player. While he has a cannon for a shot he doesn’t bring too much to the table and scouts have questioned his upside. Hopefully Larry can grow beyond his expectations and prove the doubters wrong.
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    S56 Hall of Fame Induction

    Good evening everyone and welcome to our Season 56 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. Today, I have the pleasure of hosting an event that will induct three legends into our great Victory Hockey League Hall of Fame. Two of these individuals are former players that took the league by storm and shined among other stars for their entire career. The other is a long-time member and contributor to our great league, who is finally getting their place in the Builder's wing of the Hall of Fame. Without further ado, let me introduce you to our first inductee: C - Unassisted (S48-S55) TPE: 1249 RS: 576 GP, 402 G, 484 A, 886 P, +530, 448 PIM, 958 HIT, 276 SB, 84 GW, 64.18 FO% PO: 75 GP, 34 G, 55 A, 89 P, +12, 52 PIM, 142 HIT, 44 SB, 6 GW S49 Dustin Funk Trophy (Most Improved) S50 Mike Szatkowski Trophy (Most Points) S50 Kevin Brooks Trophy (Most Goals) S52 Scotty Campbell Trophy (MVP) S52 Brett Slobodzian Trophy (Most Outstanding) S52 Daisuke Kanou Trophy (Playoff MVP) Two Continental Cups (S52, S53) Yes, STZ has another Hall of Fame player after his fabulous efforts with the legendary Unassisted. This player not only had a Hall of Fame career, but perhaps one of the best of all-time, at least statistically. At the end of the day, he recorded almost 900 points and the third most points of any player in the last fifty season! He only finished behind Thomas O'Malley and Phil Rafter in that case. Unassisted had quite a bit of team success, winning two Continental Cups, and being on competitive teams for pretty much his entire career. Additionally, individually he was very consistent with Season 50 and 52 being highlight years that stand out from the rest. Congratulations to @STZ and his player, Unassisted, on the very worthy Hall of Fame induction. Now onto our second inductee... D - Black Velvet (S48-S55) TPE: 1190 RS: 576 GP, 196 G, 505 A, 701 P, +477, 752 PIM, 1342 HIT, 674 SB, 45 GW PO: 94 GP, 22 G, 65 A, 87 P, +12, 202 PIM, 251 HIT, 131 SB, 9 GW S50 Daisuke Kanou Trophy (Playoff MVP) S51 Alexander Beketov Trophy (Most Assists) S51 Sterling Labatte Trophy (Top Defender) S52 Sterling Labatte Trophy (Top Defender) Five Continental Cups (S48, S49, S50, S54, S55) Black Velvet is one of the rare players that got to experience a ton of individual success but also accomplished a lot on their teams. Black Velvet was originally apart of the trio of Legion Continental Cup wins before he moved onto Calgary and eventually Helsinki. Over that span, Velvet recorded two Labatte trophies, one Kanou, one Beketov trophy and five Continental Cups as league champions. Velvet's stats are very comparable to some of the better names out there and might even slightly outproduce a guy like Daniel Braxton while keeping up his team success. Congratulations to @Higgins on the induction. And finally for our builder induction... Builder - Frank Chadwick Frank Chadwick has been in this league for almost forty seasons now and has been a dedicated member for his entire time here. Originally a member of the Helsinki Titans, he would first make his mark with Adam Schultz. When all is said and done, Frank does have Hall of Fame players in Aksel Thomassen and the aforementioned Schultz. However, that is not what I think of when I think of Frank Chadwick. I think of a member who is a long-time VHL GM, that dabbled in the VHLM, is now a VHLM Commish and has been a great presence on the board while completing other tasks regardless of whether he is getting paid for them or not. Frank has been a leader in the Board of Governors and is genuinely someone, that while he likes to mess with you, is a great individual at the end of the day. Therefore, congratulations @Frank on the induction. Hall of Fame Voting Results Black Velvet - 14/17 Unassisted - 13/17 Aleksi Koponen - 2/17 Tom Lincoln - 2/17 Jeff Hamilton - 1/17 Tyson Kohler - 0/17 Wesley Kellinger - 0/17 Mike Szatkowski Jr. - 0/17 Jakab Holik - 0/17 --- Frank Chadwick - 10/17
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    New Vasteras Logo

