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    S55 Official IIHF VHL Rankings All of the countries in the world that have VHL and/or VHLM representation In this day and age, the VHL has truly become a global league, with players from over 30 different countries having players either in the VHL or VHLM. We have players from the farthest reaches of the globe, such as the wild Australian Outback, or the jungles of the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. I have compiled statistics from every player in the VHL and VHLM (including inactive free agents), and have come up with the following ranking based on three components: # of registered players from that country, the average TPE of players from that country, and total TPE earned by players from that country. This gave me three separate rankings of which I assigned point totals to and added them together to get the final product, so without further adieu, these are your Official VHL IIHF S55 Rankings. 1. Canada 64 Points Overall (# of Players: 57 (1st) / Average TPE: 175 (12th) / Total TPE: 9,987 (1st)) Is this any surprise to anyone? Canada is the worldwide leader in hockey, and they are rightfully represented at 1st place in this ranking. Canada will always have a huge supply of not only players, but superstars as well, such as their current stars Unassisted and Black Velvet. Those two are getting old fast though, so younger up-and-coming stars like Xander Finn and Hudson Abbott will look to take on bigger roles with the team during international tournaments. Despite only having 3 goalies available internationally at the moment, Team Canada fans can rest easy knowing that 2 of that 3 are Rhett DeGrath and Markus King; one already one of the best goaltenders in the world and the other well on his way down the same path. 2. Germany 63 Points Overall (# of Players: 8 (6th) / Average TPE: 312 (6th) / Total TPE: 2,541 (3rd)) The expansion of the VHL to Cologne in the early S30s has done wonders for German enrollment in the VHL. The international team lost out to Canada for 1st place by a hair, and some pundits will say that this ranking is a bit unfair, due to the team not having any superstars other than Right-Winger Tyson Kohler. The Germans will most certainly fall a few slots in next years ranking due to the retirement of Kohler, but they definitely have some very strong young talent in players like Lukas Müller and Bastian Stolzschweiger. They may not reach the level of superstardom that Kohler did, but they will most certainly develop into effective players for Germany on the international level. 3. Sweden 59 Points Overall (# of Players: 12 (4th) / Average TPE: 204 (10th) / Total TPE: 2,451 (5th)) Fresh off Bronze Medal finish for Team Scandinavia in which a large majority of the team was Swedish, the Swedes rank in the top 5 globally, as expected. Sweden has always seemed to have a presence in the VHL, whether it be in the form of a team (the Vasteras Iron Eagles/Stockholm Vikings) or in the form of Hall of Fame players Niklas Lindberg, Alexander Valiq, and Anton Brekker. Those players are retired and gone though, and now Sweden relies mostly on their youth; Bruising winger Theo Axelsson brings some much-needed grit to their lineup, but Sweden's biggest strength is their youngsters; they have three young players who are nearly guaranteed to become stars in the VHL. The reigns in the crease have been handed over to Torstein Ironside from Joanna Akerfeldt for good now, and it looks like Ironside will be keeping the net to himself until the end of his career. Alongside Ironside is his new VHL teammate, the ageless wonder, Verner Reinholdt. Reinholdt and the third member of the Swedish youth trio, Mattias Forsberg, should be be striking fear into opposing international teams defenses for a long time. t4. Russia 58 Points Overall (# of Players: 15 (3rd) / Average TPE: 169 (13th) / Total TPE: 2,531 (4th)) The Russians, despite ranking 4th, are a team that appears to be longing for glory days of old. Gone are the times of Hall-of-Famers, Maxim Desny, Pavel Koradek, and Alexander Beketov; gone are the days of Team USSR as well, a former VHL World Cup team that has since dissolved. Russia's biggest problem is that they lack superstar, or more specifically, a playeer who can lead the country and team back to the prominence it used to have. Right now, the team has many solid depth players, like Maksym Barnyashev, Misha Tobolsk, and Grigory Kopralkov, but they lack a superstar level player (i.e. Kohler/Unassisted/Maximoff) that would propel them higher in these rankings. The team has two promising young defenders in Roman Solokov and Aleksei Federov, but not much outside of that. Journeyman goaltender Ilya Kopralkov isn't any younger either, and with no young goaltenders in the pipeline, the Russians may find themselves dropping a few spots in the next few years. t4. United Kingdom 58 Points Overall (# of Players: 4 (t-9th) / Average TPE: 399 (5th) / Total TPE: 1,596 (6th)) Here we find perhaps our first big surprise of these rankings: the United Kingdom. While their nations may not produce a large quantity of VHL talent, they certainly make up for it in the quality of the talent they DO produce. The country already has two bonafide stars in New York American (lol ironic) teammates Essian Ravenwing and Phil Shankly, as well as another future star and possible Rookie-of-the-Year candidate in the HC Davos-bound Rusty Trombone. Bringing up the rear is a very young goaltender, Brienne O'Tarth, who may not be very impressive at the moment, but could possibly develop into a serviceable goaltender. If she can become half the player that her idol, Scottish HOFer Adrian McCreath was, she'll be set. The team's oldest member is Ravenwing, and even at that, he still has more than a few decent years left in him, which means that the only thing really needed for Team UK to advance higher in these rankings is for O'Tarth to trend upwards on the development track. 5. USA 57 Points Overall (# of Players: 53 (2nd) / Average TPE: 147 (17th) / Total TPE: 7,812 (2nd)) If you told me before these rankings were made that the United States would be ranked 5th overall, I wouldn't believe you. How could a team with such talented stars like Diana Maxwell, Apollo Skye, and Travis Gowecny be ranked only 5th? Well, the answer to that question is pretty simple; the US has it's stars of course, but after examining their overall roster it appears that for every big-name VHL player, there are 2 or 3 nobodies who never even got close to sniffing the VHL. for every Shayne Gow/John Locke/M.T. Power, there are about three Buddy Nielsens. Despite this leading to low placement in these mathematical rankings, the States still usually do very well in international play, with their recent S54 World Cup Silver Medal as evidence of this. The team doesn't need to worry about the future either, with generational talents Gabriel McAllister and Jack Shephard in the pipeline. The cupboards are well stocked to support those two, with players like Jake Scheel, Pablo, Dexter Lane, and Bo Boeser waiting for their opportunity to prove their worth to the land of the free and home of the brave. 