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    This isn’t just for this league, this is dedicated to all the blue team members, or whatever color they may be at other leagues. God Bless you for having the strength to deal with the children. God Bless you for having the strength to deal with the trolls. God Bless you! It’s a thankless job, but no more! THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU! I’m thankful I’m not in that position anymore. Too old for all this bullshit lol.
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    S58: Back Down to Eight

    S58: REVERSAL OF EXPANSION For some time now, the league has been exploring the idea that the VHL would be a better place with only 8 teams. This is not a new idea - many members, even some admins, have questioned whether or not expansion was justified dating back all the way to when it was implemented. Of course these questions were subdued during most of the VHLs life as a 10 team league as it did seem to work for some time. However over the last while in the VHL these questions have surfaced more and more often as the logic and reasoning behind them became more and more apparent. As much as possible, we wish for this not to be a sign of weakness - a primary concern expressed by some people with this plan. The way we are looking at it is that dropping the league to 8 teams will be whatever we make of it. We believe that increasing roster sizes and increasing competition will increase engagement and activity in the immediate term, making the VHL a better environment. Combining this with other changes announced, as well as all of the fantastic suggestions we received from members during the drive (which I promise are being looked at, we've just been busy with this), and we think the VHL can be a much better place right now. Beyond that, it will be up to us to build on that foundation. @Devise is still working on organizing a permanent recruitment team, and I know there are plans in the works to start up aggressive recruitment drives with what I hope will be great incentives. We also have to commit to keeping up with things like the reddit campaigns, and most importantly exploring new avenues of recruitment, which we will do. The donations made by VHL members also must start being well-spent in the area of recruitment as it is truly the #1 thing we can do to improve the league. This is a time where we need real effort and attention going into recruitment from us as the leaders of the league, but we hope as many people as possible will join us as if even a small fraction of us bring in a new member, it could make a significant difference. All of these changes - going down to 8 teams, no more 2 players, ect. ect. - must be considered improving the situation for when new members get here. If they aren't, that is when a change like this becomes a band-aid. Apologies for the side-barring but I wanted to be perfectly clear as to how the league is optimistically looking at this change. Now let's get into the specifics. The Teams It was very difficult for us to determine the teams that should be removed. After a lot of consideration, we have decided those teams will be the Stockholm Vikings and the Cologne Express. However, the Stockholm roster will not be dispersed. Effective as of this post, the Calgary Wranglers and the Stockholm Vikings swap ALL assets, players and picks. Bushito is the new GM of the Calgary Wranglers. Stockholm, along with the former Calgary roster, will be removed. We are doing this because Calgary has been without a true GM for sometime ( @Bring Back Chat deserves much credit for sticking it out during a busy time of his life) so it makes sense to disperse that roster and leave at least one other GM/team in the same position it was in. We regret that this couldn't happen for both GM's. Advantage has a long and respected history of GM'ing in this league, and the fact that he is a causality here is hardly an appropriate acknowledgement of that. As we've told him, we're certainly willing to offer him the next available team and do whatever we can to make up for this. We truly struggled coming to this decision. As Advantages GM player hasn't come to his draft class yet, he will be entered into the S58 VHL Entry Draft as a regular player. The Dispersal Draft All current players, prospects, and RFA's of the removed teams will be placed in a special dispersal draft. The draft order will be completely randomized as a list. There will be no special weighting so every team has an equal shot at top picks. This draft will begin today, prior to the actual VHL draft and free-agency - due to that time constraint we are not going to do the draft live but rather in the GM forum and then it will be publicly posted. All players on rookie contracts drafted will have their contracts carried over in its entirety to the team that drafted them. All other players drafted will be signed to a 1-season contract with the team that drafted them, therefore allowing them to re-negotiate it or choose not to. Any active player set to be an FA will continue to be a UFA. Any inactive player set to be an FA will be in the dispersal draft. League Structure Removing two European teams destroys the current Conferences in the VHL. Therefore, next season will be one world conference. This was actually something we were thinking about anyways before we decided to this, for the purposes of playoffs