    I said my piece around the boards over the years, I reiterated it again in the BOG, but the simple fact of the matter is that Vasteras supporters like @Tyler , @Corco, @Bushito, @CowboyinAmerica @solas and myself are in the minority. The simple fact of the matter is that Vasteras died because of shitty GMs and then shit luck. It became a joke because the first idea from the Commissioners was to move the franchise to the greatest hockey nation ever... Spain... (despite it's pretty sweet logo) but then had to move it back to Vasteras, tail between legs because of the farce of the whole thing... and the jokes just broke out from then. It doesn't matter if Stockholm never win a cup. The majority of old members will always look down on Vasteras being the joke, despite it being self-inflicted by the league, and new members won't know what Vasteras is so they have no reason to see Stockholm move. Stockholm will just be an unsuccessful franchise with a nice logo at worst.
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    The Narrative: Season 56 was the first step out of rebuild and into the competitive atmosphere for the Toronto Legion. The team, under the guidance of up and coming Travis Boychuk began working on a new core of players over the course of the last several seasons. The strategy of course was to invest in a solid core, and then build outward from there. After some key trades and filling up some holes, the Legion had a very impressive Season 56. The Legion found themselves 2nd in the North American conference behind a very strong Quebec City Meute team. While Quebec standing atop of the NA was a foregone conclusion after a massive rebuild and shake up of the conference, the battle for second wasn't always a clear picture. Both the Calgary Wranglers and the Toronto Legion were coming out of rebuild around the same time, and it was Toronto taking the best of it for much of the regular season, ultimately finishing 20 points ahead of the Wranglers. Newcomer Xander Finn was the most notable performer on the roster, he lead the team in points with 109, and defender Roman Sokolov also had a real breakthrough season with 94 points. However the playoffs left a sour taste in the Legions mouth, as they were ousted in the first round by the Calgary Wranglers in six games. One has to figure that this loss may stay with the Legion as Season 57 approaches. Beginning to push the narrative into the direction of an all time great team, has to be the number one priority for a up and coming Legion team poised and ready to take the step into contender status. Here is the Season 57 outlook for the Toronto Legion. Coming In: RW - Sami Zayn (TPE: 402), LW - Luigi De Rossi (TPE: 241), LW - Phil Bennington (TPE: 118) Going Out: RW - AK47 (TPE: 353), LW - Ted Doughty (TPE: 387), D - Jean-Claude Girard (TPE: 106) The Analysis: The Legion had a mostly quiet off-season, deciding not to make any big splashes with their first round draft pick, and instead opting to draft young winger Phil Bennington. Bennington comes from one of the most well respected and accomplished player agencies in the league. Adding more sugar to that cupcake is the fact that the Phil player agency has a great relationship with GM Travis Boychuk, and reports are that in the long term the Legion could expect a long term commitment with Bennington. While TPE wise the talented young winger is still blossoming, he'll look to join the Legion in Season 58. Deciding not to pay the hefty price tags to get some more seasoned players in the big HC Davos Dynamo rebuild meant that Boychuk and the Legion had to be quiet, but ready to strike when the opportunity arose. Especially in free agency. Thankfully for Legionites around the greater Toronto area that is exactly what happened a few days after free agency opened up. The Legion were able to completely shore up the forward holes brought on by retirement, and with Bennington staying down they really needed those two forward slots. More than that, the Legion wanted an upgrade over AK47. Management recognized that the strong core of talented forwards they have are more of a get it done by committee as opposed to any one individual star. Another equally talented compliment was required, and playmaking Sami Zayn was acquired in free agency. While De Rossi is a downgrade to Ted Doughty for the second line, the Legion know they have solid depth coming in the wings with Bennington. All in all it was a solid bit of work in the off-season for a Legion team that knows it needs to make the next step. Season 57 Projected Line Up Verner Reinholdt (TPE: 393) - Bo Boeser (TPE: 447) - Sami Zayn (TPE: 402) Luigi De Rossi (TPE: 241) - Xander Finn (TPE: 390) - Daring Do (TPE: 253) Roman Sokolov (TPE: 451) - Dexter Lane (TPE: 308) Aackckqz Ky (TPE: 270) Torstein Ironside (TPE: 572) The Strengths: The biggest strength for the Season 57 Toronto Legion team has to be in net. Torstein Ironside is ready to start competing for Aidan Shaw trophies. He's just entering his prime, and he is ready to take the next step and begin performing at his peak. Provided he can elevate his game as expected, the teams entire performance could see a spike. Another underrated strength of the Legion team is not just depth, but depth with chemistry. This is a team that even when one individual may not shine so bright a lot of the players get involved and contribute. This also allows them to be flexible in line up. Having Boeser, and Finn down the middle gives the team a great one two punch at center. Both players have a history of making the players around them better. Another aspect of line up flexibility comes with the addition of Sami Zayn. The Legion could try to overload a stronger first line, or put one of Zayn or Reinholdt on the second line to have an effective one two punch on both lines. Lastly, Roman Sokolov had over 90 points as a defender last season. Nearing 500 TPE, with a relatively youth stacked defense VHL, Sokolov now sits among the top four defenders. His offensive prowess is just another aspect that allows the Legion to score and put up points by committee. The Weaknesses: Keeping goals out is going to come down to Ironside and some clutch play by basically two players. Ky is more acceptable on the VHL level as a fourth defender, and given that the Legion upgraded up front they have to run with three defenders for now. While Sokolov and Lane are an acceptable first pairing, the rest of the defensive work is going to have to come by solid contributions from the forward core, and Ironside keeping the gates closed. Another big weakness for the Legion is the quality of depth. While they did upgrade up front, De