6. Czech Republic 54 Points Overall (# of Players: 6 (8th) / Average TPE: 220 (9th) / Total TPE: 1,317 (7th)) Up next are the Czechs, who are similar to Germany in that the biggest reason for their high ranking is a single superstar player (New York Americans goaltender Jakab Holik). Holik is a household name in the Czech Republic, and for good reason; talent-wise he's the best goaltender in the world right now. Unfortunately for the Czechs though, Holik is extremely close to hanging up the pads for good, and when that happens, they're in trouble. Unlike the Germans though, the Czechs don't have the depth behind Holik to hold their spot in the rankings after he retires. Once Holik is gone, the reigns will be passed to...Robert Jelen? Jelen is the only other Czech to have played in the VHL, and even at that, he is a depth player at most. Once Holik skates off into the sunset, the Czech's average and total TPE counts will surely drop well past 20th overall. The country needs help, and fast. 7. Ukraine 53 Points Overall (# of Players: 2 (t-11th) / Average TPE: 453 (3rd) / Total TPE: 906 (11th)) At 7th overall, and like the United Kingdom, they benefit from having a talent pool that prides more on quality than quantity. Their player pool is extremely small, consisting only of two defensemen, New York Americans Captain Bobby Digital and S56 Draft prospect Aackckqz Ky. Digital is already known for being one of the best defenders in the world right now, and many Ukranians hope that Digital can serve as a mentor to Ky, and help him to achieve the same level of worldwide acclaim that his countryman did. Ky is still very raw at this stage of his career and development, and his future isn't exactly clear; will he be known for his pure offensive prowess like Daniel Braxton, will he turn into a purely defensive shutdown blueliner like James Lefevre, or will he settle in as somewhere in between, equally adept in both ends of the rink like Shayne Gow? No one can be sure yet, however one thing is for sure; Ky is a wildcard who many are interested in seeing develop as a VHL player. t8. China 52 Points Overall (# of Players: 4 (t-9th) / Average TPE: 265 (8th) / Total TPE: 1,059 (9th)) The Chinese are a team on the rise, all of their players are still young and have a huge amount of potential as a group. The group is headlined by recent S54 Playoff MVP Astrid Moon, who had a turnaround season for the ages in S54, improving by large margins in all major categories, as well as rising to the occasion when it mattered most in the playoffs, en route to the young netminder's first Continental Cup. The rest of the roster is nothing to sneer at though, as there are certainly Continental Cups in the possible future for centers Fook Yu and Rudy Ying. Bringing up the rear is defenseman Ho Lee Fuk, who is still pretty rough around the edges, but is signed to a player agency who has yet to produce a non-superstar player yet, so there are no worries there. All of these players are young and have a huge amount of potential; look for China to rise quite a decent amount in these rankings in the coming seasons. t8. Romania 52 Points Overall (# of Players: 1 (t-12th) / Average TPE: 728 (1st) / Total TPE: 728 (13th)) Romania is an army of 1 in terms of VHL talent. Pietro Maximoff is all the former Soviet Bloc country has, but what they lack in numbers they make up for in talent level. The Stockholm Viking has more talent in one leg than some entire countries lower on this list. Maximoff's star power is bright, but stars don't shine forever, and it won't be long before this Romanian's supernova turns into a white dwarf. Until then the Romanians are riding Maximoff for all he's worth, as he is arguably the best Romanian-born player in VHL history. 9. Mongolia 51 Points Overall (# of Players: 2 (t-11th) / Average TPE: 421 (4th) / Total TPE: 842 (12th)) For me this was the biggest surprise of the Top 10. I wouldn't even think of Mongolia as having ONE VHLM player, let alone two established VHL players. Both Conrad Jenkins and Franchise Cornerstone have already been to the VHL Finals, with the latter being successful at winning the VHL's ultimate prize. Despite being less skilled than his countryman, Jenkins has had some decent seasons as a mainstay on the Stockholm Vikings' 2nd line. Cornerstone meanwhile, is the heart and soul of the Helsinki Titans, and only appears to be getting better season by season. Despite their low enrollment, Mongolia should look to continue to rise in the rankings alongside their Chinese neighbors. 10. Latvia 49 Points Overall (# of Players: 7 (7th) / Average TPE: 168 (t-14th) / Total TPE: 1,174 (8th)) Ahh, who could forget the Latvians. These lovable Baltic guys always manage to find a way to squeeze into contention, but ultimately, they lack the starpower needed to make a serious statement as an emerging power in the international hockey landscape. You would think that the country would be more well-represented in the VHL community, given the popularity and success of the Riga Reign. Their best player right now is Guntis Petenis, who did actually manage to stun many VHL experts by winning not only the Sterling Labatte Trophy in S54 as the leagues best defenseman, but the Scotty Campbell Trophy for being the leagues Most Valuable Player as well. Petenis can't do this forever though, and many think that his production is certainly going to drop in the coming seasons given his trade to the Quebec City Meute, where he goes from being the #1D to #2/#3 and less minutes. The offensive future of Latvia lies in the hands of Fredinamijs Krigars, a young player from the same agency as Petenis. Many Latvians are banking on Krigars becoming their own Maximoff or Kohler, and while the potential for that to happen is there, it doesn't look likely. If anything, Krigars is more likely to follow a similar career to Petenis. 11. Dominican Republic 48 Points Overall (# of Players: 1 (t-12th) / Average TPE: 550 (2nd) / Total TPE: 550 (16th)) Following in the footsteps of Romania is the Dominican Republic, a country certainly not known for their prowess in developing hockey talent. But despite all odds, Edwin Threencarnacion has found a way to make it to the VHL after spending his childhood in the favelas and jungles of the DR. The struggles don't appear to be over for Threencarnacion yet though, as he has been stuck as a skilled backup VHL goalie behind even more skilled VHL starters, mainly Apollo Skye. Despite joining a new team in this past offseason, the HC Davos Dynamo, Threencarnacion still looks to be in a platoon role at best, given that Davos management has given indication that they would like to stick with mist4ke. Even if he never reaches full stardom levels due to being stuck behind better goalies, Threencarnacion is still by far the best hockey player the Dominican Republic has produced, and the inspiration he has provided to children in his homeland is enough to be proud of. 12. Finland 43 Points Overall (# of Players: 9 (5th) / Average TPE: 117 (20th) / Total TPE: 1,057 (10th)) You really wouldn't expect the Finns to be ranked so low on a list of International Hockey talent, but alas, here they are. The country still sent a handful of players to the S54 World Cup to represent Team Scandinavia, and those players (Fabio Jokinen, Apollo Aho, and Diego Jokinen) came home with bronze medals for their efforts. The Jokinen brothers are really the only players that the Finnish can be proud of right now, as the rest of their representatives are VHL fodder. Combine that fact with how Finland lacks a goalie prospect as well, and you can see why we think that Finland will stick around this spot in the rankings next time around. 13. Denmark 42 Points Overall (# of Players: 3 (t-10th) / Average TPE: 184 (11th) / Total TPE: 553 (15th)) The Danes come next in the rankings, with nothing too impressive about them but nothing too embarassing either. They are a lesser version of higher-ranked quality over quantity countries like the United Kingdom and China. Their roster consists of the Syndergaard brothers on the blueline and netminder mist4ke. Aksel and Tomas Syndergaard started out with a lot of promise early on in their VHL careers but their careers quickly derailed, leaving many supporters wondering only what could have been. Denmark has had it's share of VHL talent, with Hall-of-Famers Aksel Thomassen, Zach Arce, and Lars Berger, any many Danes hoped that the Syndergaards could become a fraction of what those players were. There still is hope for mist4ke though, as he hopes to become the first Danish goaltender to make the Hall of Fame; it's certainly possible, he's still young and his agency has produced a Hall of Fame goalie before. Only time will tell. 14. Singapore 41 Points Overall (# of Players: 1 (t-12th) / Average TPE: 271 (7th) / Total TPE: 271 (18th)) Following in the footsteps of Romania AND the Dominican Republic is Singapore, the tiny nation on the coast of Indonesia. Takashi Fujimoto is perhaps the only VHL player to come from the country, and he is certainly the only player from there playing in the league now. Fujimoto is just one of the latest in what appears to be an influx of Asian players into the VHL, with countries such as China and Mongolia seeing huge booms (pun) in their hockey enrollment. Fujimoto will certainly bring attention to the sport in his country as a budding young superstar for the HC Davos Dynamo. 