to address the often large disparity between conferences. And given that the scheduling doesn't take into account conferences, this actually changes very little - however we are going to change the playoff format. The top 5 teams will compete in playoffs. Round one will be a wildcard round between the 4th and 5th teams in the league to determine who makes it to the Semi-Finals. The next 2 rounds will carry on the same as they always do. Draft lottery will be the same, among the 3 teams who missed playoffs entirely and the team who was eliminated in round one. Of course it is kind of silly to have 5 NA teams and 3 EU teams. I'm hoping we can turn finding a solution to this into a fun event for the community, for example having a special PT for coming up with solutions. There's been some suggestions in the BOG like moving the EU teams to NA or moving an NA team to EU, but we want to see what everyone else would like the league to look like. So all that being said, we will be very open to proposals of relocating or re-branding going forward. Draft Picks The only picks that are of issue are S59 COL or CGY picks belonging to other teams. Teams owning these picks will receive fair compensation in the form of an S59 draft pick at some reasonable point. S58 CGY or COL picks belonging to other teams will be in their expected position. All picks owned currently by Cologne or Calgary themselves will cease to exist. Any S59 STO picks currently belonging to any team will become S59 CGY picks. Other Notes The salary cap for S58 will be $33 000 000, representing a 1M increase over S57. While it's possible this is not necessary, we are abruptly removing $64M worth of cap space in the VHL so we're doing this as a safety measure and we will re-evaluate it next season once things stabilize. That's pretty much it for now. I'm probably missing something but there will be more announcements soon as the draft order and draft results are published. The regular off-season will also be getting underway shortly and we hope to have some special TPE opportunities coming up. ~VHL Commissioner's, Beketov / Devise / Will
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    Well then

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    S58: Back Down to Eight

    Get told to stop posting about contraction in the BOG because I was "wasting my time" and I was "in the minority". 4 Months later, league contracts. Anyways good job admin team, hopefully this can be the start towards getting this league back to its peak!
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    Statement from Essian Ravenwing: It’s been a wild ride, from Stockholm to New York, and now in Riga. I’m honored to have been a part of three championship teams, winning with Shanks, my brother. I have to give thanks to Zeps for putting this team together, for having the faith in me late in my career. There’s so many guys I’d like to thank, but there just isn’t enough of time. So thanks to my fans and my supporters. There’s nothing sweeter than retiring a champion.
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    Coming Soon?

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    VHL.com Web Design

    https://i.imgur.com/AP2dGJQ.jpg It's far too big to post the full image so link will work. Something I wanted to work on based on some ideas we have for what we would like to do with the VHL. Obviously heavily influenced by the NHL.com site but it is still an early version. P.S yes, the cursor is supposed to be there in order to show the active link. You aren't seeing extra cursors on your screen.
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    S58: Removal of Project Player 2

    Yep, that’s definitely irony... 🧐
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    Old boys club

    May I interject here? This may be out of context but I'd like to given my as a new gamer. Now one of the things at may be a problem from my perspective is that since a lot of you members have longevity in the game, this can give some an air of entitlement. And with that a change in attitude. Those that feel this way need to think back when they first started playing this game. You are going to find all levels of experience here, and this can be applied to life in general as well. It all boils down to understanding, respect and a positive attitude towards others. Being a hell of a lot older than pretty much all of you, I've had a hard time adjusting to playing this game as I'm not tech savvy like most here. I found myself feeling alienated due to my complete lack of knowledge on some of the simplest tasks in this game. I was ignored on previous occasions with no response to my email inquiries, I've had complaints about my way of tpe updating/graphics and I was being teased for a little period. I took none of this to heart or was upset but thought, "Maybe it's time to leave". As I don't have lots of time and maybe I'm wasting it here then. But some members stepped forward and offered their assistance and were understanding/patient, so I decided to push on. And I'm still here. This game isn't going to grow unless everyone bands together as a positive cohesive unit. Constant infighting won't help. So I was leaving because of negativity but stayed on because of positivity. Keep an open mind, be respectful to each other and have a positive attitude to work with each other and to make this a game grow.