Rosi and Do are more fill in options and are likely to be carried by the place of a solid depth piece like Xander Finn. A big concern of this club will be on the penalty kill, as the harder minutes would begin to wear out a thinned out defensive core. Ironside is especially going to have to come up big in short handed situations for this team to keep pucks out of the net on the special teams. The X-Factor: Power play. How many goals this team puts up, and how well they do against the better teams in the league could very well come down to the power play. The Legion should have the depth and strength in net to be able to fare pretty well while the play remains 5 on 5. But with a potential weak penalty kill, ensuring you have a strong power play could be the difference between winning or losing, what is likely to be some close games against the leagues upper tier. But with a top power play unit that features a healthy dose of skilled playmakers and goalscorers, names like Roman Sokolov, Verner Reinholdt, Bo Boeser and Sami Zayn should be able to do damage with the extra man. Look for Toronto to have one of the top 4 power plays in the league in Season 57. Players to Watch Torstein Ironside: He'll be on the ballot for the Aidan Shaw at the end of Season 57. That is a bold prediction, especially when notable goalies can have slump seasons as 56 proved. But Ironside has the hours in, he has a good enough team in front of him that this is a player that could not only push the pace as it relates to the Shaw, but even MVP and Slobo as well. Expect him to finish with a .925 save percentage or better, he could even push .930 if things go his way. Roman Sokolov: With the Legion expected to have a top power play in Season 57, Roman Sokolov figures to be a big part of that. Sokolov had 9 power play goals and 30 power play points quarterbacking the 5th best power play in the league last season. With the PP stats of all involved expected to grow given the overall improvement of this clubs most notable players, expect Sokolov to be one of the best overall point producers on the power play in Season 57. He'll look to pot 40 points on the power play on way to another season in which he should get consideration for the Labatte. Don't be shocked if he even hits 50 points on the power play. He had 9 goals on the power play last season, and that number should also improve with the addition of another strong playmaker in Sami Zayn. He could challenge for the top in power play goals in Season 57 as well. Bo Boeser: While players like Sokolov and Ironside are sure fire picks to see not only improvements, but a continuation of them entering their prime in Season 57, there is a question mark around Boeser that makes him an intriguing player to watch in Season 57. With the addition of Sami Zayn, Boeser has more options when it comes to putting points up on the board. And while he didn't have a bad Season 56, with only 81 points the question regarding the elite status of Boeser still has yet to be answered. This is a forward who has shown the skills and capabilities to hit 100 points or better, and in Season 57 he'll have every opportunity to do so. A much improved and deadly Toronto power play could also see more points for Boeser, and ultimately allow him to begin pushing his way through the ranks and beginning to solidify his own legacy as a top center in the league. The Outlook Many might peg Season 57 as another year to wait for Toronto. Under normal circumstances, with an old school VHL landscape I'd have to agree, that this is a team still stuck between second and third place in the NA with longshot playoff hopes. However this isn't the old VHL landscape. Depth is the name of the game, and in multiple instances up and coming teams have shown the capacity with the right make up to explode onto the scene with some early success. While the Legion may not be heavy favorite heading into Season 57, they also present a very strong underdog case for both the season and the playoffs. This is a team with a goalie that could take an entire series away from any team in this league. It's a team with enough combined offensive firepower, and enough depth to challenge and beat any other team. The landscape of the VHL in the modern day see's far more subtle changes, with each team choosing to invest in a specific core set of players. How the depth builds around that core, whether that means number of players, quality of players, or even investing in a specific position more over the other, changes from team to team. The Legion have an underrated amount of riches at the forward position, with 4 notable players who can perform. 3 of which are still absolutely improving, and should improve at a pace to begin competing with the leagues best. How well the Legion are able to compete with the best is going to be the question mark. In terms of expected performance, this is a team that can challenge for the top spot in the conference. The Legion should be able to handle the clubs stuck in rebuild no problem, but it is the crucial games against Quebec, Calgary, Helsinki and Riga that will determine a lot of their overall regular season success. Another match up to watch for them is against the Seattle Bears, who much like the Legion last season are beginning to burst their way out of rebuild after a few solid drafts and some of their own improvements in the off-season. We could very well see a three way battle for relevancy in the NA conference, with Quebec likely being the only solid lock. However Toronto looks to be a bit further along than both Seattle and Calgary, and if I was a betting man I'd say Seattle probably sits out of the playoffs for another year due simply to the strength in net. Calgary, Quebec and Toronto have a edge over Seattle in that regard. The one thing the Legion do have is cap space. With 3.75 million in free space heading into the season and one notable hole in their roster, Boychuk could look to try to add a defender during the season or at the trade deadline. The Legion have enough space to add a notable name too, so be on the look out as the teams biggest hole on defense could very easily be addressed by adding another good name on the blue line. Regardless if that happens, the outlook is positive in Season 57 and going forward for Toronto. While they may not be a lock, the addition of a fourth defender would likely make them that as it relates to qualifying for the playoffs in Season 57. *Words 2235* *For Verner Reinholdt* *Using for the PT weeks of (Oct 2nd-8th, Oct 9th-15th, Oct 16th-22nd, Oct 23rd-29th)
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    Where do we go with the VHLM [1/2]

