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    New Commissioner Alert

    As you may have noticed the league has been feeling a little neglected lately by the commissioners. A group of members from the BOG have stepped up and been posting items and schedules for the VHL 10th Anniversary. We felt it was necessary to add a new person to the commissioner job as he are heading into the off-season tonight. Last off-season was a little rough around the edges, so you should expect a better off-season this time around. This is the official announcement that Smarch has been added to the VHL commissioner group. I think you are all very familiar with this member and know he has a lot of respect around the league as a long time member and will be able to easily transition to a commissioner role. In other news; Off-season starts tonight after Game 7 - Quebec City vs. Helsinki. I'll sim a maximum of 4 VHLM Finals Games tonight. If needed Game 7 will be tomorrow. Draft lottery will be live tomorrow on Sunday evening. A massive forum update will be coming very soon, should provide some cool new features.
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    VHL Team Logo Design

    Would have been better with the vector version of the logos
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    @FBR @Fire Hakstol @Bushito @TheLastOlympian07 @Corco @der meister @Zark @Phil @Tyler @Jeff @TheTruth @Rabidsponge21 @Quik @Beaviss @Molholt @Sullvino @Megster @Spade18 @CoachReilly @Mike @jvd @Boomcheck @Dingle @Splat @Heracles @haffiedq @VHLwhat @AlphaHawken @DeathOnReddit @cosbornballboy @Blahblahblah
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    VHL 10th Anniversary Memory Payout

    The following members are eligible for +3 uncapped TPE for both players, and one free donation reward for one player @Smarch @CowboyinAmerica @Phil @Corco @YEAH!stlemania @tfong @Beketov @solas @TheLastOlympian07 @Green @Eggy216 @Velevra @Beaviss @eaglesfan036 @Kendrick @Quik @Strtlght @Frank @Jonessee27 @jRuutu @Higgins @KGR @Gooningitup @Molholt @hedgehog337 @Devise @Fire Hakstol @Banackock @BOOM @Mike @JardyB10 @punkhippie
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    New Commissioner Alert

    Thanks to those in power for the trust, hopefully I can bring something very valuable to the team
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    1,000 TPE!