15. Switzerland 40 Points Overall (# of Players: 4 (t-9th) / Average TPE: 166 (15th) / Total TPE: 662 (14th)) In terms of producing hockey talent, the Swiss appear to be a very hot or cold country in the VHL's history. Despite being a relatively small country, Switzerland has produced the 2nd most Hall of Fame players in VHL history, those players being: Matthew Pogge, Scotty Campbell, Petr Shirokov, Scott Boulet, Tomas Jenskovic, Leander Kaelin, Branden Snelheid, Matt Bailey, and Alexander Sauve. That list is certainly nothing to joke about, considering how it contains arguably the best player in VHL history, Scotty Campbell. The team arguably lacks any future Hall-of-Famers right now, but 3 of the 4 current players have a decent amount of promise. Rudolph Schmeckeldorf recently won a cup with the Helsinki Titans despite a disastrous statistical rookie season, defenseman Luca Volkov won a Four Star Cup with the Las Vegas Aces in the VHLM last season, and goaltender Key Perought had his first taste of international action as Team Europe's starting goaltender in the S54 World Cup. Youngster Nino Gisler appears to be playing in the VHL this season, but he doesn't look to have the talent level that the other three have, so don't expect to see him in the big leagues for long. Next year the Swiss should see their spot rise on this list due to the development of the aforementioned three players. 16. Australia 36 Points Overall (# of Players: 2 (t-11th) / Average TPE: 168 (t-14th) / Total TPE: 336 (17th)) The Australians have 2 registered players, although the lesser of the two, Kaylan Noffke is more or less the afterthought of a once-proud player agency. Their other player can do no wrong though; Alexander Thrower is the pride and joy of the land down under. Thrower is the best hope for Australian hockey, especially after his Rookie of the Year performance in S53. The pressure appears to be getting in the head of Thrower though, as he has not been showing up to his usual off-season training facility. Whether he improves or not is unimportant, the Australians are just happy to call him one of their own. 17. Serbia 29 Points Overall (# of Players: 1 (t-12th) / Average TPE: 149 (16th) / Total TPE: 149 (21st)) Here is where this list really begins to thin out, as many countries have less than two or three players. Serbia only has one, Niko Bogdanovic, a defender for the Ottawa Lynx who was recently drafted by the Riga Reign. Bogdanovic looks to be on track to make the VHL, and although he may not have the pedigree to become a one-hit wonder like Pietro Maximoff or Takashi Fujimoto he definitely looks to be a steady all-around defender in the future. 18. Italy 27 Points Overall (# of Players: 3 (t-10th) / Average TPE: 89 (22nd) / Total TPE: 266 (19th)) The Italians stroll into the rankings at 18th, and they couldn't care less, as soccer will always be #1 in their eyes. Despite this, they still have managed to produce three players, one of whom (Luigi De Rossi) is about to play his first season in the VHL. He is the younger brother of former VHLer Mario De Rossi, a steady depth player in his time. Italy also has Mario Falconi and Luigi Linguini on their roster, and while the latter did appear to have a slim chance at making a VHL roster some day, that hope has faded by now. t19. Belarus 26 Points Overall (# of Players: 2 (t-11th) / Average TPE: 112 (21st) / Total TPE: 223 (20th)) Slava Aleksei is hoping to become a one-hit wonder like his fellow neighbors Pietro Maximoff and Niko Bogdanovic, and we wish him the best of luck. At his current rate of development, it doesn't look likely, but hey, anything could happen. Whatever happens, Aleksei has the weight of his entire country on his shoulders after VHLM vet Pavel Varushkin hangs up the skates after a dissapointing career. t19. Iceland 26 Points Overall (# of Players: 1 (t-12th) / Average TPE: 141 (18th) / Total TPE: 141 (22nd)) Perhaps the only person in the country with a last name that doesn't end in "sson" Jack Kraken recently got his little taste of Icelandic glory when he was named to the S54 Team Scandinavia World Cup roster, although he only registered one point at the tournament, the Icelandic people were jubilant to see their nation represented. The country is notable for having produced Hall of Famer Grimm Jonsson, although beside from that there isn't much to them in terms of hockey. 20. Palestine 24 Points Overall (# of Players: 1 (t-12th) / Average TPE: 123 (19th) / Total TPE: 123 (23rd)) This is one of the most peculiar countries on this list. Palestine has more things to worry about than producing hockey talent but they're just saying fuck it and doing it anyway! Our Lady of Perpetual Motion was a key piece during last season for the VHLM's Oslo Storm, although sadly it appears that he development has stalled. Perhaps she enlisted in the military at home? 21. Greece 19 Points Overall (# of Players: 1 (t-12th) / Average TPE: 86 (23rd) / Total TPE: 86 (24th)) After the failure of the latest model, Aeschylus Jigglejawns CXXXVIII is Greece's latest attempt in producing a hockey-playing robot. Their last attempt, Aeschylus Jigglejawns CXXXVII was nearly a success, although he couldn't make it out of the VHLM due to problems with his circuits freezing up during games. Thankfully now the Greeks have fixed this problem and Jigglejawns CXXXVIII definitely appears to be headed to the VHL if he sticks to his developmental track. 22. Brazil 17 Points Overall (# of Players: 1 (t-12th) / Average TPE: 85 (24th) / Total TPE: 85 (25th)) Is Daring Do a real player? Or is Daring Do actually a Amazonian Tribesman? Is Do actually both of those things? I'm not sure, but whatever Do is, they're doing a pretty good job for the Saskatoon Wild. Could Do be the first Brazilian to make the VHL? It's very possible. 23. Bulgaria 14 Points Overall (# of Players: 1 (t-12th) / Average TPE: 61 (25th) / Total TPE: 61 (27th)) Emil Martinov actually looks like a pretty promising prospect for the Bulgarians. His development track is definitely trending upwards right now, especially after being given increased minutes from Saskatoon management. Could he turn out like geographical neighbor Bobby Digital? The Bulgarian Hockey Federation certainly hopes so. t24. Morocco 12 Points Overall (# of Players: 1 (t-12th) / Average TPE: / Total TPE: 60 (28th)) Sterling Archer is merely here on a mission. There's nothing else to see here. Morocco will have a decent player the day I stop over-valuing 3rd and 4th round picks. t24. South Africa 12 Points Overall (# of Players: 2 (t-11th) / Average TPE: 41 (29th)/ Total TPE: 81 (26th)) I'm pretty sure there has been a handful of South African players in the VHL before, it was definitely a trivia question or something. Logan Xylon and Shaka aren't going anywhere though. South Africa enjoys sitting just comfortably above the basement. 25. Estonia 10 Points Overall (# of Players: 1 (t-12th) / Average TPE: 56 (27th) / Total TPE: 56 (29th)) Kristjan Härmä could possibly become a VHL caliber player. Is it likely? No, but I like his name and that's gotta be worth something. It would certainly help Estonia compete with their neighbor Latvia for Baltic hockey dominance. 26. New Zealand 8 Points Overall (# of Players: 1 (t-12th) / Average TPE: 45 (28th) / Total TPE: 45 (30th)) What happened to the other half of the Took twins. Darryl is lost without Carryl, and Carryl is lost without Darryl. I'm serious, I know for a fact they both created players together, somebody help. Until then the Kiwis in New Zealand are going to be overshadowed by Australia's Alexander Thrower. 27. Iraq 5 Points Overall (# of Players: 1 (t-12th) / Average TPE: 36 (30th) / Total TPE: 36 (31st)) The Iraqis are very happy that John Syeschel practiced hockey in their country for six hours and then left, that way they don't have to be tied for last place with the countries below. t28. Japan 3 Points Overall (# of Players: 1 (t-12th) / Average TPE: 30 (t-31st) / Total TPE: 30 (t-32nd)) Emiya Shirou joined the VHL with a VERY controversial username and then left? Coward. t28. Argentina 3 Points Overall (# of Players: 1 (t-12th) / Average TPE: 30 (t-31st) / Total TPE: (t-32nd)) Ciro Pertuzzi definitely sounds more Italian than Argentinian. t28. India 3 Points Overall (# of Players: 1 (t-12th) / Average TPE: 30 (t-31st) / Total TPE: (t-32nd)) Pradeep Padmanabhan HAD to have actually been from India. No way any non-Indian could come up with something so Indian by themselves. t28. The Philippines 3 Points Overall (# of Players: 1 (t-12th) / Average TPE: 30 (t-31st) / Total TPE: (t-32nd)) CarloC does NOT look like he will turn out to be a Thrilla in the Manilla.