    For those of you who participated in @Banackock's "Let us talk" piece, I'm sure you know where I'm going with this. I touched on a few of the points I am about to discuss with my comment here. How ever, I think that the topic should be more openly discussed rather than just a side piece to another article. I believe that the VHLM could benefit from a few changes. One of the biggest issues facing the league is the retention of new members. As a recent member myself, I believe I can provide some valuable insight, and invite other recent active members @haffiedq @Sullvino @Exlaxchronicles @Heracles @jvd @DeathOnReddit @Confusion @Beaviss to chip in as well. (please tag anyone else I may have missed, I only went back a page or two and looked at content numbers) This may sound a bit like a ramble, but all of my ideas kind of touch on each other, so I think it would be better to just spell everything out. Plain and simple, this is a hard league to break into. The VHLM is a great idea. One that I do not think we utilize properly. Unfortunately, as of now, it is mostly populated by members with previous players, rather than first timers. I believe this has lead many to view the VHLM in the same light as the AHL, rather than the CHL. If we are going to get the most out of the VHLM I think there needs to be a shift to focus on development. To be perfectly honest, by the third week of having Colton Rayne, I was on the fence as to whether I wanted to commit to the league or not. Ironically enough, it was @Taggers enthusiasm (before he went radio silent) which really kept me interested in the league. But it took until late in the season AND a donation bonus until I was really hooked on my player, and thereby the league. Now, I'm gonna be straight with you. I am fucking hockey mad. Some people are christians, some people are jewish, I follow hockey. That above all else is what kept me going. But I am probably in the 3% of people where that will be enough for them. If we want to attract new members and KEEP THEM, I think we need to make the VHLM a little more accessible to first timers. I think it's great that members creating their second/third/fourth players get to keep some of their TPE coming into the VHLM, but it creates a system of haves and have nots. When you are trying to get your footing in the league, having your player get dominated by long time members sucks. It doesn't exactly create a feeling of being welcomed into the community. I AM NOT trying to say the we should let everybody in with like 7504382TPE, but what I am saying is we need to give new comers more of an opportunity to compete. That leads me into my next train of thought which is development pace. I think the current development pace is great. For the VHL. THE MOST exciting thing for me in my first year was seeing my player begin to produce. I'm not going to lie, it took 3-4 weeks in, and I had GREAT teammates. If we're trying to get people to stay, a month is a little too long to ask them to wait for something to happen. I think we need to increase development rate for JUST the VHLM. Yes this will, over time cause a touch of inflation to the league TPE, but I'm not talking about 15 new players every year finishing their first VHLM season with 300 TPE. I would propose three concepts to help increase development which I think will increase interest in the league. Increasing the VHLM weekly cap to 10 or 12- This will make it feel as though your updates are worth something. Because honestly, half the time it felt like it wasn't even worth my time to update unless a rookie profile, bio, or donation was included. Pre draft lottery - I think a great way to hook new members would be to have a pre draft lottery where before the VHLM draft is held, all new members are put into a lottery, 3 players are chosen at random and awarded an addition 5-10 TPE for their player. GM tasks - As I mentioned in my post on the "Let us talk" piece here (again), I believe that we should give a small modicum of power to GMs and allow them to set tasks which could be worth 1-2 TPE per week. This will build better bonds as teammates and keep people more active in the community, while also helping to develop their player. Let me end on this. Do not take this as a bashing thread for the league. I love the community we have here and am excited to see how my player develops in the league, as well as what my future holds for the league. Also, this is straight up fun. I hope that anyone who comes here and is against these points, is open to discussion rather than just shooting ideas down. These may not be the ideas that help the league, but ideas arrived upon from this discussion could be the next big thing for the VHL. Best, Spade
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    (S58) LW - Ivan Morozov