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    This thread is locked. Boubabi this is nothing more than attacking a members work. Regardless of the reasoning, you are in the minority in regards to what constitutes adequate work as it relates to graphics, and earning a point task. @BOOM has clearly always been a member who does graphics for the fun of it, and while his quality of work may not always be completely original, it was always well within the realms of what the VHL considered the acceptable standard of work ethic to gain the points required. Trying to belittle him and his work, and his time here is got to the pettiest shit I've ever seen you post. Grow up. Or get lost, or we will make you get lost. I've had enough members privately tell me your the reason they stopped visiting this community, to even more members saying that was the case to then come and see you doing this out of the blue to Boom no less? None the less we will not tolerate this type of harassment and attack on a member. Please stop it in the future.
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    VHL Skills Competition

    Welcome to the VHL Skills Competition! This is where we put on a show featuring current and a few former VHLers, competing against each other in a few predetermined contests of skill. First, let’s introduce our teams. Team Scarlett will be up first, and it will consist of Motherfucker Sharpe, Sergei Komarov, Vaclav Hrdina, Takashi Fujimoto, Verner Reinholdt, Ay Ay Ron, Aleksei Federov, Ike Arkander, and Astrid Moon. Team Shaw will consist of Keaton Louth, Roman Sokolov, Mats Johnsson, Franchise Cornerstone, David Kiaskov, Lukas Muller, Rhett Degrath, Martin Brookside as a guest former VHLer, and another former VHLer as a guest who will be announced later. First up is the fastest skater competition. Winners of each individual pairing will earn 3 points, and the winner overall among the skaters will earn an additional 2 points. The first pairing will be David Kiaskov vs. Verner Reinholdt. The skaters will line up on opposite sides of the red line, the skater at the top facing right and the skater at the bottom facing left. They will both complete one revolution around the ice clockwise, half a lap removed from each other. Kiaskov lines up on the top and Verner lines up on the bottom. They’re given the signal and they’re off. Verner looks like he’s taking a bit of an early lead on the acceleration portion of the skate, but once they get into their regular speed, Kiaskov starts to gain on him, and gets back to his original starting point just before Verner. Kiaskov 18.46 seconds, Verner 18.61 seconds. In the second pairing, Mats Johnsson lines up on the top and Takashi Fujimoto lines up on the bottom. They’re given the signal and Fujimoto starts flying out of the gate, looking like a man possessed. Johnsson’s actually putting up a decent time but it would be hard to tell with how Fujimoto is going. They reach the original starting points and Fujimoto comes in at 18.12 seconds, Johnsson 18.70 seconds. The third pairing is between Rhett Degrath and Astrid Moon, both in full pads. Both skate out to the center circle and touch blockers, knowing that this particular race is more for entertainment and never going to be that competitive with the big goalie pads. Once they’re started though, they each get a decent amount of momentum going and are clearly trying to win the 3 points for their team. They’re only just turning into the home straightaway when the other races would have finished, but they do cross the line in respectable times, Moon 21.04 seconds and Degrath 21.42 seconds. At the end of the fastest skater competition, Team Scarlett has a lead, 8-3. Next up is the fastest shot. There are no pairings here, just each individual skater coming up one by one to take their shot. First place gets 5, second gets 3, third gets 1. Fourth through sixth are not awarded points. Roman Sokolov is up first. He lines up, shoots, and it’s a 100.3! First shooter out of the gate breaks 100 and that one might stand for a while. Ay Ay Ron comes up next, and he points to the crowd a little to get them fired up. He shoots, it’s 98.6. Pretty good, and it stands in second right now, but not enough to beat Sokolov. Aleksei Federov skates out and lines up to shoot. The first one misses the target pad and doesn’t register a reading, but each skater is entitled to one additional shot in that case. The second attempt flies toward the net, and records a 99.8. Federov jumps into second but does not dethrone Sokolov. Keaton Louth comes up, takes a few practice swings next to the puck to warm up his arms a bit, then lines up and delivers one toward the net. 98.3 and Louth will not finish in the top three. David Kiaskov takes his turn, so far this competition has been kind to those named Ov, and Kiaskov shoots, and he is no exception! 