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    Championship - Continental Cup: Helsinki Titans
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    @YEAH!stlemania has been chosen to replace Robbie as GM of the Aces. Yeah is great fit based on his GM experience with NY as well as his extensive league knowledge. Congrats Yeah!
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    Season 55 VHLM Mock Draft Here’s a fun fact for you – the VHLM Draft this year has more combined TPE in it than the VHL Draft. It doesn’t always happen that way, but a combination of particularly strong S55 waiver players (Scheel, Ying, Bogdanovic) and early S56 draftees (Fook, Ron, McAllister) may make this upcoming VHLM Draft the most exciting one in ages. That’s why we think it’s be helpful to have a little mock draft. Remember, a lot can change between now and draft day – not only with trades, but even potentially general managers and league rules. Still, based off the current picks, here’s who you may see coming off the board in the first two rounds this week. 1. Saskatoon Wild (from Yukon) – LW Gabriel McAllister @CowboyinAmerica Everything fits here – the player with the most current TPE in the draft played on Saskatoon this past season and has expressed an interest in coming back. But there’s a hiccup: Can McAllister carry a team? When the Wild asked Bo Boeser to do something similar last season, he was more of a well-rounded player. As McAllister is a pure scorer, he needs more of a team around him to be something special. 2. Ottawa Lynx – G Key Perought @NUCK Another pick, another player that goes back to his same team. While Perought isn’t the next highest TPE player, it’s been a trend in the VHLM forever: an active goalie can take you a long way. With Manley’s retirement and Axelberry’s move to the VHL, Oslo’s Motion is the only trained goalie in the VHLM entering the draft. That’s why it’s critical for Ottawa to nab one however they can. 3. Oslo Storm – C Rudy Ying @punkhippie Ying may be most associated with the Vegas franchise, but one unintended side effect of him coming into the league just after the draft is that he goes back in the draft pool. It’s likely that his VHL franchise keeps him down, and it’s even more likely he won’t last until Vegas’s first pick at 10. Pairing the passer with the more scoring-centric Forsberg seems like a good fit. 4. Saskatoon Wild – D Ho Lee Fook @Will One of the biggest issues in the VHL Finals for Saskatoon was the lack of a blue line – the team only had two defensemen, and poor ones at that, allowing Vegas’s snipers to pick them apart. Fook is the best defenseman in the draft, and his passing and defense potential will be hard to pass up for a team that already has a scorer. 5. Oslo Storm (from Las Vegas) – LW Xavier Laflamme @Laflamme You already have the passer in Ying; now you need the winger to pair him with. Laflamme is yet another player returning to his S54 team, and even though the player’s agency is closely linked with the Yukon franchise, there’s no way Laflamme lasts until the fourth round. 6. Saskatoon Wild (from Yukon) – G Jackson Weekes @Molholt Serious question: Is he retired? I have no idea what Weekes’s status is right now, and that doesn’t portend good tidings for him being selected high in the draft. On the flip side though, Weekes is the only other goalie available in the entire draft, and if he gets back to practicing, he could be the biggest steal in the draft. It’s a worthwhile risk for the new GM. 7. Ottawa Lynx – C Jake Scheel @MD9 Ottawa got their goalie in the first round, and they return the strongest defensive unit in the entire VHLM. This pick is an easy emphasis on offense, but who should they pick to be the centerpiece? Both Scheel and Peter Quill are around the same level in terms of previous practice as of now, but I believe Ottawa's organizational priority on first generation players wins out here. 8. Oslo Storm – D Niko Bogdanovic @Jonessee27 At this point in the draft, most of the value is at defense – and with Oslo having an open hole next to Smallwood and having already taken two forwards, picking one here rounds out the blue line. Bogdanovic has banked some of his practice and can mold himself to whatever type of player Oslo needs, making him a tempting option here. 9. Saskatoon Wild – C Peter Quill @Green The Wild have the most picks in the first two rounds with four, but they need them given that the team has the most bare cupboard heading into the draft. Luckily, the board breaks down perfectly for them here, as Quill represents the perfect linemate for the already-drafted McAllister, and Wild immediately inserts Quill in the role Boeser held last season. 10. Las Vegas Aces – D Nicodemus Raven @Fowll If I was an actual betting man, I’d bet this pick would be shipped out for a goalie or in hoarding picks for a future draft. But if Vegas holds onto it, a defenseman replacement for Savard seems a reasonable way to go. Ay Ay Ron and Aackckqz Ky would also be reasonable selections here, but Raven has the most TPE of all players left, and Vegas going BPA seems like a reasonable thought.
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    *Aiming for the first pick...* At least I'm trying. 1. COLOGNE EXPRESS D - Felix Savard, 198 TPE @Frank It's going to be weird to not see Felix as the first pick. And I don't see @gregreg is going to pass this opportunity as Felix will speed up the Cologne's rebuild. Also, @Frank likes Cologne, that's enough to not let him to other team. 2. TORONTO LEGION (via Seattle) C - Rudy Ying, 138 TPE @punkhippie We're about to have a hell of a battle between centers, but Hippie is more vocal on boards and has more TPE. I think he's the man who could be paired up with @DollarAndADream's Boeser and be a second Toronto's center. 3. RIGA REIGN (via Calgary) C - Peter Quill, 102 TPE @Green Probably I'm going to make a last second decision, but the advantage goes to Quill now as more safer option. Another reason for that is Green does PT's for Quill. not claiming welfares. Other possbilites: Scheel or Laflamme. 4. DAVOS DYNAMO D - Dexter Lane, 118 TPE @Advantage I would have added Lane in my shortlist, but he's not fond of my direction. Also, he named Davos as the most preferable destination. I know @Smarch was interested to trade his 4th pick for more ready player, but perhaps it's not going to be the case, especially when Advantage really wants to play in Davos. 5. TORONTO LEGION C - Jake Scheel, 108 TPE @MD9 It's hard to put Scheel too low in this mock draft, although Toronto will have three centers if DAAD indeed is going to do that. But perhaps someone could play in wing, so I don't see a reason why Dollar is going to pass on Jake. 6. RIGA REIGN D - Nicodemus Raven, 107 TPE @Fowll Another ''I don't know what I'm going to do'' situation. Right now I tend to grab Raven here for already named reasons. Also, I don't have a D prospect, so this could make sense. Other options: Laflamme, Perought or Bogdanovic. 7. CALGARY WRANGLERS (via New York) D - Nico Bogdanovic, 108 TPE @Jonessee27 There are still couple of good draftees left and I feel @eaglesfan036 might choose the guy who really picked it up in last couple of weeks. Jones started with a welfare, but for now he's looking more hot and this could bring him higher than just an end of the first round. 8. SEATTLE BEARS (via Stockholm) LW - Xavier Laflamme, 105 TPE @Laflamme His VHLM GM job could improve his draft stock, but he's not the hardest working guy among most of first round draftees. If he is going to passed by other GM's, @Banackock is going to take him as one of BPA. 9. SEATTLE BEARS (via Quebec) G - Key Perought, 113 TPE @NUCK If I'll pass on Perought, Bana will gladly pick him up as he has some uncertanties with Axelberry's future. I know Seattle needs >200 TPE prospects already, but he will lose nothing if he picks the lone goalie of this draft. 10. HELSINKI TITANS RW - Les Clarke, 83 TPE @AwfulHomesick Not the most vocal member on boards, but it's not like @Higgins is in dire need of any prospect now. Les is going to be a nice addition to the Helsinki's prospect pool and maybe he will make it into their roster. 11. TORONTO LEGION (via Seattle) C - Corey Klopfenstein, 74 TPE @crutchfield He had a nice start. but he fell down to welfare lately. Or at least welfares...Anyway, he still could be a steal, so this player shouldn't be missed by GM's. 12. COLOGNE EXPRESS D - Michael Kinkaid, 76 TPE @Symmetrik Just like last season, Cologne can take a potential steal, this time it could be Michael Kinkaid. Might be interesting to see two steals in the same team, if @Rowe89 comes back. 13. CALGARY WRANGLERS RW - Daring Do, 58 TPE @Eggy216 Another player, who does at least something. Maybe Eaglesfan could make him more involved into this thing. 14. DAVOS DYNAMO D - Hodor, 50 TPE @Hodor Hodor That's it and I'm out. 6 TPE goes to Petenis.