    Player InformationUsername: solasFull Name: Ivan MorozovPosition: LWAge: 24Handedness: LRecruited By/From: Spangle61701Would you like an experienced member to mentor you? Player AttributesTotal Points Earned: 75 (1121 * .07 = 78.47)CK = Checking: 40FG = Fighting: 40DI = Discipline: 40SK = Skating: 70ST = Strength: 40PH = Puck Handling: 60FO = Face Offs: 40PA = Passing: 40SC = Scoring: 65DF = Defense: 40PS = Penalty Shot: 40EX = Experience: 40LD = Leadership: 40OtherJersey Number: 94Height (inches): 69 (5'9")Weight (lbs.): 175Birthplace: Moscow, RussiaAwardsCareer StatsPlayer MovementPast Players (S20) C - Turd Ferguson, TPE: 374 (S27) D - Klaus Müller, TPE: 790 (S34) LW - Willem Janssen, TPE: 968 (S42) G - Callum Sinclair, TPE: 744 (S50) RW - Theo Axelsson, TPE: 1,121 (S53) C - Lukas Müller, still active
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    Point Task Changes

    This is amazing! I'm a bit more inclined to think I can make a decent comeback now, at least to a few hundred with Hrdina and then we'll see
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    VHL Board of Governor Changes

    Good day VHL. As is probably known by this point, we have been undergoing discussion to have a little bit of a reshuffle in the BoG. We take into account the members in the BoG who may be contributing a little less, and look to give some new faces some opportunities to come in and contribute. It is with that in mind, that I'd like to announce the following changes to our Board of Governror staff. @Jericho, @Tagger and @gorlab will all be removed from the Board of Governors effective immediately. Those three will be replaced by our new VHLM Co Commissioner @Beaviss, @TheLastOlympian07 and @Banackock. Congratulations to you three and I look forward to seeing the contributions you guys can bring. As for the others, I would like to thank them for the time they did have, and I appreciate all the work they put into the league when they were around. You can see a consistently updated list of the current BoG members here. Also remember that we are still taking and always will be taking applications from interested parties. If you feel you have the drive to help out in BoG, don't hesitate to send Blue a PM. Thank you.
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    Army of backwashers

    I don't think anyone is leaving the VHL because we don't include the cup into GM voting (like every other league in the world). Don't be ridiculous.
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    Claimed: Ben Green Rookie Profile

    Ben Green Rookie Report LW Cologne Express Questions surround the freshly signed wing from the VHLM known as Ben Green. Among these questions, one is ringing throughout all of the VHL, why now? Last year at this time, Ben Green refused to sign with the team that drafted him, the Seattle Bears, despite reports that Green had no issues with the management or players in Seattle. One thing is for sure though, Ben Green has a high ceiling and a load of talent. Strengths Ben Green is set to be a great scorer at any level of hockey. When he emerged on the scene in Ottawa in season fifty five, Green lead the team in shooting percentage and in just 26 games racked up 21 points. Among these points were 10 goals. While he did slump in season fifty six when it comes to goals and shooting percentage, Green remained a valuable asset. When asked about his decline in production, Green went on to say he was just at a certain point in his career in which he didn’t know whether or not playing hockey professionally was for him. However this off-season has proven to jolt life back into Green’s game. He was seen playing pick up games and absolutely shredding the competition. His scoring is light years better, and he seems to have improved in his skating ability, which is sure to improve his positioning when attacking the net. Another strong-point for Green’s game is his passing. While still raw, his skills moving the puck are above average in terms of his current competition. While he will have to improve his passing skills as he moves up into the VHL, there is no doubt that he is fully capable of doing so. 11 of his 21 points in season 55 came off of assists and its clear that while Green is destined to be a great scorer, his passing will be a force to be reckoned with. Puck Handling is a tool used by great scorers throughout history to get a slightly better look at the net, giving them the edge over other scorers that may not have been as effective handling the puck. While Green had decent puck handling in the past, it appears as though he has spent a lot of time working and improving his puck handling. This along with his much improved skating and passing will only bolster the incredible scoring ability he possesses as time goes on. Weaknesses We mentioned questions earlier. One big one is Green’s ability to adapt in penalty kills. He is certainly not one to step in and win a clutch face-off, and in turn could result in opponents winning the face-off in a power play situation. The lack of skill in the face-off department is a bigger deal than most would immediately think because of situations like these. Green also seems to be more of a follower than a leader. When on the ice, former teammates have complained that Green is not only a follower, but likely is unable to lead when called on. If true, this is potentially a red flag when it comes to team chemistry, but doesn’t really effect the ice time Green can produce when playing his role. Among all of his flaws, Green’s defense is capable of hurting his team while he remains on the ice. Sure, in many cases Green can make up for his defensive mistakes with counter attacks and aggressiveness on the offensive end, but the fact of the matter is, Green just doesn’t transition defensively as well as he should. Overall, Green has potential to be a great player and teammate. He’s a great guy and a better scorer, however critics would like to see his defense and ability to lead improve as time goes on.
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    Ben Green accepts the Cologne Express offer of S57 3 Million, S58 1.5 Mil. @ADV
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    Milestone: Achieved.