100.6 and he vaults into the lead ahead of teammate Sokolov. Kiaskov’s shot has knocked Ay Ay Ron out of the top three, and Aleksei Federov into the hot seat ahead of Vaclav Hrdina’s attempt. Kiaskov and Sokolov are guaranteed points now, it’s just a matter of how many. Hrdina skates out to the line, winds up, and shoots a 98.0, good for last place. Kiaskov wins, Sokolov comes second, and Federov comes third, allowing Team Shaw to skyrocket back into the lead, 11-9. The Creative Penalty Shot competition is up next, and the only rule is that there are no rules. Props, crowd support, anything you can think of, you can do. Motherfucker Sharpe is up first. He starts at the center line, and very carefully passes the puck off the side boards at a precise angle. There are 9 punching bags in between him and the goal, one with each logo of the teams he doesn’t play for. After sending the puck on its way, he pulls back and winds up for a punch… the punch flies right through the Quebec punching bag! Then the Seattle one, and the Toronto one as well! He switches hands, and the next punch flies through the New York, Riga, and Helsinki punching bags, then he returns to the first hand and throws the final punch through the Stockholm, Davos, and Cologne punching bags, just in time to meet back up with the puck in front of the net. He swings the stick like a golf club and chips the puck into the top corner, past Degrath and in. Komarov lines up next. He takes 5 guys in very well padded sumo suits and sets them up on alternating sides in a zig zag pattern, starting at the left faceoff dot. He skates around the first one, then checks him into the boards, all while maintaining control of the puck. He then skates over to the second one and does the same, then he repeats this with each of the remaining sumo suited players. All five are flat on the ice, lined up against their respective boards, and Komarov never lost the puck. He stops, fires, and shoots the puck at full speed past the five hole of Degrath, into the net, and tearing a hole in it – the shot itself is reminiscent of the famous “knuckle puck” made popular in the Mighty Ducks movies. Verner Reinholdt steps up to the circle. No props this time, but it looks like he’s carrying two sticks, this ought to be interesting. He takes one of the sticks and chips the puck up into the air off the metal post where the glass meets the penalty box. While the puck is in the air, he picks up the other stick, holding one in each hand. He catches the puck on the right stick, then bounces it from one to the other and back to the first, over his head in the shape of a V. He keeps the V formation of the two sticks and the puck in motion between them all the way down the ice, where he tilts one stick at an angle right in front of the net. It’s enough to deflect the puck perfectly past Brookside on the glove side. Cornerstone sets up 6 stones on the ice. The first two are at the corners where the blue line meets the boards, one on each side. The third and fourth stones are at the bottom of each of the two faceoff circles, and the fifth and sixth are tied to the top corners of the net. He skates down the middle and passes it off the stone on the left side of the blue line, does a spin and receives the puck back, to then pass it off the stone on the right side of the blue line. Skating forward a little more, he does the same pass-spin-pass off the stones on the bottom of the faceoff circles. He takes a shot at the left upper corner, knocking the stone out and the puck deflects back to his stick, so he then takes another shot at the right upper corner, knocking that stone out as well and the puck deflects down into the net, sending Arkander every which way. Keaton Louth takes his turn in the center circle. It’s just him, one stick, and the puck, but then he waves up into the