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    As the only member of the Calgary Wranglers roster that was not inactive this season, does Jacob still trust the process? Jacob had 18 wins playing with two no name forwards and a full defense core that was made up of computers. "I honestly thought at the start of the season I could be the first goalie to have zero wins in a season, or at least set a record for fewest wins for a goalie. The Wranglers started the season with 6 losses in a row and a record of 2-15 through 17 games, but Jacob turned the season around for the Wranglers. It actually cost them a higher draft pick, likely 2nd overall since they did not win the lottery so now they are selecting 3rd overall. "Trusting the process got easier for me after the first 20 games, as in the final 44, Jacob posted 16 wins and held a save percentage of over .930 until the final sim with a double header versus Quebec that was rigged where Will simmed and the Quebec Meute scored 10 goals over the two games. "It was weird, it was like I did not have control over my own body, it was like de-ja-vu, I kept playing the game over and over until it finally stopped and I was left with a terrible save percentage in the two games, that I cannot even recall." Even with that strange blunder to end the season, Jacob will be on the rookie of the year ballot, so how's that for trusting the process. Actually he has a good chance of winning too, if you check the Season 45 rookie of the year voting, Greg Clegane won over the likes of Max Molholt! Clegane had a .916 SV% and Molholt had over 100 points and 52 goals as a rookie! "It does not matter to me if I win, I trust the process, and that process does not include the people that vote for awards" said Jacob. Before leaving we tried to get an interview in with the new Wrangler for next season, Vernor Reinholdt, but he was absent from his new Wranglers stall in the locker room. Upon further inspection of his locker room stall we noticed a few things that may be of interest to the reader. Posted on the wall of the stall were two photographs circled with a red heart that looked drawn on with lipstick. The photos resembled Vikings manager Christopher Miller and the other showed a young man holding a quarter chicken dinner from Swiss Chalet, likely to be Kyle Snow. Under neath the photos there was a small inscription that read "RP + CM + KS = <3".
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    I think it's safe to say Roman Sokolov has solidified himself as the fantasy darling this season. He once again led in fantasy points this quarter, though with a slightly worse total than the last. Though his lead over the second best was not as great, only one other player from the top five in Q1 was once again in the top five, that being Aleksei Federov (2nd in Q1; 3rd in Q2; 2nd overall). Unassisted made a strong jump in the recent games, scoring 72.8 fantasy points this quarter. This was a good improvement on his already respectable 58.2 from before. New York players across the board saw better performances, thanks in part to an easier schedule. The largest improvement came from Essian Ravenwing, who had just 27.2 fantasy points last quarter (placing him 55th of 72 skaters), as he doubled his fantasy production with 55.2 fantasy points this quarter (13th). For the goalies, Astrid Moon cooled down as his shutout pace did not continue. He was 6th among goalies for the quarter, but he does remain the top goalie for the season overall. It was Calgary's Jacob who led the goalies this quarter, but the scores were much closer as less than two fantasy points separated the top four. for mist4ke
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    So I saw this post by @punkhippie in the Regular Season Index thread and, while looking through old draft threads, though it'd be interesting to see the top pre-draft TPE earners in VHL history. 1. (S40) Mason Richardson: 348 2. (S40) Thomas O'Malley: 339 3. (S44) Edwin Reencarnacion: 325 4. (S45) Greg Clegane: 322 5. (S41) Niklaus Mikaelson: 315 6. (S48) Black Velvet: 312 7. (S42) Bismarck Koenig: 305 8. (S45) Phil Hamilton: 303 9. (S37) Tom Slaughter: 300 10. (S35) Lennox Moher: 294 11. (S50) Diana Maxwell: 286 12. (S37) Slaeter Fjorsstrom: 285 13. (S18) Daisuke Kanou: 281 14. (S50) Theo Axelsson: 274 15. (S43) Hans Wingate: 272 16. (S48) Unassisted: 267 17. (S12) Matt Bailey: 266 18. (S40) Tyler Cote: 263 19. (S14) Malcolm Kelly: 260 20. (S12) Geoff Gartner: 258 It's not a perfect list since it's just based on the player threads and not the update threads (so players could have had a lot more un-updated TPE) but as an aside I think it really shows how impressive Kanou's TPE earnings really were considering he was drafted in S18. Kelly, Bailey, and Gartner also stand out for their time as well - especially considering Kelly and Gartner both never made the hall of fame and never won a championship. S14's Emerson Hrynyk and S41's Jack Kowalski just barely miss the top 20 with 257 and 256 TPE respectively. S56's Gabriel McAllister, who has 212 TPE currently, seems a sure bet to break into the top 20 at the very least. Let me know if I may have missed anyone.