    400 tpe isn't a whole lot to some, in fact, when it's compared to some of my other TPE numbers I've put up in other leagues, it's miniscule really. But here at the VHL it's definitely a milestone for me, and one that I'm glad I've finally hit. 400 TPE is the number I had with Tony Stark, some of you know that because I've talked about it in the past. Well one of my goals when I came back was to break that barrier and continue to move well beyond that 400 point threshold. As of this article I am officially at 401. Factor in my training camp yet to come and I'll be at 411. With this now my second player at, or above 400, I am eligible for the upgraded welfare plan, which I will be taking full advantage of moving forward. While I am not leaving, the constant shit throwing I see Almost on a daily basis is getting tiresome. I have no motivation to put in work for regular articles, and I've far exceeded the amount of things I have to write about anyways. Bogdonavic will be my last player here at the VHL, but with a handful of seasons left in his career, I am going to try to ignore the children and just enjoy my time here. I'm hoping Riga can overcome the disappointment that was last season and bring home a championship at some point in my career. 400 today, next stop 500. 600 after that. I look forward to the climb.
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    Rudi Ying Holds Out

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    S56 Off-Season Schedule

    All S50, S51, and S52 players have been depreciated. If you already purchased a depreciation modifier in the player store, it was applied. Anyone else has until the end of off-season to purchase a depreciation modifier for this seasons depreciation - please PM me if you purchase one so I can edit your player.
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    New VHLM GMs

    Las Vegas @Spade18 Yukon @TheLastOlympian07
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    Its over!!!!! Ive finally captured a cup even if its only VHLM!!!!
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    Fire Hakstol

    Why the Wranglers need a new GM

    S50 Bears - 7th, Wranglers - 6th S51 Bears - 5th, Wranglers - 1st S52 Bears - 1st, Wranglers - 4th S53 Bears - 1st, Wranglers - 7th S54 Bears - 10th, Wranglers - 8th S55 Bears - 9th, Wranglers - 6th S56 Bears - 7th, Wranglers - 6th Team records, over-valuing their own players in negotiations, something something glass houses and stones.
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    New GM Announcement

    It's no secret that there are a couple of VHL teams that have open GM spots. So without further ado let me formally welcome two members to the VHL GM ranks. @ADV is a member no secret to GMing and one of the top GM's all time. I'm happy to announce that he will be taking over the role as Cologne Express GM. His newly created 2nd player, Kristof Mueller will be sent to Cologne as the GM player with no forfeiture. @Tyler will be assuming the GM role for the first time since breaking the Vasteras curse in Season 25, so let's give him a big warm welcome as he is going to be taking over the Davos Dynamo. Tyler will be retiring his defender Thomas Sankara, who is a S57 prospect and recreating a new 2nd player who will go to Davos under the GM player rule with no forfeiture. As Rusty Trombone was the previously acquired free GM player, once Tylers new player joins the Dynamo as per the rules, Rusty Trombone will have to be moved from the club. That should be all for now, but congratulations to the two new GM's, although I should probably be saying thanks for them stepping up. Anyway guys and best of luck with your tenures.
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    [S58] Elias Sobeck

    Player InformationUsername: @BoraginaFull Name: Elias SobeckPosition: CAge: 20Handedness: leftRecruited By/From: Re-createWould you like an experienced member to mentor you? omg plz, no.Player AttributesTotal Points Earned: 30CK = Checking: 40FG = Fighting: 40DI = Discipline: 40SK = Skating: 45ST = Strength: 40PH = Puck Handling: 40FO = Face Offs: 40PA = Passing: 45SC = Scoring: 60DF = Defense: 40PS = Penalty Shot: 40EX = Experience: 40LD = Leadership: 40OtherJersey Number: 66Height (inches): 6'1Weight (lbs.): 199Birthplace: Carson City, NevadaAwardsCareer StatsPlayer MovementPast Players (S22) LW - Matthew Boragina; 602 TPE (S30) RW - Yuri Grigorenko; 994 TPE (S39) D - Mikkel Boomgaarden; 180 TPE (S46) LW - Lars Siktanc; 38 TPE
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    Plans backfired...?