    The way this worked out, I honestly couldn’t have planned it any better. With this 590, Theo Axelsson will officially hit 1,000 TPE - becoming the first of my players to do so. This was one of the main goals that I had set for myself before making this player. When retiring one of my previous players, Willem Janssen, I chose to retire earlier than planned, at 968 TPE, in order to make a goalie for the S42 draft. That soon became a decision I strongly regretted, as Callum Sinclair, the goalie I ended up creating, would be a disappointing player and retired early with 744. Now, I’ve finally created a 1,000 TPE player, which is something I’ve wanted to achieve for a while. Along the way, I’ve also won a Boulet Trophy - although I don’t think I’ll win one this year and probably won’t in the future with depreciation coming - and I’ve also won a cup in Helsinki. Looking back at the goals I set for this player, I’ve achieved most of what I hoped to do, which I hadn’t really been able to do with any of my previous players. I also set a more ambitious goal of making the hall of fame. There’s still two seasons to go, but I don’t anticipate that’ll happen with Axelsson. I’m still very happy with how things have gone though, and maybe I’ll just have to see if I can achieve that in the future.
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    I'm a day late on these PT's my apologies, but I still wanted to do something fun for the themed PT week here. We were planning on doing a Pajodcast, but things didn't end up lining up as I went to Vulcon which is a weird Star Trek pseudo convention that happens in Vulcan Alberta every year. It was...surprisingly alright. My roommate ended up buying a dope Breaking Bad Poster and a real bulls horn that was carved into a Viking style drinking horn. Which is surprisingly kind of cool to drink out of. Oh and also for those familiar with any Star Trek, the actor who played Jake Cisco from DS9 was there and did a very good Q and A. Anyway, I wanted to do a brief bit on some of the members who were really influential to me when I first entered the league. These were some of the closer members to me here in the early days, some still now. @Advantage Let's start with the most obvious and get it out of the way. Advantage is probably one of my closest in real life friends right now. He's a great dude, and over the years here he's been one of the greatest members. He's clearly going to eventually go into the HoF as a Builder, has built several great HoF players and is one of the best GM's the league has ever seen. Outside of the VHL I will happily say that Chris has one of the mots infectious personalities. He is just one of those people that easily goes with the flow, and it doesn't seem to matter what your talking about or doing, his quick wit and charm goes along with it all. While Dexter Laine may end up being his last player, or his last one for a while, I'm still happy for all the memories. @Jericho Sure lets do the obvious number two right now. Kyle is like my Dark Link. Or I'm his Dark Link would probably be the better equivalent. Like ADV I've met him in person and we are good friends. The one thing that I think has amazed me about Kyle is the transition. There was a period there after his fantastic early days creating a HoF player his first time out with Daniel Braxton, to then fading on the league and straight up leaving it for a decent chunk of time, where both Chris and I actually didn't know if Kyle would ever be back to the VHL. He is back now in a pseudo limited capacity, But seeing him change during that transition was probably the most interesting. We actually even talked to Kyle less for some of that period he was busy doing other things. Mostly you know, getting involved in a serious romantic relationship. But the "return" version of Kyle was clearly more mature, more grounded, far less of a troll. Although he sometimes still brings that side of himself up, Kyle really helped embody for me the idea that we have been in this league a long time. Long enough to see even people I know change. @Strtlght The actual real reason I am still in the VHL to this very day. Okay actually that may be a bit dramatic, but it's pretty close to the truth. History lesson for those who haven't been around as long, but when I joined the league in Season 23/24, and finally entered the VHL for the first time with my player Rauno Pajari, I was on the Riga Reign. I had a relatively bad experience in the VHLM, lots of inactivity some not great GM's. And Riga was undergoing a GM change at the time as well, in fact it went through two in my limited time with the club. I ended up finding my way to the New York Americans whose GM at the time was Streetlight. Him and Jericho (Braxton) were the two HoF studs of that team and they were looking to get over the Cup hump. The reason this was so pivotal is because I was very close to quitting the league. I pretty much was giving it one more season, but I really didn't have a great intro. Street was an amazing GM back then, one of the best. He was engaged, involved, and my very idea of how to even try to be an effective GM in the VHL to this day is clearly inspired by some of his own tactics. Sure it may not be inventing the wheel to say, "care about the league and your team" as a GM, but you'd be surprised how many GM's don't do that and then wonder why things don't work out. Street was the one who showed me about how important that foundation is to even team activity. New members are always going to feel alienated until they engage with this thing, especially people unfamiliar with how sim leagues work in the community space. @Noah!! Man Noah was a blast to be on this site with back in those days. His graphics, both silly and the quality work. His podcasting, he had so many good fun ones. I know some will never forget the longest 3 way ever, like say Boom for example. Rogue Squadron goes in there too, there is just so many. For those who don't know much about Noah, he had more prominent players in the past. I think his last prominent player was Lebedev, which would of been in the S30's era before he retired. But he was one of the bigger pranksters around here, usually him and Phil (both of them were mods) would keep the site in general hopping and popping. Noah was also the king of the spam and game areas as well, fueling that with enough distractions. @.sniffuM The Terraria game we all played together was majestic. But you started voicing with us relatively in the early days and ended up bringing the Reik over to New York. Despite the age difference I very much saw you as a more ingrained member into the culture here, with obviously a couple of pivotal players in the leagues history to date. But it was nice to have you around back in those days, you were very much apart of "the group" at a time when it felt like we could just get on any night of the week and randomly see who was around to cast. And we'd always get a group of different people. @diamond_ace Was involved in my first Skype session actually with the boys. I believe it was me, Kyle, Chris and you. Ultimately we randomly got on and started playing poker, and I realized very early that you were a well spoken highly intelligent individual. Which was great for me, a person who loves to ramble and get in overly long debates about nothing. Just a great member that I think really helped showcase not only the age difference, but diversity found on sites like this. It can create some interesting interactions for sure. You were also a very pivotal member back in those early days, as you were an involved VHLM Commish and GM of the Calgary Wranglers. Still hold the record to this day for the most consecutive GM seasons, although I think we can all agree like the last 2-3 seasons of that run you were already checked out. @BOOM You sir are the locker room leader. Perhaps that maybe has faded over the years, as you as well as many of the names on this list have become less engaged in the league overall. But I'll never forget many memories that involve you. The hustle and bustle of your LR posts. You going out of your way to create a Devise thread loaded with random things I like and absolutely despise to go along with your Boob threads. All the Cards Against Humanity (Demi Moores bush). You were and always have been a more dramatic member, but I think part of that comes from your passion as a person, and for the league. You are the type of member who is key to any community, because you are easy to love. Even in the dramatic moments. A huge reason I stuck around this long, as whether it was joking around with you or having more serious chats was always a good, insightful time. And lastly, there was an "existing" member base core that I think in the early days me and I know Kyle really wanted to try to you know ingrain ourselves with. That core has since come to be known briefly as the "old boys club" and now is simply referred to as the type of members you rarely get. AKA all the crazy ones. But this was crucial for me coming into the league honestly. It was knowing that there was an established community for a long period of time that really adds to the legacy and interest. You feel that even if you don't always create the best players or have the best seasons with every player, there is this established status quo that you become apart of. It makes it easier to engage with the community, and ultimately when you do have a great player or a great run there is that sense of reward and accomplishment. Your doing what a lot of these other people have done. At the time I joined the league there were several members who were part of that group. The guys who were consistent, building top notch players and earning points, keeping the community going. Some of those names that are still around, and some who aren't. @sterling @Phil @Kendrick @Beketov @solas @Victor @Knight @JardyB10 @Koradek @Squinty @Boragina
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    We're 28 games into the VHLM season and there has been some noticeable separation in the standing and on the scoring charts. So who's hot and who's not? Who is pushing for a championship and who is pushing for a lottery pick? Teams on top: Ottawa Lynx: Ottawa has charged out of the gate with an impressive 9-2-1 start. With their high-flying offense led by defensemen Ho Lee Fook (5g-21a-26p) and Jon Snow (10g-14a-24p), this team can generate goals at will from the back end. In fact, their 4 top scorers are all defensemen, if we had to pick an area this team could improve in they would like to get more production out of their top forwards (relative to their defensemen). Still, there isn't much to not like about this team which leads the VHLM in point % (0.792), goals scored (51), and goal differential (+16) Las Vegas Aces: Nipping at the heals of the Lynx on the top of the standing are the Aces. After S55's Cinderella run to the finals, Las Vegas has picked up right where they left off with a 7-2-1 start. They are 4 points back of the Ottawa Lynx, but have two games in hand. Top centre Sergei Komarov is leading the attack with 12g-10a-22p through his first 10 games, good enough to be the highest scoring forward in the VHLM so far this year. Las Vagas' stingy defense, led by Casey Jones, is helping them win games too. They have been the hardest team to score against so far, surrendering just 32 goals. The Middlemen: Saskatoon Wild: A hair under .500 this season with a 5-6-1 record, the wild are off to a bit sluggish off the start, but have plenty of time to catch up. Right winger The Process and defenseman Keaton Louth have been doing the heaving lifting and managed to keep the Wild's goal differential in positive territory (+2), but they are going to need more than that to move up in the standings. A good place to start would be fixing their home record: At 1-4-0 they are worst in the VHLM in front of their own fans, that will need to improve if the Wild hope to challenge the top two teams. Oslo Storm: After a terrible start, Oslo is starting to get back on track (5-6-0), but the seem to be a half step behind the Wild. Though they are now getting points, they have scored fewer goals and surrendered more than Saskatoon, they do however, have a game in hand. Defenseman Nicodemus Raven has arguably been their best player, (you could make a case for steady defender Boner) leading the team in scoring and managing a +4 on a team with a net - differential. Centres Spicey and Launchpad McQuack are their top point-fetching forwards, but combine for an atrocious -16. Oslo needs to string a couple of wins together and have their forwards take car of business in their own end to get back into the race to the top. The Basement Dweller: Yukon Rush: In a word: Yukon sucks so far this year. They have had a dumpster-fire of a start to the year and don't look to be turning it around anytime soon. With a staggaring -25 goal differential through just 11 games and a league worst 2 wins, things don't look good for the rush but there are a couple bright spots. Enter, Chase Keller: Chase is far and away leading the Rush (pun intended) putting more than 2 points per game and holding a respectable -1 differential. With Keller and defenseman Mats Johnsson now back with the team, there is a chance they make a come-back, but they have dug themselves a huge hole. PS: I'm thinking of doing this a few times each season to keep tabs on the minors, what do you guys think? Would you like a synopsis like this posted 3 or so times per season?
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    Hello everyone!

    Hey guys, I'm Zark! A reddit post brought me here, and after watching the ''New member tutorial'', I thought this looked really fun, so I'm gonna give it a shot and see how it goes! See you on the ice
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    S55 Off-Season Schedule

    S55 OFF-SEASON SCHEDULE *Dates Subject to Change* *All-Time Tournament dates TBD* Sunday, July 30th S56 VHL & VHLM Lottery Drafts S56 Finance TPE Cut-Off (all TPE prior to this date will affect salary brackets for S56) Monday July 31st Experience Points Allocated Pre-Season Retirement (Players can re-create for S57 and still play S56) Tuesday August 1st Brett Slobodzian Trophy Voting Opens Wednesday August 2nd Training Camps Open Depreciation (S49, S50, S51) Free Agency Discussion Open S56 VHL Entry Draft- 9PM EST Thursday August 3rd Free Agency Opens Friday August 4th S56 Predictions Open S56 VHLM Dispersal Draft- 8:30EST VHL & VHLM Awards Ceremony Saturday August 5th Prediction Points Distributed S55 Hall of Fame Induction Sunday August 6th Final Updates for S56 Training Camp Closes Monday August 7th S56 VHLM TPE Cut-Off (all TPE earned prior to this date counts towards the 200 TPE cap) S56 begins
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    New Jobs!