crowd… no, it looks like he’s waving at someone in the control booth, because banners have started to descend from the roof of the stadium. It appears to be handmade banners depicting images of some of the best first-gen players throughout league history – Mitch Higgins, Daniel Braxton, Travis Boychuk, and the like. They’re all in one straight line down the middle of the ice, and it appears as though there are eight such banners in total. Louth flips the puck up onto his stick, lifts it and pulls it back, then flings it into the air over the banners, symbolizing his own flight into the first-gen annals himself. The puck drops with precision, bouncing off the rod holding the last banner – a Lars Intranquilo banner, an odd choice because despite his skill, Intranquilo was never a big stats guy – and the deflection rolls the puck into the bottom left corner behind an unsuspecting Moon. Louth points toward the door on the other end of the ice, and it looks like he must have known something. We’d heard there was going to be a guest appearance for this event, and here he is, noted former VHLer Lars Intranquilo! He waves a stick in the air, basking in the roar of the crowd just like the good old days, but age has certainly taken a toll on him. Louth skates off and the banners lift, leaving just Intranquilo at center ice and Moon in the net. Nothing fancy here for Intranquilo, but he was always a fan of self-deprecating humor, so he’s lined up a walker. He skates up to the walker, chipping the puck up and setting it on the cross post. He grips the walker and makes exaggerated “old people” movements toward the goal. It looks like there are mini skate blades under the walker to help it glide across the ice. When he gets in front of the net, he knocks the puck back off the walker, throws it aside, and sets it up. Fancy stick work from the retiree, he always knew his way around the puck. Unfortunately, he was never so great at shooting… he winds up and flings it with all his might, but it deflects weakly off Moon’s blocker. It’s time for the community to weigh in! Live voting for the top three of the last challenge begins now, and will end after we return from commercial break. Let’s hear a word from our sponsors! We’re back and the vote is closed. The winner is Keaton Louth, followed by Sergei Komarov and Verner Reinholdt. As with the shot competition, points are awarded 5-3-1, and Team Shaw remains ahead, 16-13. Two challenges left and the score is still close, so anything can happen. We have the obstacle course left as well as the final shootout. The obstacle course is as follows: cones are set up on the faceoff circles in the defensive end. Each skater must circle around the cones, first the left, then the right. Then they must enter a zig zag course set up by sticks placed on the ground in the neutral zone, that’ll empty them out in the far right corner of the offensive end. Pucks are lined up along the boards, each skater must pass pucks into three mini-nets on the opposite boards, however many passes it takes to put a puck into each mini-net. Then the skater must go behind the net, retrieve a puck there, and skate out to the edge of the faceoff circle, chipping the puck up and over the zig zag course of sticks and into the net on the end back where they started. Time will stop when the puck crosses the goal line. Roman Sokolov is up first. He makes quick work of the two cones, then gets into the zig zag course. He takes the first turn a little cautiously, costing him a few seconds, but the second and third turns are a breeze. He passes toward the mini nets. The first one goes in, the second one goes in, the third one goes in the first net. He already had one in the first net, he needs to put one in the third net. The fourth pass misses, and the fifth pass goes in the third net. Skating behind the net, he picks up the final puck, gets to the faceoff circle and chips it in over the sticks. 