    Johnsson falls to Stockholm @ 12 Young Swede returns home to start VHL career Stockholm, SWEDEN - In what turned out to be the deepest draft in years, if not decades in the VHL, there were prospects aplenty vying for a spot in the vaunted top 3-5 of the draft. That type of billing is always considered a high accomplishment, even more so in a draft as loaded as the S57 VHL Entry Draft! Compared to the year prior, where there was only 7 players above the not-so fabled 100 TPE mark, this draft had 12 (TWELVE!) above that mark, with 8 players already above the VHLM's league max 175 TPE. To say there was a Sophie's choice when GMs hit the podium would - well, it wouldn't be an understatement, or even an accurate statement given what Sophie's Choice is all about - it would be safe to say that GMs had many options when calling out the name of their draftees, and nearly all prospects were pushing hard to be drafted in a historic top 5! However, word out of Sweden is that one prospect was doing his best to tank his own draft ranking! Looking to fall to the bottom of the first round in an attempt to be drafted by a contender, rumour has it that Mats Johnsson deliberately tanked his draft ranking upon completion of his season in order to be drafted by a contender. There are facts that give credence to this theory, as Johnsson has repeatedly said he plans to win as many Continental Cups as possible during his career, and only wants to play for contenders. As well, he went over a month (September 6th - October 12th) between updating his player, value that would have seen him sit 2nd among draftees in Draft Day TPE, while also failing to complete any Point Tasks, or even posting, during the past 2+ weeks (September 25th - October 12th). Johnsson had also been quoted as hoping that Quebec (a team that would eventually go on to win the Continental Cup) would take him 10th overall. For his part, Johnsson denies these rumours, stating that if anyone "had been in the Yukon locker room last season, they'd understand why I haven't had as much motivation of late. The GM disappeared, nobody would show up to team meetings, and the product on the ice suffered as a result. We just didn't get things done, and it wasn't my best showing on the ice either, failing to hit my own personal expectations offensively (Johnsson scored 18 goals and 69 assists for 87 points in 68 games, sitting 2nd in team scoring behind 1st Overall Pick Chase Keller). I just needed to get away for a couple weeks to rest and recharge, deal with some family matters, take a vacation - pretty much just get away from the rink and take care of my own life." Whether or not Johnsson intentionally tanked his draft position, it worked, and perhaps too well for the young Swede. With GMs already wary of his agent, Quik, his absence from league activities, coupled with uncertainty over whether or not he would stay in the VHL or return to his SHL club of Frolunda, Johnsson slipped from his pre-draft ranking of a possible top-3 pick all the way to 10th, and then again right out of the first round as he would be drafted 12th Overall by the rebuilding Stockholm Vikings! A week after being drafted, Johnsson reported for Training Camp with the Vikings, and was available for comment, the following his is league mandated media availability: MJ: I just want to lay to rest all questions of if I deliberately tanked my draft ranking! The truth is I just needed to get away for a bit. I had some personal matters that needed taking care of, and then a long-needed vacation. I figured it didn't really matter where I would be drafted, because I know what I'm capable of, and if a team takes me in the 2nd round, 3rd round, who cares? Better for them, and better for me when I join a team that has even more high-end prospects! R1: Mats, when you declared for the VHL Draft, you stated leaving Sweden as part of your reasons why. Is it disappointing to be back in Stockholm when your goal was to see more of the world? MJ: Ha! Have you seen the schedules of the VHL and VHLM? Last year I got to see Canada's Capitol, as well as Las Vegas! That was incredible! This year, I get to play in many more of the world's best cities, there's not much more I can ask, especially when now I get to have my family close, know my surroundings better, I'm very at home here with the Vikings already, and think it'll be very nice to play half my games in home, and seeing the world the rest of the time! R2: But you only signed for one season. Does that mean you want out? MJ: No, I've already spoken with Mr. Barabash, I have no plans to leave right now. For me, I like to worry about the right now, take everything one year at a time, see what's happening, and re-evaluate in the off-season. The team right now looks to be on track, building from the net out. Stopko is great, he was with me in the Yukon. Boner plays a game that compliments me well, it should be fun! R3: Do you have any goals out there this year? Do you expect to hit a certain amount of goals or points? MJ: Yes, I do. I'm not going to put them out there for you guys to quote back at me later, but I do know what I'm capable of, and have an idea of what I want to accomplish on the ice. The biggest thing is I want to show everyone else what I can do. Teams like Davos and New York passed on my how many times? I think 3 each? So, you know, that's a little motivation too. R2: You stated before that Yukon's locker-room was a bit of a dark place to be, can you elaborate? MJ: I don't want to get too into detail, but it was kind of a mess with LaFlamme disappearing before the season even started. We started off poorly, not even playing the first few games, and then it just snowballed. Eventually guys were just showing up for themselves, and it just wasn't a fun place to be. You'd go weeks between saying 2 words to someone else, and it definitely sapped you. R1: Can you see that happening in a Stockholm locker room that seems to be quite small right now? MJ: It could happen in any locker room. But from what I've seen here, us new guys seem to get along well, we know what we're signed up for, and I don't see it being a problem here like it was in Yukon, where we had some high expectations entering the season. R3: You make the comparison of expectations, do you expect a losing season in Stockholm? MJ: It's not that I expect a losing season, I know the other guys, as well as myself, plan to do everything we can to be better than the team was last season. There's obviously some very strong teams in the league, and in our division, and right now our job is to just get better every day and hopefully by the end of the season, be improved as individuals and as a group. ** 1274 words, claiming doubles (donation) for this week, and regular for next week.
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    CGY/DAV; S56 Offseason