    Help me welcome @Corco to the VHLM Commissioner team! Good luck working with @Frank A very big thank you to @Banackock for his time as a commissioner during a very tough time that saw two teams being contracted and rules being up in the air. His tenure will not be forgotten Also welcome @CowboyinAmerica to the update team. He will step in and update the European Conference at this time! Thanks to @Pablo wherever you are
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    1st Overall - CHASE KELLER @Kendrick After King was passed up multiple times in Season 54, Keller is no brainer at 1st overall he'll be a franchise player for New York. I also believe @STZ and Kendrick get a long quite well so this should be a perfect fit. 2nd Overall - NORRIS KENSINGTON @Bushito Bushito will take the safe pick here as he'll need a goalie to kick off his rebuild, who better to trust in that position then himself? Kensington is also the third highest tpe earner of this class currently. He'll also have the ability to have both his players on the same team which will definitely be an advantage as seen in Toronto with Boeser and Ironside. 3rd Overall - BONER @Corco The express have traded their last two high lottery picks so I'd be shocked if they did it again. Express may not seem as too desirable a destination but with a few high picks they'll be on the right track once again. If Corco has an desire to be in Cologne that will surely help out @punkhippie who needs all the help he can get at the moment. Boner should be a franchise defenseman in the VHL. 4th Overall - JEFF GOW @Fire Hakstol I'm not sure if Calgary will still be in this position at seasons end but currently they're a lottery team. With Savard and Volkov on defense as well as Jacob in net they have a clear need for offense. So I can see @eaglesfan036 going with familiarity here and selecting his brother. If he can regain the activity levels we saw early on in his VHL career @Fire Hakstol could easily be a cornerstone piece for Calgary. 5th Overall - CASEY JONES @der meister The Bears and @Banackock go with the best player on the board. Casey Jones comes from the der meister agency who has been a constant churner of high end VHL talent so we'd expect the same from Casey Jones. 6th Overall (Acquired from HSK) - KEATON LOUTH @Beaviss Riga gets potentially the steal of the draft at 6th overall Keaton Louth will likely be higher on this list by seasons end as active first gens always peak the interest of VHL GM's. But for now Riga may get the best new blood in the league. Right when they're competing in the EU. 7th Overall (Acquired from DAV) - SHAWN BRODEUR @TheLastOlympian07 Kensington goes ahead of Brodeur in this draft but in reality both players are neck in neck and Cologne is lucky to select him here. Having a franchise dman and franchise goalie in the same draft should kick off the rebuild in Cologne. 8th Overall - MATS JOHNSSON @Quik Though another high pick may have been just what Toronto needed, their surprising usurp of Calgary this season leaves them currently at 8th overall. I think they'll go BPA and that's currently Quik's Mats Johnsson. If Quik can regain activity levels he once had earlier in his VHL career much like @Fire Hakstol then he will be a steal at 8th Overall. Johnsson could easily be anywhere from a depth dman if his progress plateaus, to a franchise dman if his activity continues to ramp up. 9th Overall (Acquired from RIG) - PHIL BENNINGTON @Phil This one will shock some people but currently Phil has some catching up to do in the TPE race. Nobody doubts his activity or progress but for the fun of this list I'll take his player at face value as I'm well aware he'll likely be a top 5 pick by the end of the season. But if he stays in this position NY gets amazing value at 9th overall. Proving just how strong this draft class is. 10th Overall - CALDER O'CALLAHAN @Sullvino Right now as it currently stands there is a large number of players who sit neck in neck in activity level as well as TPE earning so it will be up to the GM to select who he thinks will have the longevity in the VHL. Quebec has a lot of options at this pick so they take the BPA from the bunch which is currently O'Callahan. For Gaudette
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    Well I'm the idiot that forgot about air drop, now that I can send stuff over to my iPad I can actually make decent graphics. I kinda want to do home/away (and maybe third) jerseys for every team... We'll see if that ever happens.
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    NHL 18 Draw

    THANK YOU!! VHL!!! News reporter: This just in Vancouver riots will in fact not happen!
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    What's Up

    Hey guys, I have some experience in football sims, but this is my first time doing hockey, so wish me luck!
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    R O O K I E P R O F I L E Kirk Lazurus is one of the many young prospects of the American Southeast, aspiring to play in the Victory Hockey League (VHL). Lazarus stands over 6 feet tall and over 200lbs. Born and raised in the small city of Goose Creek, South Carolina, Lazarus stood unchallenged playing against his peers throughout his young hockey career, however could that change? P R O S S K A T I N G Living close to the Carolina Ice Palace, Kirk found himself grinding day in and day out, despite his larger body type and weight, Kirk was one of the top skaters in the state of South Carolina. Kirk knows that cracking a spot on the team will require further nights at the rink. S H O O T I N G Being one of the faster skaters on the team also meant that Kirk was destined to become a great goal scorer. Being from the South, not a lot of people could skate, or shoot. Lazarus had to learn how to do both. Slotted on to the top power play unit for his school, Lazarus possesses a powerful slap shot for those well timed one-timers. Lazarus was often dubbed as the "American Sniper" by his team mates back home. P U C K H A N D L I N G A greater skater and shooter, Lazarus has some smooth hands. Often thrown on to the top of the coach's shootout list, Lazarus was one of the decent puck handlers on the team. Although not the best dangler, his speed and shooting skills quite often make up for the fact. It's been rumored that Lazarus finds him self practicing with a can opener and thumb tacks, no one really knows for sure what he does during practice, but he seems to improve more and more. C O N S D E F E N S E As I've mentioned many times of Kirk being from the South, Kirk is a pretty big boy. Well so were a lot of the guys on the team. Kirk being the most specialized on offense got to play as a forward. Well really anyone that could skate well was a forward. Coach's plan was to just throw the bigger guys on defense who couldn't skate worth a damn. Watching Kirk I don't think I've ever seen him try to block a shot, probably to avoid injuries and what not and that beautiful face of his. C H E C K I N G Well Kirk ain't no sissy now, but there's always the possibility of getting hurt by being physical, or a giant hit that looks like a penalty. It's not like that have high-def. cameras at the high school level. Besides there's always players for that. But now with the possibility of playing with the big boys, Kirk's got to throw the body around a bit more to prove that he's here to stay. P A S S I N G Well don't tell anybody I said this, but Kirk is kind of a giant puck hog. It's not like it's his fault that there isn't a ton of experience hockey players on his team. His line consisted of a guy who's pretty decent at face-offs, and the small freshman who wanted to play high school sports. His defensemen hanging by the blue line? Non existent, those guys can barely skate. The rest of the team is more or less the same as his line. But who else is he going to pass the puck to? We're hoping his time playing high school hockey hasn't damaged his play-making abilities too much.
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    *My apologizes to the brand new prospect who created within the last 24 hours. You will be added to this in the next edition! **We didn't include all the fake recruits that showed up as they won't log in anymore anyways. @Fire Hakstol @STZ @der meister @Bushito @Corco @TheLastOlympian07 @KGR @Beaviss @Quik @CoachReilly @Jeff @Rabidsponge21 @Molholt @Mike @Megster @Confusion @Spade18 @FBR @jvd @HistFer @Exlaxchronicles @Heracles @Blahblahblah @DeathOnReddit @TheTruth
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    S55 Off-Season Schedule