42.73 seconds, not a bad time. Motherfucker Sharpe is up next, and while we’re not expecting the most apt footwork from the enforcer, he could surprise people. The first cone is no issue, but he takes the second one just a little wide. He flies through the zig zag course until the third turn, where he just nips the corner of the stick and stumbles a bit. Now for the passing drill. The first pass is in, the second pass has the angle but not the distance and stops just short of the second mini-net. He takes the third pass and bounces it off the second pass, knocking it into the second mini-net and the third pass deflects into the third mini-net! That was a tricky pass and looks to have saved him some time. Going behind the net to collect the puck, he skates up to the faceoff circle and chips the puck up toward the far net, it looks like 42.68 seconds, just faster than Sokolov, but they’re reviewing it in the booth. There’s a debate as to whether Sharpe’s skate reached the circle before he chipped the puck, if he chipped it too early he would be assessed a 3 second penalty. The call is in from upstairs, no penalty, he just nipped the line before the puck left the stick. Sharpe takes the lead. Mats Johnsson comes up, looking for a clean run with everything going smoothly for him. He takes the two cones without issue. The zig zag course presents him no problems either and he takes all turns smoothly. So far this could be the run of the night. He gets to the passing and the first one goes in. The second one goes in as well. The third… and it’s just inches wide! He takes a fourth pass and puts it in the third net, flawless run until there, but could that leave a window? He skates behind the net to collect the puck and gets out to the circle, chipping it over the zig zag course and into the far net, it’s an impressive time of 41.97 seconds! He broke 42 seconds, and that is a phenomenal time, he could be headed for a win as it would take a perfect run to beat him. Takashi Fujimoto is up next, and after having already secured points for his team in the fastest skater, the pressure is off as he lines up. The two cones are no issue as one would expect for a guy who has already proven his skating prowess, but he gets caught up just a little in the zig zag course. He gets through it and onto the passing. He misses the first pass, and it must have gotten into his head a little because he misses the second pass as well. He stops to take a beat, get his mind back, and it works because he knocks out the three passes now with no issue. Skating behind the net and taking the chip shot, he knows the time won’t be there but he finishes for pride and a respectable time of 43.04 seconds. Lukas Muller arrives onto the ice for his first and only competition of the night, and being fresh might give him an advantage. He blazes around the cones and through the zig zag course without so much as a hesitation. Looking great so far. First pass is in, second pass is in, third pass is in, and it’s a perfect run! Now all he has to do is go get the puck and chip it in, and he actually has a chance to dethrone Johnsson, something that didn’t seem likely. He gets the puck, puts it in, he barely lifts it and it only just clears the stick cleanly, but it slides into the corner of the net, in 41.95 seconds! Two hundredths under Johnsson! Not one, but two skaters broke the 42 second barrier, and they came within two hundredths of a second of each other, now that is a fantastic showing by these two players. Vaclav Hrdina comes out for the final skater on the obstacle course and he’s already looking pretty defeated. First and second are pretty well out of reach barring yet another perfect or near perfect run, so perhaps Hrdina has his sights set on third here. The two cones aren’t an issue for him, but he takes the second turn of the zig zag course and lifts his back skate into the back end of his front skate, stumbling a bit. He recovers without falling but that has definitely cost him first or second. Passes go fairly smoothly to begin, the first two go in without issue, but he has to take an extra pass for the third one. He goes behind the net and gets the puck to chip it across the ice and in, and a time of 42.80 seconds is respectable but won’t earn him any points. Top three are Muller, Johnsson, and Sharpe. This event has widened the gap between the two teams again, and it’s now 24-14 in favor of Team Shaw. Final shootout time, and here’s how this will work. For the first round of shots, Degrath will be in one net and Moon in the other. Each skater takes a standard, VHL-rules breakaway shot from the center circle (no props or anything that couldn’t be used in a normal game) and any skater that makes their shot gets to continue to the next round. The second round will see Arkander and Brookside in net, and each round will switch out goalies until either all the skaters are eliminated, or the only skaters remaining are from the team that’s in the lead. The order of shooters will be Louth/Sokolov/Johnsson/Cornerstone/Kiaskov/Intranquilo/Muller for team Shaw, and Sharpe/Komarov/Hrdina/Fujimoto/Verner/Ay Ay Ron/Federov for team Scarlett. Louth shoots… it’s a miss. Sharpe up for Scarlett… in! 24-15. Sokolov misses. Komorov misses. Johnsson misses. Hrdina scores! 