    Back to what I do best...... playing with myself.
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    Jason Glasser - HOF Builder Article

    Jason Glasser @diamond_ace Joined: Season 19 Notable Players: Lars Intranquilo, Clark Marcellin, Martin Brookside Positions Held: VHL GM, VHLM Commish, VHLM GM, Mag Writer, Grader I have known Jason for quite some time. We have been in several leagues together and while this was one of the first where I saw what kind of member he was, I appreciate the fact that we have gotten to experience so many different ones together. See, Jason was like how I used to be. When I first caught the bug to do these sim leagues, I did as many as I could and that was something Jason did too. On top of the many football leagues I saw Jason take part in, he was also a very active contributor over in the SHL and was a GM for a significant period of time there. I think in some ways, he did take on too much at times. He always wanted to help a league thrive and would take on big roles and eventually they do add up. In the Victory Hockey League, he immediately set out and became a grader and VHLM GM. For those that knew Jason, you will know how terrific of a writer he was (so terrific that he will likely correct my grammar mistakes in this article) and it was a breath of fresh air reading his articles at times. His dedication to helping leagues grow is a big reason why he is an inductee into the Victory Hockey League Hall of Fame. He was a tremendous VHLM GM and played a big role in a lot of members being active and staying in the league. I remember hearing it from Jericho before I really talked to either of them all that much. At the time I stayed pretty distant, but it was impressive what he did with the Ottawa Ice Dogs. Jason's most notable VHLM GM run was with the Ice Dogs from Season 20 to 25. In these six seasons, Glasser led Ottawa to two Founder's Cups and he was awarded the Jack Reilly Trophy twice for his work as the top executive of the VHLM. Jason would later take on the role of Oslo's GM in Season 43, and kept the title for three seasons. However, his success was far less significant as he had already started distancing the league at that point and took the role to try and help retaining numbers with the league needing some more stable General Managers to help keep rookies around. After Jardy's successful GM run in Calgary, Jason was given the role as his first player, Lars Intranquilo, was becoming one of their more well-developed players. Taking on the role in Season 26, Glasser would continue with the Calgary GM spot all the way until Season 41. This sixteen year run as General Manager is the longest single run as a General Manager in Victory Hockey League history, and while some have questioned if he stuck around too long, Glasser managed to keep the Wranglers competitive for the majority of that entire run. Over that span, Jason won one Continental Cup and three David Knight Trophy's, which were awarded to the league's top executive. I'd be lying if I said that my entire time playing under Jason in Calgary was smooth but he generally kept a strong locker room and had a great group of guys that supported him along the way. We helped with lines, filling in at the draft if he couldn't be there and generally were very hands-on in helping him run the Wranglers. While for some, this may hurt his value as a top GM, he got his players involved in a way that very few General Managers feel very comfortable doing, and still found success. For some, his GM run is the reason he should be inducted. For me, while it is certainly a great accomplishment in some respects, I feel his overall contribution to various league activities and generally consistency are the reasons he should be inducted. He consistently put out strong articles whether on the boards or through the magazine, which he was a long-time member of. He also graded for quite some time and was one of the more detailed and meticulous graders in the league. He found success as a GM in both the VHLM and VHL, and still was able to contribute in other jobs like VHLM Commish and in some international tournaments as well. While he never made a player that got inducted to the VHL Hall of Fame, both Marcellin and Brookside found success in the league and were under consideration at times. Intranquilo largely disappointed in the sim despite at one time being the most developed first generation player in league history. With that being said, Lars still managed to have a strong career defensively and physically hitting the 1000-1000 club for hits and blocked shots. Jason Glasser has been a member here for nearly 40 seasons and while he is not as active as he used to be, he is still who I think of when I think of the hand that runs the Calgary Wranglers. We used to stay up and do online poker tournaments while discussing the VHL and he always had pride when talking about that organisation and the league as a whole. While it took some some for Jason to be inducted, it was a pleasure to be a part of the voting committee to put him in. Jason was a strong BOG contributor for many years and while we didn't always agree, he was always diplomatic and passionate when debating his side. I really do hope he one day returns to this league as we could use more people like Jason Glasser. Hard working individuals who while they take too much on, still do everything they can to help a league survive. Hats off to you Jason on finally being inducted, and I am honoured to be able to write (and soon be critiqued) your Hall of Fame article.