    Updates done and league file updated S56 Is ready to begin as soon as our simmer can do it @JardyB10 Thanks everyone for a great off-season. Keep tuned in for the draw for NHL 17!
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    Claimed: Callahan

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    New VHLM GMs

    After losing Bushito to the Stockholm's GM role and with Kendrick stepping down from Ottawa, the VHLM had two vacancies at GM positions. After some deliberation, Frank and I have come to a decision on who the two new GMs will be. Taking Kendrick's place at the head of Ottawa will be none other than @Beaviss, who is new but we believe that he will definitely be getting valuable VHL experience from this. He has proven himself to be quite active already as a first-gen, which really helped his case. @JardyB10 will be his Co-GM if he needs any help or guidance. Stepping in for Bushito in Oslo will be a returning member, and a former VHLM GM, @Megster. Meg has returned and made a very good case for herself as a VHLM GM, and despite a past reputation, looks to be turning that around now. Congratulations to both candidates and happy GMing!
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    Cool, so at least we know what the whining excuse will be early. If there was an update, Las Vegas would have had 7 guys with increased attributes, while Oslo would have 4 (Ying, Aleksei and Forsberg all maxed already.)
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    O'Callahan Reacts to Recent Mock 8.22.17 Earlier this week, VHL Draft Experts released the first full S57 Mock Draft. The mock draft saw Calder O’Callahan, Las Vegas’ up and coming center, penciled in as the number ten overall pick to Quebec City. During a recent media scrum, we caught up with O’Callahan to hear what this means to him. “I try to avoid all of that noise during the season. My goal right now is just to work as hard as possible and become the best player I can. I did see the article and where they had me going right now. I would be lying if I said it didn’t make me feel good about my game, seeing they had me as a projected 1st round pick in the VHL. Hopefully, I can continue to work hard, increase my minor league production and raise my draft stock even more. At the same time, I am not focusing on the draft at this time. All of that will take care of itself down the road.” It is widely known that this draft is one of the deepest in years. With so many good draft prospects, it will be a challenge for O’Callahan to keep up with the pack. However, Calder is confident that his hard work and on-ice performance can continue to open eyes.
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    Edition 328

    Edition 328
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    S57 Prospect Card pt.1

    S57 Prospect Cards PT1 - Recreate Series vol 1 @Kendrick @Corco @der meister @TheLastOlympian07
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    Claimed: Charles Cote Rookie Profile

    Charles Cote Las Vegas Aces Defenseman S57 Draftee 18 years old 6'1", 210lbs Quebec City, Quebec, Canada Overview Charles Cote is a defensive defenseman who played for the Quebec Remparts in the juniors. In his last year in the QMJHL, he won the Kevin-Lowe Trophy, presented to the best defensive defenseman, as well as the Emile-Bouchard Trophy, awarded to the defenseman of the year. He is a great team player who always wants to get each and every member of his team involved in the play and loves to spread around the puck. While not being a goal-scoring defenseman, he excels on the defensive side and is always willing to block a shot, taking one for his team. Charles will almost always stay at the blue line while being in the offensive zone, he will very rarely go further up the ice, the only scenario being when he's 100% sure that his movement won't get his team in trouble in the events of a turnover. He was top 3 in takeaways last year, with an impressive 71 takeaways in 68 games played. Also, he was without a doubt the best defenseman in "2 on 1" scenarios, while not allowing a goal in more than 15 occasions, in which the goaltender only made 6 saves. He recently signed a one-year deal with the Las Vegas Aces, whose management team is definitely looking forward to seeing those defensive prowesses on their ice. Pros Vision and knowledge Cote's first and most remarquable quality is his vision and hockey knowledge. He is able to read the play very well, sometimes looking like he can practically read his opponents' minds. He seems to know where every enemy offense is going, and doesn't hesitate to communicate to his teammates. With that skill in his arsenal, Charles is almost never caught flat-footed, always being at the right place at the right time. Over the course of a hockey game, Cote analyzes the opponents and their habits, which gives him a lot of power in predicting what their next move will be. Intelligence and discipline Another of Charles' top skill is his intelligence on the ice. Hardly ever will you see him making any dumb mistakes, if not never. He's not looking for attention by trying flashy stuff, his goal being to do his defensive role and to not get his team in trouble by his fault. He is as smart as they come physically, but also mentally. He doesn't let opponents play in his head, and makes sure not to take any dumb penalties. He's a master at the art of keeping his cool, but doesn't hesitate to protect his teammates, when the time is right. Sometimes will you see him laying a big clean hit to make a statement. Speed and skating Cote possesses above-average speed for a defenseman, especially amongst other defensive dmen. Charles can usually keep up with the elite forwards of his league, which explains his 2 trophies at the Golden Puck Awards Gala last year. He uses this speed to reposition quickly when the opposing team takes control of the puck, and makes sure he has time to think and analyze instead of getting caught in an emergency situation. His speed is a key asset of his play and helps him cause a lot of turnovers. It has definitely played a major role in his recent success in the takeaways category, as well as in odd man rushes. Cons Too passive What the scouts want to see the most in Cote is offensive production. Some criticizes that he takes his role as a defensive defenseman too seriously, and sometimes forget he can go help out his offense too. He doesn't like going far up the ice, but in some occasions he should, as it could put his name on the scoresheet. He's not aggressive enough with the puck and prefers to stay save, sometimes frustrating some of his teammates. Not for a long amount of time, of course. Physical aspect Charles doesn't use his body as much as he should, considering his 6'1, 210 lbs. He doesn't like getting physically involved, at the exception of protecting his teammates. This is another aspect of his game that the scouts want to see, as it could turn Cote into an even bigger defensive threat than he already is. Goal-scoring ability and puck handling While not having a bad shot, Cote lacks that ''fire'' that you can see in a pure goal-scorer. He's able to get the puck from point A to point B, but doesn't do too well when it comes to deeking around someone or orchestrating a big play. The scouts, as well as the fans, would like to see Charles spending more time puck handling, instead of always passing it around. He usually always stays at the same spot on the blue line in the offensive zone, passing the puck as soon as he touches it. They would also like seeing Cote taking more shots, as it could drastically improve his offensive contribution. Conclusion Overall, Charles Cote is a very strong defensive defenseman who everyone is looking forward to seeing perform on the ice. While lacking offensive talent, his defensive side is pretty much flawless and drags a lot of attention around him off the ice. The scouts don't have a final projection for him yet, but he could very well be a late first round pick in the draft. Everyone should keep a close eye on him, as he gives everyone another reason to watch the Las Vegas Aces this year.
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    Claimed: Fox [1/2]