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    @boubabi @CowboyinAmerica @daBenchwarmer @InciteHysteria @GoodLeftUndone @John Scott @evrydayimbyfuglien @YEAH!stlemania @Will @canucks30 @Gooningitup @.sniffuM @Lunaro @Daniel @Doomsday @Reinis Skele @pdp @murguy @The Trollfecta @Marko @HearnNation67 @Jericho
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    S54 Hall of Fame Induction For the Season Fifty-Four Hall of Fame Induction, we'll see two players and one builder being inducted. Let's take a look at the two players and great member that are being enshired amogst the greatest the VHL have seen. Congraulations to all three members on the honor! G - Sandro Clegane, S45-S52 447 GP, 279 W, 137 L, 31 OTL, 2.04 GAA, .923SV%, 74 SO S48 Aidan Shaw Trophy - Top Goalie S51 Scotty Campbell Trophy - MVP S51 Aidan Shaw Trophy - Top Goalie (Co-Winner) S52 Aidan Shaw Trophy - Top Goalie One Continental Cup (S51) Sandro Clegane was the third goaltender taken in the Season Forty-Five VHL Entry Draft, bounced around a bit between three teams during his eight year career, but now finds himself amongst the greatest VHL goaltenders to ever play the game. After a rough couple of seasons on a rebuilding club to begin his career, Clegane started to show the league what he was capable of during his third season in the league, one that saw him take home the Aiden Shaw Trophy for the first time. Sandro would go on to win two more awards as the league top goalie to go along with one Continental Cup in Season Fifty-One. Sandro finished his career with 279 wins, a .923 save percentage, a 2.04 goals against average, and sits second in the league in all-time shut-out with seventy-four, which are just some of the reasons why the Switzerland native finds himself being inducted in the Hall of Fame today. @JardyB10 LW - Zach Parechkin S46-S53 576 GP, 378G, 409 A, 787 P, +334, 912 PIM, 2769 HIT, 303 SB, 82 GW Three Continental Cups (S48, S49, S50) S46 Christian Stolzschweiger Trophy Grimm Jonsson Trophy Co-Winner (S48, S51) Grimm Jonsson Trophy Winner (S49) S49 Playoff MVP Scott Boulet Trophy (S49, S50) S51 Kevin Brooks Trophy S51 Brett Slobodzian Trophy It’s not often players in the VHL have the impact that Zach Parechkin had during his time with Toronto, and one season with Seattle, but Parechkin has to be named amongst the greatest power forward VHLers off all time, including David Smalling, and Lord Karnage . After being selected by the Toronto Legion First Overall in the Season Forty-Six VHL Entry Draft, Parechkin would head full-steam into the great career one that saw him help complete the first three-peat in VHL history, while consistently being on the Scott Boulet ballot as the league’s top two-way forward. Parechkin takes with him the all-time hits lead in the VHL, along with and impressive 378 goals and 409 assists during his eight season VHL career. Parechkin now calls the Hall of Fame home! @DollarAndADream -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Board of Governors Vote: Zach Parechkin - 14/15 Sandro Clegane - 8/15 ------------ Aleksi Koponen - 3/15 Phil Hamilton - 2/15 Jeff Hamilton - 2/15 Wesley Kellinger - 0/15 Mike Szatkowski Jr. - 0/15 Additionally, as I previously stated, we are also inducting a builder this season. The member that we have voted on to add as a builder to the HOF is @STZ. This member still is very active around the boards, but we have seen him take a slight step back from his daily activities around the league, which presented us the perfect opportunity to thank him for what he has brought to the VHL. He has produced HOF players in his time in the league, GM of the Helsinki Titans from S37-S41, and most recently was the editor of the VHL magazine for close to 200 editions. Mr. Wong has been a great member of this league since he was gifted to the league when Osborne came to the VHL back in Season Thirty, and now over twenty-five seasons later he takes his place amongst the best members that ever stepped foot in the VHL!
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    also let me like my own posts pls
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    This is my favourite article written all-time. Great work and I would argue this is worth two maybe three weeks worth of PT's right here. Great work @Corco
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    Congrats to everyone and @Frank who wholeheartedly deserved at the minimum a shared Top GM. Glad to share it with you bud.
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    the career stats spreadsheets have been updated!
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    I will never make a better or more enjoyable player than Black Velvet.
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    Expansion Era Official IIHF VHL Rankings All of the countries in the world that had VHL and/or VHLM representation from S31-S47 This is a side project of my first IIHF VHL Rankings, found here, in case you haven't seen those. I did the same thing I did for those rankings here, however in these rankings I only included players of the expansion era, excluding players currently playing and players who are retired, but younger than S47. I'll be doing this ranking in three parts though (gotta stretch this media spot out as many weeks as possible), and this is Part 1, which is ranking the countries by the total number of players they produced from S31-S47. 1st. Canada 143 Players (26.1%) Just like in the last/current rankings, this is no surprise. Canada is synonymous with hockey and has historically been the largest producer of hockey talent. Canada has produced so many VHLers from S31-S47 that of all the players who played in that time, 1 in 4 was from Canada. The country produced various Hall of Famers in this time, such as Brick Wahl, Kameron Taylor, and Zach Parechkin. 2nd. USA 130 Players (23.8%) Another not so big surprise here, as the United States appears to be the little brother to Canada's hockey monopoly, always trying to claw and reach for that #1 spot, but not being able to reach it. The U.S. had only 13 less players than Canada during this era, although Canada arguably had a larger number of quality players; the U.S. has nothing to complain about though, given that they have been graced by players such as Conner Low, Tom Slaughter, and Jake Wylde. 3rd. Germany 30 Players (5.5%) Germany comes in third, but this is the beginning of a huge drop-off in enrollment. The Germans are a whole hundred players behind the 2nd place United States. Germany saw a burst of enrollment with the expansion Cologne Express joining the VHL, which played a factor in the careers of German VHL stars such as David Collier, Ron World Peace, and Christoph Klose. 4th. Sweden 29 Players (5.3%) Throughout this era, Sweden has always had a VHL team, whether it be the Vasteras Iron Eagles or their relocated name, the Stockholm Vikings. For Team Sweden, this was a notable era, thanks to the Valiq trio (Niklas, Alexander, and Tomas) who were the best players for the country at the time. 5th. United Kingdom 28 Players (5.1%) Team UK certainly had some big stars during this era, such as the two Hall-of-Famers Brennan McQueen and Matt Bentley. Following in their footsteps were other greats, such as Phil Hamilton, Martin Brookside, and Phil Villeneuve. 6th. Finland 26 Players (4.7%) The Finns were grace with the presence of many stars during this era; the country seemed like a consistent elite VHL talent factory, pumping out players like Tuomas Tukio and Joel Jarvi at an absurd rate. Behind these superstars were steady and reliable role players, such as Karsten Olsen and Ville Sixten. 7th. Russia 18 Players (3.3%) While the Russians may not have had contributed any generational talents to the VHL in this time, they still had decent enrollment for a non USA/CAN team; their most notable players were Sergey Brovalenko and Evgeni Chekhov. 