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    NHL 18 Draw

    Yeah @Beaviss! Happy for you man @der meister Gets a copy too woooooo. Long shipping for that one haha
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    Hello guys! Shoutout to the guy posting in all the Reddit hockey subs. I've been looking for a way to get my hockey fix during the off season and this looked like a lot of fun. It'll be interesting to figure out how this whole thing works.
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    (Draft Floor VLHM Draft S56) Our article begins as the Ottawa Lynx sign @Beaviss as the new General Manager of the organization. Taking over after @Kendrick stepped down. @Kendrick left the Ottawa Lynx in great shape as he stepped down, primed to be a cup contender with there stellar defense and amazing goal tending. @Beaviss knew that the offensive was severely depleted in the off season as most of the offensive that carried the team last year was either taken in the draft and or called up to the VHL. We are going to have an inside depth look at how the new General Manager thought and why he drafted each player. 2. Ottawa Lynx: Jeff Gow @Fire Hakstol @Beaviss Was gifted the 2nd overall pick and he did not waste it. Being one of the deepest drafts in VHLM history he took the player that he believed that could carry the team offensively. Gow being the fastest goal scoring machine in the draft would fit perfectly into the plans of the Lynx as they needed to rebuild there offensive ability. 7. Ottawa Lynx: Ike Arkander @STZ As rumors swirled just before the draft that the Lynx might be losing their star goaltender. The Lynx General Manager picked up there sleeper pick of the draft. Ike being the brick wall they need to build a championship team fell right into their laps. His quick reaction time and hand speed really impressed the Lynx GM and he knew that Arkander would be the best goal tender in the draft. 12. Ottawa Lynx: Oskar Ingolfsson @Megster Rumors where that the Oslo General Manager was really high on this player but the Ottawa Lynx General Manager could not let this defensive first forward fall from his grasp. Oskar being the defensive checking stud he is will slot perfectly into the Lynx's second line as the large hard hitting checking forward that can knock the opposition off the puck. WE HAVE A TRADE TO ANNOUNCE @Tagger The Ottawa Lynx send the 17th pick overall to the Las Vegas Aces for the 19th overall pick and the 49th overall pick and conditions for both teams. 19. Ottawa Lynx (From Vegas): Shiro @Confusion This trade was the Lynx's first trade and was considered a bad trade by some reporters. The Lynx General Manager explained after the draft that the Aces General Manager @Tagger had a verbal agreement that they would be picking Colton Rayne, knowing that, they could move down and also get there man Shiro with that pick. The conditions to the deal also would have the Aces pick Matt Denning with there 24th overall and then move him after the draft to the Lynx. 22. Ottawa Lynx: David Kiaskov @Exlaxchronicles One of the definite sleeper picks of the draft and one of the players the Lynx were very high on. We are going to go to @Beaviss for his scouting report "We believe that David could be one of the greatest players from the latter half of this draft, his potential is through the roof if he applies himself and practices hard enough he could easily make it onto our 2nd line by the end of the year and start on our first line next year." 24. Las Vegas Aces: Matt Denning @jvd (Now Lynx Property) The Lynx were very high on his player as well but were unsure of if they were able to snag both David and him. The Lynx General Manager made the trade to make sure that he got both of his players he needed. Denning has great potential if he applies himself and could also be one of the sleepers of the draft his hard checking and scoring style resembles some of the great checkers of the VHL. If he decides that he wants to be competitive he could be one of the best wingers on the Lynx by year end The other players that the Lynx drafted further down the draft are going to be playing on the team this year but the Lynx General Manager is unsure on how much better they are going to be then they are currently. To sum the signing of @Beaviss and the draft into a sentence the great @JardyB10 had this to say "An awesome draft top to bottom! Bow before your king, Beaviss! Between these guys and returning scrubs we are definitely going to be a force to be reckoned with." The Lynx squad looks forward down a long tunnel with a nice shiny cup at the end of it. LETS GO LYNX!
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    I can read thanks!
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    Arbin Asipi is a newcomer to hockey, only starting to play it in his 3rd year of high school, but he was a natural, and was known by many as the best in his school and city. So come a few years later, when he heard he was draft by Las Vegas, he was estatic. This was his chance to prove himself to his family, to him, and to all his fans. There are still many, many things Arbin needs to work on, and being a rookie, he knows that he'll have a lot of ups and downs this season. He knows there will be times where he will be doubted, and touted as a bust, but he knows as long as he works hard, and never lets the media, and haters get to him, he will be a great player, and a great teammate. The only question is, can he get through the questions, or will he be like many of the others, who couldnt handle the pressure, and gave up? Once the season begins, we will find out who Arbin Asipi will be.
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    After a good draft from one of the deepest draft classes in VHLM history the Las Vegas Aces are looking to turn their fortunes around after a less the stellar season last year. We went player by player and broke down the Ace's roster looking ahead at S57. Shawn Broduer: Projected role - Starting G @TheLastOlympian07 It is said by many great men in this league that to build a winner, you build from the net out. The Las Vegas Aces have a strong foundation in Shawn Broduer. His quick glove, strong fundamentals, and great rebound control made him stand out as an obvious first round choice. Scouts report being nervous when ever he left the net and occasional shoot out losses as his only cons, but the rest of this goalies game more than makes up for any percieved faults. If the Ace's are going to win you can be sure to look at Broduer to find the reason why. Sergi Komarov: Projected role - 1st line C @Gooningitup Leading the way for the Aces is center Sergi Komarov. Sergi Komarov is the Russian Machine that never breaks. A hulking, offensive center ice man, he can use his high end speed and obvious strength to muscle his way to high percentage scoring areas and use his deadly shot to bury the puck. while his passing and puck handling may leave some to desire, you can expect Komarov to lead the Aces in goals, points, shots, and possibly hits come seasons end. Rask Rowe: Projected role - 2nd line C @Rowe89 Vegas boasts strength down the center of their line up thanks to the one-two punch of Komarov and Rask Rowe. A Cologne Express draft pick, if Rowe stays with the Aces you can expect him to be the star of the second line. Rowe brings a very well balanced game to the ice with a particular knack for tape to tape passes, and taking the body defensively. While he may not put up large goal numbers, Rowe's abilities make him a top line option and he is sure to produce where ever he is placed in the line up. Casey Jones: Projected role - Top paring D @der meister Jones will be carrying the offense from the Ace's back end this year. A 2nd round pick in this years VHLM draft, his defensive skills are often surpassed by an offensive game some forwards only dream of. Jones' speed helps his team make quick break outs and his shot from the point has been described by some as "snipes" and "holy crap!". Being the sole offensive threat on Las Vegas' defense, you can expect Jones to get big power play minutes and put up impressive numbers for a defense man. Mike Szatkowski III: Projected role - 1st line LW @Mike Picked 14th overall in the third round of this years VHLM draft, Mike Szatkowski III is speed and scoring incarnate. He comes from a long line of VHL stars, soon to be joining 2 relatives of his same name sake in their VHL dynasty. He can skate circles around defenders, and the puck has such a knack for finding the net from his stick you would swear he bent the puck like a bullet in Wanted. Scouts mentioned his passing and defensive game could use improvement, but his game will develop in time over what is sure to be a long VHL career. All in all the season looks to be very promising for a deep Las Vegas hockey team after a strong draft by GM @Tagger. Only time will tell how far they can go, will this be a Championship year in Vegas? The hotel industry certainly hopes so.
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    S55 Off-Season Schedule

    nhl 15 giveaway 3 bucks at gamestop
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    S55 Hall of Fame Induction

    S55 Hall of Fame Induction For the Season Fifty-Five VHL Hall of Fame induction, we'll see one player take his place among the all-time VHL greats. Congratulations to the member being enshrined today. D - Phil Hamilton, S45-S52 576 GP, 156 G, 487 A, 643 P, +353, 1028 PIM, 1674 HIT, 841 SB, 28 GW S47 Sterling Labatte Trophy - Top Defenseman S49 Sterling Labatte Trophy - Top Defenseman Two Continental Cups (S45, 46) Phi Hamilton was destined for greatness from the onset of his VHL career. Drafted First Overall by the Helsinki Titans in the Season Forty-Five VHL Entry Draft, Hamilton went right to work on his VHL resume, helping solidify the back-end for Helsinki during their back-to-back championships in S45 and S46. After winning it all in back to back seasons, Hamilton would go on to leave Helsinki and have even more personal success, winning two Sterling Labatte Trophys. Hamilton is very deserving of this induction into the HOF! @Phil
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    TOR/STO S55 Off-Season

    Keep pumping that false narrative.
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    Quebec GM Faps to Recent Trade Activity

    Content NSFW.
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    NYA/RIG; S55 Off-season

    Treating my picks like Accept. Welcome to the team, @Devise @gorlab @Phil @der meister!
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    So after discussing this with @Smarch and @Higgins we've decided to give everyone a bump of 5 TPE, with the maximum pay out being 20. Going forward we will likely be making the minimum pay out 10 TPE for everyone. @crutchfield - 15 TPE @bgreene21 - 9 TPE @Jonessee27 - 18 TPE @Eggy216 - 19 TPE @MD9 - 20 TPE @Symmetrik - 20 TPE @Tyler - 14 TPE @Lunaro - 12 TPE @John Scott - 10 TPE @Gooningitup - 18 TPE @Laflamme - 20 TPE @mpclardy - 13 TPE @Kyle - 12 TPE @Advantage - 16 TPE @murguy - 20 TPE @Banackock - 20 TPE @CowboyinAmerica - 20 TPE @punkhippie - 12 TPE @boubabi - 20 TPE @Green - 20 TPE @Tagger - 20 TPE @eaglesfan036 - 13 TPE @evrydayimbyfuglien - 20 TPE @Higgins - 20 TPE
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    New GMs Alert