8th. Latvia 14 Players (2.6%) The Latvians may have had a lot of players during this time, but quantity doesn't always equal quantity, and it certainly doesn't in this case. Latvia really only had two significant players during this time, Raphael Pettyfer and Benjamin Zeptenbergs, the latter being a part of the Toronto Legion's historic 3-peat. 9th. Ireland 10 Players (1.8%) Although their current influence on the VHL is nearly nonexistent (no players born in Ireland are currently in either the VHL or VHLM), the Irish certainly left their mark on this era, the most notable player being goaltender Greg Clegane, who was one of the better netminders of his era. t-10th. Denmark 9 Players (1.6%) Despite only having 9 players in the VHL for the post-expansion era, the Danes produced some high-quality players. Aksel Thomassen is the only one in the HOF from this era, but Max Mølholt and Oskars Harumpf weren't anything to scoff at either. t-10th. Italy 9 Players (1.6%) Italy's biggest contribution to the VHL in those 16 seasons was Right-Winger Mario De Rossi's 6-goal game, aside from that there isn't much else. Matteo Gallo and Giovanni Reuel bounced around VHL teams as bottom-six wingers but that's about it. t-11th. France 8 Players (1.5%) Like Ireland, France has seen it's VHL presence wane in the current seasons (no French-born VHL players are currently playing), but post-expansion, most of the players they produced ended up being moderately skilled at the very least. Their big one was HOFer Remy LeBeau, who brought back home a large amount of hardware. t-11th. The Netherlands 8 Players (1.5%) Once again, like their southern French-speaking neighbors, the Dutch have no current representation in the VHL. They really only produced two players of note, Willem Janssen and Thaddeus Humbert. t-11th. Norway 8 Players (1.5%) What is it about countries that had 8 players in the expansion era not having any players in the VHL currently? Norway continues this trend, although they did contribute big-name players Odin Tordahl (HOF), Jakub Kjellberg, and Slaeter Fjorsstrom before fading away into their current obscurity. t-12th. Czech Republic 7 Players (1.3%) The Czechs may or may not be embarrassed by the talent they put into the VHL at the time; Vojczek Svoboda was the only VHL-worthy player to make it out of the minors, and even then he was arguably one of the biggest busts of all-time, as he retired extremely early in his promising career. t-12th. Ukraine 7 Players (1.3%) Ukraine only has two players to currently represent them in the VHL (Bobby Digital and Aackckyz Ky), but they fabricated a decent amount during expansion. Travis Boychuk and Jody 3 Moons were big stars in their day, and guys like Arcturus Mengsk and Wesley Babiy were no pushovers either. t-12. Switzerland 7 Players (1.3%) The Swiss put out decent enrollment, but their quality was that of a piece of Swiss cheese. Sandro Clegane was the big ticket item, but even with his influence, no other Swiss made it to the VHL during this time. 13th. Japan 6 Players (1.1%) Biggu [Kyanon], Keiji [Toriyama], and Souryuu [Kaminogi] were all pretty popular baby names in Japan from S31-S47; those players helped put Japan on the map in terms of VHL representation. Japan may have fallen off a bit in recent times, but the Japanese fondly remember this as their golden age of sim-league hockey. t-14th. Mexico 4 Players (0.7%) Felipe Rodriguez recently finished a pretty decent VHL career, but he was the only Mexican to do so; Maximum Lock and Akila Beast were never even good in the VHLM, and Gunzerker Salvador was a promising prospect who fizzled out fast. t-14th. Austria 4 Players (0.7%) Austria is the least impressive of the German-speaking countries for producing VHL talent, as only twice have they seen their countrymen make the VHL; this representation coming in the form of defender Thomas Duddy and then-Vasteras Iron Eagles franchise netminder Eggly Bagelface. t-15th. South Korea 3 Players (0.5%) Lee Sang-Hyeok was the only South Korean to even attempt to show up for VHLM practice, his fellow South Koreans choosing instead to spend their time religiously playing StarCraft. t-15th. Kazakhstan 3 Players (0.5%) All three Kazakh players were VHL-quality material. Winger Anatoli put the country on the map as a youngster by scoring the cup winning goal in an overtime game seven thriller for the Helsinki Titans t-15th. Spain 3 Players (0.5%) The Spaniards scored 66% on their VHL representation test, sending GIYGAS and Felix Zamora to the big leagues for success, while Lucas Villa was the runt of the litter, never making it out of the VHLM. t-15th. Slovakia 3 Players (0.5%) I do think it its a little surprising that Slovakia only manufactured three players during this timeframe; regardless, Milos Denis was able to find success in his career mainly as a member of the Quebec City Meute. Pavol Ottoson and Matej Nemecek were not so lucky. t-15th. Israel 3 Players (0.5%) Two Weinsteins, but only one of them was any good. Ariel Weinstein is a legend back home in Israel for his VHL career, but this has not inspired any youth in his country to try and replicate this success. t-16th. Bosnia and Herzegovina 2 Players (0.3%) Oh Rift Pajodcast, my 3-headed darling, how I miss you so. You were the best thing to ever come out of Bosnia and Herzegovina. t-16th. Belgium 2 Players (0.3%) Stick to making those waffles Belgium, Soren Douffet and Gregory Fallum weren't anything special. t-16th. Bulgaria 2 Players (0.3%) If only Bulgarian bonbon Viktor Krum could stickhandle as well as he caught the Snitch. t-16th. Dominican Republic 2 Players (0.3%) @YEAH!stlemania needs to change it up a bit, the Encarnacion family (they could be clones actually) have a monopoly on the countries imports to the VHL. t-16th. Somalia 2 Players (0.3%) A country more known for their pirates than hockey, the Somalians have managed to produce two decent VHL players, Prince Gigga-Bijou and Lord Karnage, the latter being a cornerstone piece for the Stockholm Vikings and a Hall-of-Famer. t-16th. Jamaica 2 Players (0.3%) It upsets me greatly that Super Cock wasn't a bigger deal than he was. t-16th. Liechtenstein 2 Players (0.3%) Tiny country, tiny VHL influence. The Backenbauer twins flubbed it in the VHL. t-16th. China 2 Players (0.3%) The Chinese have enjoyed a resurgence in the VHL over recent years, but it wasn't always that way. They're very low in these rankings, their only two players being HOFer Xin Xie Xiao and hockey robot AIM-11. t-16th. Vatican City 2 Players (0.3%) Is...this even possible? Stabby McFullO'Schmidt is arguably one of the least pious VHL players ever, and he was from HERE? t-16th. Greece 2 Players (0.3%) Vlasis was eh, Kontos was a bust. Both had pretty cool names though if I'm being honest. t-17th. India 1 Player (0.2%) Godavari Yumalatopinto was a very good player with a very good name. The pride of India. t-17th. New Zealand 1 Player (0.2%) One of Da Trifecta's early retirement players. Meh t-17th. Estonia 1 Player (0.2%) LaMichael Charmander. 0 TPE. LIT. t-17th. Republic of Congo 1 Player (0.2%) If you're going to make a low TPE player like Ludovic Kabambi, at least make them from an interesting country like the Congo so I get to write about it in these media spots. t-17th. Australia 1 Player (0.2%) See: Lamichael Charmander t-17th. Iceland 1 Player (0.2%) Grimm Jonsson is rolling around in his grave somewhere in Iceland, as no notable players have come from his land after him. t-17th. South Africa 1 Player (0.2%) Finally, a one person country where the person is good. Koenig was a very serviceable VHLer in his time, but the South Africans have yet to find another for him to pass the torch to.
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    The VHL will be celebrating it's 10th anniversary in July. Let that sink in. This silly crazy place has existed for ten real life years. A decade. Wow. Anyway there is some talk going on in the BoG about what we may do for the big occasion. Don't worry we recognize that things are a bit low in activity right now, and you know a decade is a pretty big deal. Based on the discussion I've seen I feel like a big event will unfold and everyone will smile and type a few things around the boards and be a bit more happy. But the reality is as we've all been saying the dip in activity isn't just the pacing of the season. That plays an impact, but a large majority of the member base is older now. That is what you get when some have been doing it for a decade. If so facto, we are all busy. We have lives. Some have kids, marriages, families, serious jobs, are in the end of their college/university careers so it's actually super serious business. The list goes on. Anyway, I still am looking forward to a big ten year anniversary, as such so should you. It could be a fun time.
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    Yeah it's me, back for my millionth time. I finally have free time with my new job, so I'm going to try this one last time. See if this run can be my best run, even better then when I was new
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    ... I just crossed into NB at the Calais - St Stephen's border crossing. Home of Don Sweeney and Jake Allen apparently, but fuck me, what a shithole. I'm hoping it improves from here but I'm keeping my expectations low. I smell me some Chalet........