    We are excited to welcome two very good candidates to our VHL GM pool. As many of you know recently @Devise stepped down from his tenure with New York and @Advantage stepped away from his position with Stockholm. We have done an extensive search for new candidates with help from the BOG and are ready to release tho two names. @STZ will be taking the reigns in NY, with his new goalie Ike Alexander as the GM player. @Bushito will be taking over in Stockholm and looking to make the Vikings great for once. His GM player will be Hudson Abbott Congratulations to both members, we hope you see long success in your positions
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    Scheel Finds Redemption, Along with Wild After losing to the Las Vegas Aces in a heartbreaking close to S54's campaign, the Saskatoon Wild had an unexpected opportunity to claim revenge (and redemption) after the Aces surprised and defeated the Oslo Storm to make it to the finals for the second year in the row. Once matched up against each-other, the Wild were clearly the team with something to prove -- and they played like it, winning four straight games to claim the championship. Out-shooting the Aces at every turn, the defending champions simply couldn't keep up with the Wild, and appeared stunned at times by the onslaught. That being said, they did a good job of grinding down and keeping some of the games close, and deserve all the credit in the world for making it so deep into the post-season when many had written them off. That being said, there's little doubt that for the Wild, being able to sweep the Aces -- even a weaker version of the Aces -- provided a measure of satisfaction, given some of the more negative aspects of last season's competitive atmosphere. Links to last season can be found through the return of players such as Gabriel McAllister, Jake Scheel and Daring Do -- the first of whom has repeated his previous success, with his second straight year as the playoff points leader. Players like Ay Ay Ron and Emil Martinov have established themselves even further with their campaigns, and on the Las Vegas side, Rask Rowe and Rudi Ying have proved that their personal success wasn't merely the result of a stacked team. Calling back to an earlier couple of articles published on this site, the win has some added significance for sophomore Jake Scheel. Last year, we discussed at length his postseason struggles in which he recorded a meager seven points in eleven games, far below his regular season pace. This came hand in hand with his decline in the draft rankings from the consensus no. 2 or no. 3 selection, to falling anywhere from no. 5 or no. 6. This season, his sluggish training pain for part of the season raised even further questions about his spirit, his drive to improve, and above all else, his ceiling as a player. This year, Scheel recorded seventeen points in seven games, a much improved rate, finishing tied for second along with Rudi Ying and Mattias Forsberg amongst centers. Granted, Ying played more games than Scheel and Forsberg played less, making the statistic somewhat skewed, but the fact remains that at least this year Scheel didn't play well below what he displayed during the regular season. All this is to say that perhaps, despite his off and on struggles on the eyes and the difficulty of last season's playoff run, Jake Scheel's personal story-line has really just been following that of the Saskatoon Wild as a whole. He showed up late in S54, surprised a lot of people with how well he played, managed to drive up some hype for himself before ultimately falling off at the very end of the season, the exact worst time to fall off, before coming back this season with a stronger, and ultimately winning campaign. Questions now linger for both Scheel and his team. As Scheel looks towards the VHL proper, he faces the likelihood of coming up against much stronger, much more challenging competition, while the Wild themselves will be looking to replace a number of the key pieces that led this championship run in the off-season, and avoid the post-victory decline that so many junior teams have to go through.
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    Bet you came in here expecting it to be the S55 Finals, huh?
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    S55 World Juniors Projected Rosters (from left) Felix Savard (CAN), Gabriel McAllister (USA), Sergei Komarov (RUS), and Mattias Forsberg (SWE) all figure to be key pieces for their respective national teams VHL HEADQUARTERS - The S55 playoffs are winding down, with the Quebec City Meute and the Helsinki Titans set to face off for the second season in a row in the Continental Cup Finals; while in the VHLM, the finals matchup is still yet to be determined, with the Las Vegas Aces playing the spoiler with a 3-2 series lead over the heavily favored Oslo Storm, and the Saskatoon Wild with a 3-2 series lead over the Ottawa Lynx. With teams being eliminated, players are often left waiting until the next season to showcase what they can do, although for the young players of the league, this isn't the case, as players S55 and younger will have their chance to represent themselves on the international scale in the VHL's inaugural World Junior Hockey Championships this offseason. There will be five teams at the tournament: Team Canada, Team USA, Team Europe, Team Asia, and Team World (all player eligibility can be found HERE]). And, barring any more updates or new players declaring for the S57 VHL Draft before puck drop at the World Juniors, here are the tentative lineups. Team Canada (S55) Xavier Laflamme, TPE: 183 - (S57) Chase Keller, TPE: 143 - (S55) Les Clarke, TPE: 83 (S56) Spicey, TPE: 61 - (S55) Corey Klopfenstein, TPE: 114 - (S57) Matt Denning, TPE: 44 (S57) David Kiaskov, TPE: 38 - (S57) Ulyanin Namestnikov, TPE: 47 - (S56) Bradley Marko, TPE: 41 (S57) Kelly Chan, TPE: 30 - (S57) John Forrester, TPE: 30 - (S57) Rianna Tam, TPE: 30 (S55) Felix Savard, TPE: 313 - (S56) Ay Ay Ron, TPE: 207 (S55) Lyle Smallwood, TPE: 123 - (S56) Matthieu Bourdon, TPE: 110 (S57) Keaton Louth, TPE: 78 - (S56) Jabby McFullO'Schmidt, TPE: 56 (S57) Shawn Brodeur, TPE: 110 (S57) Norris Kensington, TPE: 92 (S57) Miguel Luc-Legrand, TPE: 30 Team USA (S56) Gabriel McAllister, TPE: 267 - (S55) Bo Boeser, TPE: 288 - (S55) Jake Scheel, TPE: 192 (S57) Jeff Gow, TPE: 75 - (S55) Peter Quill, TPE: 175 - (S56) The Process, TPE: 92 (S56) VHLM Forever, TPE: 72 - (S56) Jack Shephard, TPE: 129 - (S57) Sadio Salah, TPE: 66 (S56) Ben Green, TPE: 52 - (S57) Mike Szatkowski III, TPE: 53 - (S55) Alexander McManahan, TPE: 58 (S55) Dexter Lane, TPE: 159 - (S55) Michael Kinkaid, TPE: 126 (S57) Casey Jones, TPE: 81 - (S57) Ko Kane, TPE: 95 (S55) Christian McKenzie, TPE: 47 - (S57) Colton Rayne, TPE: 32 USA G USA G2 USA G3 Team Europe (S55) Rusty Trombone, TPE: 326 - (S55) Mattias Forsberg, TPE: 234 - (S57) Ozamataz Buckshank, TPE: 51 (S56) Kristjan Härmä, TPE: 56 - (S57) Barry Szeto, TPE: 30 - (S57) Jules Cedric-Labrie, TPE: 37 (S57) Oskar Ingolfsson, TPE: 34 - (S57) Birkir Hólm Guðnason, TPE: 30 - (S57) Alan Szeto, TPE: 30 (S55) RW - Nino Gisler, TPE: 30 (S55) Niko Bogdanovic, TPE: 240 - (S56) Aackckqz Ky, TPE: 143 (S57) Bonér, TPE: 122 - (S56) Aeschylus Jigglejawns CXXXVIII, TPE: 108 (S55) Nicodemus Raven, TPE: 107 - (S57) Mats Johnsson, TPE: 92 (S55) Key Perought, TPE: 190 (S56) Brienne O'Tarth, TPE: 65 (S56) Cassius Volcatius, TPE: 36 Team Asia (S57) Shiro, TPE: 44 - (S55) Rudy Ying, TPE: 190 - (S56) Sergei Komarov, TPE: 118 (S56) Vladimir Zhelezkin, TPE: 30 - (S57) Sakamoto Tetsuya, TPE: 30 - (S57) Daniel Yip, TPE: 30 (S55) Carlo Capitulo, TPE: 30 (S57) Karen Mak, TPE: 30 (S56) Ho Lee Fook, TPE: 113 - (S56) Igor Mjers, TPE: 49 (S56) Franky Kalashnikova, TPE: 31 - (S57) Vit Laisanitselikol, TPE: 30 (S55) Drahoslav Detlev, TPE: 30 - (S57) Ahn Jung-Seong, TPE: 30 (S57) Rennie Bacani, TPE: 30 ASI G1 ASI G2 Team World (S55) Alexander McKinley, TPE: 30* - (S56) Charles Murphy, 41 TPE* - (S55) Daring Do, TPE: 176 (S57) Ariana Grande, TPE: 30* - (S57) Rudy Tabootie, TPE: 30 - (S57) Carmen Fung, TPE: 30* (S57) Arbin Asipi, TPE: 30* (S56) Emil Martinov, TPE: 78* - (S56) Augustus Gloop, TPE: 58* (S55) Hodor, TPE: 50 - (S55) Darryl Took, TPE: 45 (S57) Klaus Baustein, TPE: 30* - (S56) Mr. Shakedown, TPE: 30* (S57) Michael Roy, TPE: 80* (S56) Reinis Skele, TPE: 30* WOR G1 *=Playing for Team World due to not making their respective countries roster
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    European Contenders Ranked: Goalies

    European Contenders Ranked: Goalies 1. Rhett DeGrath (Davos) - The veteran goalie comes in at number one. Tons of talent, pedigree and room to get better. He is the best goalie in the European Conference by a fair bit, and it will be interesting to see if he is enough to push his team over the top. 2. Astrid Moon (Helsinki) - any goalie coming off back to back world titles is going to look good. He is only a Season 53 player and therefore has a lot of talent and good hockey left to be played. 3. Markus King (Riga) - These rankings could easily be reversed for 1 through 3. King is looking like the best of the bunch in the early goings of this VHL season though he still has yet to prove it in the post season, which mean he is never going to be high up on the list. Only a Season 54 player and is looking to be Riga's franchise netminder for a good young team. for Sankara
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    Welcome back to Annoyance Analytics. Where I asses the probability of Ko Kane playing for each franchise in the so called league we call the VHL. I will try to keep this down to a minimum because why put effort into this. More than I already have. I actually did research this week. I Robbie Zimmers actually put some thought into something I am doing. Wow! Anyways first on the list is New York yet again for another week. New York well what can I say here. There is a massive rebuild happening here and the team has a competent GM in place to bring them out of the rebuild very quickly. But the rebuild also has a negative effects on the numbers because I don’t want to have two players on teams locked into rebuilds. This is why some numbers have taken big hits. Team drops -49 because there is no team, RFOF +36, UFA Fuckery +14 and signing -9. But the GM respect +15, Location +1, love +10 see gains. They drop a mind blowing 83 points but still stay on top the list with 276. They have a 1 point lead on the next team. This race has now become interesting. Calgary takes over Cologne as the 2nd team on the list which may shock some people. But there is a process that I cannot ignore and I have to respect it. Most numbers stayed the same on the list but small gains at Love +5 and Signing of a miniscule .022 coupled with drops in negative things like RFOF -5, UFA Fuckery -5 the team overall see’s gains of +15.022 points to sit at 275. Cologne… I don’t know where to begin with you. I think you guys are getting cocky just thinking my ego will make me automatically play for you. Sure you have V2A, but he is in the last year of his contract and I just as easily can pull him out of Cologne and sign with the team that drafts Ko Kane (if they need a goalie) My point here is don’t be cocky. That D needs massive help. Sure Ko Kane would be a massive back there but that’s if Ko Kane falls to you. You guys took massive hits on Team -13, Location -19, Hate +29, Love -3, RFOF +20, UFA 20. But with those drops are met with gains of me wanting to sign there +28.466 points. I feel a loyalty to this team that I have not experienced since Vegas and NY. So they stay pretty high on the list and edge out Helsinki by just .29 points. Watch out guys. Davos takes a massive leap from last week. I mean massive. With small gains at Gm of 0.003. But pushers like with 21 points for Team, 40 points for love and 22.6 points for signing and being drafted by. Location took a dip of 6 points but that’s a meh stat, don’t read into it much, Hate took a deep dip of 19 which is a good thing but a alarming thing is the RFOF climbed 10.01 points. What does this all mean? Well the team is filled with guys that I actually like to be on a team with. @TheLastOlympian07 is a great guy, @Ahma that lizard lover, @Green that cocksucker is a good guy and the list goes on. Those guys helped this team jump up the list by a ton. They now sit at 221.71 point opposed to last week’s 110.997 which are gains of 110.713 points. Davos makes a strong push to make the race from a 3 horse race to 4. Helsinki sees a drop in respect for the GM because well… he runs the league so it has to go down like whore on a cock. Yes you can quote that. Hate rise a staggering 13 points because of Rudi Ying @punkhippie. Why? Because his agent is fucking V2A with shit awful D, but having said that my overall indifference for Ying’s agent and because Ying played for MY ACES! (Yes mine, they will always be mine) my love for the team rises 14 points to 44. When it comes to the RFOF it rises slightly because of Ying to a 50.12 which means I am slightly to fuck the team over than stay with them. Come on this isn’t Davos with my boy TLO. UFA fuckery see’s small gains but so does me wanting to be drafted by them and sign with them. With an overall 4.088 gain for Helsinki. So they are slowly gaining ground. Can they really make this a 5 horse race for Ko Kane? With another week of gains who knows. Toronto another team that kind of puzzles me. I live in the city so the location value is high but also my hate for the city brings up the Hate to balance it out. The city is where my son is growing up and the all the shows and movies I work on are within the city so the love is effected but this is an online league so it really doesn’t matter to me. They see some gains but also see dips that lead to an overall dip of -41.998. You might be in the green but it would be advisable to not draft Ko Kane. Quebec… A team that I feel deserves better. They have guys like @tfong, @jRuutu and @Green which should help the team leaps and bounds but. I just plainly hate Quebec. The city and the province the only thing that is good that came out of there is Poutine. GM +5 and Team +55 push the team in the right direction but then dips like Hate (Quebec in general) +55, RFOF +28, UFA Fuckery +5, Draft and Signing -1 push the team to the cusp of 0. They sit at a +1 which is shocking for a team that gets a 40 for drafting and signing. Seattle hey! You aren’t second last anymore! Aint that some shit. While that is a positive thing don’t let it get to your head. One if not the only reason why is because Riga stalled out and took a nose dive. You also took a dip this week of -11.72 points which is the wrong direction kind of because even though you dipped this week you gained a spot up. So gain by losses? Riga you were sitting god damn high last week. Got excited didn’t you? Well… welcome back to earth. You take huge losses after I did some looking into shit. After doing some hard digging (not really hard but fuck you) You take an ass raping on Team -43.99 which could have been much worse but guys like @Philhelp it stay where it is. Location -11, Love -2.5, RFOF +49, UFA Fuckey +60, Draft -35 and signing -44.524 are massive losses that the team may never recover from. They are in freefall mode. This is not because of one player. I point out the hate 20, and Love 10 are too high if it really was about him. It was bound to happen when players I thought were on the team and found out they were not. Riga takes a huge dip of -261.014 points to end up at -55. Stockholm. Hey here is a positive. You are the only team on the list to not take a loss at anything, your numbers stayed the same because the list cannot and will not allow you drop below the bottom of -300. Do not draft me, do not talk to me, enjoy your shitty team. For Ko Kane
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    STO/DAV: S55 Off-Season

    Listen, I know what the fuck I'm doing and this isn't the end of what I'm doing so chill out, none of you have a sniff what's going on behind closed doors. I also promised @STZ wouldn't waste his career in a rebuild and I fulfilled that promise. The last person who should ever comment on one of my trades is @punkhippie
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    VHL 10th Anniversary Celebration!

    finishing the skin. Will be ready tomorrow and the next day
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    Hey guys!! It's been a long long time since I wrote one of these! So those that are online right now are getting some love!! @boubabi : your sigs are dope and I miss your live sig maker streams. Big ups to you. @Bushito : glad to see you GMing again! Like you've already said, Davos and Seattle you managed to get Cups in.. so it's only logical to assume you'll be able to bring Stockholm a Cup.. but before that happens, be a doll and move it back to Vasteras please @DollarAndADream : ohai. It's been a while dude. I loved our days together in Toronto. Those were awesome. Some of the best. Good luck. The Cool Motherfuckers Club is in good hands. @Mr.Baller : you've basically been in Calgary forever. I've never been on Calgary and so it's like we've basically never met. So hai. I'm Phil. You'll get to know me as the random old member that likes to tag random people for random reasons. Also you rock. @Smarch : when you coming back to Toronto to see me again mate? I have a hankering for more Chinese buffet. Also, you are a cool man so I'd like to see you once more. @BOOM : wait.. didn't you quit the VHL? Don't you know you can never quit the VHL? oh right.. I guess that's why you are still here! @iRockstar : WELCOME BACK!!! I know you got back a while ago, but I've been absent recently. It's really nice to see you around again!! @KGR : DT stop changing your name goddamit. I can't keep up. Anyway, hit me up if you are ever in Toronto. We can go for a drink or 7. So because I've started my new job I'll PROBABLY be coming back to full activity. maybe even start up KnightTime Podcasts again. or because DOOM is an awesome game I may steal @Beketov's idea and do a DOOMcast! on KNIGHTMARE Mode hahahah Okay. that's it Im out. pce
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    I have had a few people tell me to move the team back to Vasteras now @Phil and I am contemplating it for the season 60 Cup run, lol.