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    Dynamo Captains: C- Shawn Gretzky Had a good rookie season with the club last season, hope for even more this year with better line-mates. Congrats to @TheLastOlympian07 A- Pablo Another member entering his second season with thee club, that will hopefully be among the top defenseman in the league. Congrats to @Pablo A- Taskashi Fujimoto Entering his rookie season with a great chance at competing for the leagues top rookie, Fujimoto is the second assistant for the Dynamo. Congrats to @BOOM
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    Well deserved, Titans. A superb season for the Helsinki Titans came to a conclusion at the Season 54 awards ceremony. There were many Titans nominated for awards including Theo Axelsson (3), Astrid Moon (2), Black Velvet (2), Franchise Cornerstone (1) and the general manager (1). I can not forget to mention that Titans prospect, Diego Jokinen was also nominated for 2 VHLM awards. Eleven nominations for the Titans showcasing the skill, leadership, grit and youth of the franchise, all were very well deserved. After bringing the Continental Cup back to Finland this season, this was a night of celebration for the players and management of the Titans. Playoff MVP and Most Improved - Astrid Moon - @The Trollfecta 17GP, 12-5-0, 0.937SV%, 1.79GAA, 3SO, 489SA An incredible performance in the playoffs for Astrid Moon as the Titans dispatched of the Riga Reign, Stockholm Vikings, and Quebec City Meute. After last seasons playoffs were the Titans lost to the Vikings and were taken to game seven by the Express, there may have been outside doubt over Moon's playoff performance. The Titans organization and locker room stayed positive and supported their goaltender from the lows to the highs. Moon grabbed the opportunity to prove himself this season with a playoff performance save percentage of 93.7%. Moon played a major role in this Titans championship victory alongside his teammates. S53: 64GP, 40-19-5, 0.899SV%, 2.26GAA, 4SO, 1449SA S54: 65GP, 43-13-9, 0.929SV%, 1.48GAA, 20SO, 1369SA As previously stated, there was some outside people questioning the Titans choice of goaltender, but last off-season the team committed 100% in Astrid Moon. In the regular season Moon's numbers greatly improved into his second season as the Titans net minder. Improving in every aspect of the game. Shockingly he multiplied his shut outs by five improving from 4 to 20. An increase when paired with a full 0.030SV% rise, there was never a doubt that Moon was the most improved player of Season 54. Top Two-Way Forward - Theo Axelsson - @solas 72GP, 52G, 46A, 98P, +67, 165PIM, 363HIT, 16SB, 12GWG When the Titans acquired Theo Axelsson from the Calgary Wranglers two seasons ago they knew they were getting the full package. Scoring, grit, grinding, hitting, and leadership. There was never a doubt that Axelsson would eventually be the leagues best two-way forward playing for the Titans. He dominated the competition in goals and hits, easily taking home the top two-way forward award with an unanimous voting decision. A well deserved individual award win for Axelsson put a bow on a great Season 54. VHLM Top Defenseman and Most Assists - Diego Jokinen @Ahma 72GP, 50G, 51A, +30, 34PIM, 148HIT, 74SB, 5GWG Playing for the Las Vegas Aces of the VHLM, the second round draft pick of the Helsinki Titans really made use of his veteran status in the minors this season. Breaking out as the number one defenseman on the Vegas roster, he scored 50 goals and had over 100 points, while also being a defensive monster with 148 hits and 74 blocked shots. The full package of a player in the minors as Vegas even went on to win the championship. Capping off the season for Jokinen was the VHLM awards ceremony where he added two trophies to his shelf as the best defender and leading assist man. A very good finish to the VHLM career of Diego Jokinen gives the Titans a splash of youth on defense for Season 55.
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    Just grab one of his old sigs where he posts the .psd, change the text, render, and ctrl+u for color.. I've been doing it for years.
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    Xavier Laflamme is getting ready for a very big year. This year is his final year in the VHLM where he luckily landed on the same team he has already been playing for with a lot of the same teammates. Laflamme also got drafted in the 1st round () by the Seattle Bears ! Xavier is very excited to play his whole career for @Banackock in the VHL. Going in the 3rd round was a huge steal for the Bears as Laflamme is aiming to impress and shoot passed 900+ tpe ( Laflamme has never had a player over 450 tpe). Doing so will be a huge achievement by Xavier Laflamme. Laflamme is very excited to get into the pro's and start showing everyone what he has. With all this said I Xavier Laflamme want to thank @Bushitroll and @Banackock for believing in me and giving me a shot to prove myself on both of your teams. You both got a huge steal!
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    @NUCK 17 TPE @Green 4 TPE @Jonessee27 7 TPE @Smarch 18 TPE @Kyle 14 TPE @punkhippie 14 TPE @KitRas 18 TPE @Symmetrik 5 TPE @MD9 10 TPE @Tyler 10 TPE @DollarAndADream 19 TPE @Ahma 20 TPE @crutchfield 8 TPE @Eggy216 10 TPE @Wikiplaysgames 5 TPE @Fowll 8 TPE @BOOM 17 TPE @BobertZ 20 TPE @Devise 12 TPE @Laflamme 4 TPE @Frank 17 TPE @AwfulHomesick 8 TPE @Advantage 15 TPE @eaglesfan036 12 TPE VHLM Cut-Off is on so had to get them done.
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    Is it too late to sign with Quebec? dw Devise this is just a joke
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    I accept this offer. This was a very tough choice. While Calgary was an intriguing option, ultimately it did come down to Quebec and New York as I was expecting my decision would coming into the off-season. Of the two, I think Quebec is clearly the better team. If this was just about winning Cups, that would be the easy choice. Honestly, that might be the better choice as far as personal stats are considered as well, which is something that I have to take into consideration when the other option is New York, a team with which I honestly don't expect to win another Cup. But I like a bit of parity in the league. If I leave for Quebec, North America is essentially a one-team conference. Where is the fun in that? While I still think they are heavily favored to win the conference, maybe New York can pull off an upset. New York is my VHL home. There is potential for Maxwell to set franchise records in goals and points if I can continue at a pace similar to the last couple seasons, and that's certainly something that factored into my decision. I'm a big fan of the historical aspect of the league, so I would be ecstatic if Maxwell could go down as one of the greatest in Americans history.
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    After a long run, @gregreg has decided to step down from his position as GM of Cologne. Obviously his many seasons of service, including both his time in Cologne and previous times in Seattle, is much appreciated. His replacement will be a @punkhippie, a fresher face but someone who has a good handle on how things work and has the activity to be a solid GM. He will be creating a new player to be his GM player in accordance with 2 player rules. Best of luck to greg in the afterlife and punkhippie in his GM career.
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    Lol as much as I love Booms tit pics and do trust the process, i did tell advantage id resign but guess i forgot to accept so accept stockholms offer. also cant believe other teams offered me <3
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    Triple Threat of McAllister/Scheel/Do Proving to be Lethal for Saskatoon The Saskatoon Wild currently sit 4 points back of first place Oslo with a game in hand, and a big part of their success this season has been the lethal triple threat that is Gabriel McAllister, Jake Scheel, and Daring Do. These three forwards make up the team's first line, and have 17 of Saskatoon's 30 goals between them. Their performance has not gone unnoticed, especially since McAllister's explosive performance leads the league in goals, and the chemistry between them has really been what allows them to put up such big numbers night in and night out. What especially makes this line so lethal is that the trio is an extreme triple threat - between McAllister's laser shot leading the team in goals, Scheel's quick hands and puck moving ability leading the team in assists, and Do's physical presence leading the team in hits, the three have proven they can handle any challenge that comes their way. As long as these three keep on clicking all the way into the playoffs, this team is going to be extremely lethal in the postseason and have a strong chance to contend for the cup this year.
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    Wouldn't be able to send them down anyway 2.4 – Contract Maximums The maximum annual salary for an entry-level player who plays in the VHLM is $3 000 000 All these guys are on 4M
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    Why trade the 1st overall pick though? Its guaranteed to be an alls-tar in Savard
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    To Guntis Petenis To S56 QUE 1st Risky and maybe I could've taken more, but seems like nobody wants him anyway and I don't see a reason why he needs to play in Riga. Hoping for a deep S56 draft. @Frank
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    Glad to have had a fun rookie campaign with Riga, and bring Leblanc back to his homeland.
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    With @TheLastOlympian07 stepping down, he will be succeeded by @Corco who has a long history with the VHLM and we expect he'll be a solid addition to the group we have in place. Look for more VHLM news tomorrow as we get things ironed out.