24-16. Cornerstone scores! 25-16. Fujimoto scores! 25-17. Kiaskov misses. Verner scores! 25-18. Intranquilo misses. Ay Ay Ron misses. Muller scores! 26-18. Federov scores! 26-19. The teams switch goalies, and Arkander and Brookside get in their respective nets. There are only 2 skaters left for Team Shaw, and 5 for Team Scarlett, so the extra Team Scarlett skaters will take their shots at the end. Could a comeback be on the cards here? Sharpe scores again for Team Scarlett! 26-20. Cornerstone scores for Shaw! 27-20 and the lead is back to 7. Hrdina scores! 27-21. Muller scores! 28-21. Fujimoto misses. Verner scores! 28-22. Federov scores! 28-23. One Team Scarlett player is out this round, leaving the remaining participants at 2 for Team Shaw and 4 for Team Scarlett. The lead is down to 5, but is it too much, now that the better goalies are coming back out? Sharpe misses. Cornerstone misses. Hrdina misses. Muller scores and extends Team Shaw’s lead to 29-23! Verner scores and cuts into it again, 29-24! Federov scores, 29-25! Arkander and Brookside are back out there, but now there are few enough players left it looks like too little, too late for Team Scarlett. Can Verner and Federov do the impossible, taking into consideration Team Shaw has Muller and a 4 point lead? Verner scores, 29-26! Muller misses. Federov misses. Well, Team Shaw’s skaters are done and it’s down to a 3 point lead, but Verner is the only remaining skater for Team Scarlett. Arkander and Moon are done for the night as well, since they don’t have to stop any Team Shaw skaters now. Degrath vs. Verner, one on one. Degrath has a chance to end it right here and win it for Shaw, and Verner can extend it to another shot against Brookside if he scores. Verner misses, and the competition is over! Team Shaw wins it, 29-26, by building a strong lead in the skills and hanging on in the shootout despite a valiant effort by Verner and Federov to keep things going. That’s it for the VHL Skills Competition this season, tune in next season!
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    : "Bonjour!" : "Bonjour." "Comment ça va?" : "Ça va MAL!"
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    Wasty's Render Pack

    Happy Holidays Everyone!!! (shut it if you don't like Happy Holidays :P) I've come here to release my first RENDER PACK!!!! Most of these were cut by me for sigs I've done, I can't tell if any of the included renders were cut by other people as I tried to include only cuts I've done. I'll admit this now, I'm not the best at render cutting but don't look a gifthorse in the mouth lol So here are some new renders to use for your sig making fun!!! WASTY'S RENDER PACK
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    S57 Trivia Results

    +6 TPE Uncapped @Kendrick (12) @Velevra (12) +5 TPE Uncapped @CowboyinAmerica (11) @Quik (10) +4 TPE Uncapped @Spade18 (8) @solas (8) @BOOM (8) @der meister (8) +3 TPE Uncapped @KGR (6) @STZ (6) @Jonessee27 (6) +1 TPE Uncapped @Strtlght (2) @Mook (2) @Higgins (2) @Green(2)
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    The time has come to actually try and make an effort to come back to activity after a few failed players. Here's hoping
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    S58 VHLM Dispersal Draft

    Date/Start Time: TBA Draft Order: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Round One: 1. Las Vegas Aces: 2. Yukon Rush: 3. Yukon Rush (From Saskatoon): 4. Las Vegas Aces (From Ottawa): 5. Oslo Storm: Round Two: 6. Las Vegas Aces: 7. Yukon Rush: 8. Yukon Rush (From Saskatoon): 9. Las Vegas Aces (From Ottawa): 10. Las Vegas Aces (From Oslo): Round Three: 11. Las Vegas Aces: 12. Yukon Rush: 13. Yukon Rush (From Saskatoon): 14. Las Vegas Aces (From Ottawa): 15. Oslo Storm: Round Four: 16. Oslo Storm (From Vegas): 17. Yukon Rush: 18. Saskatoon Wild: 19. Las Vegas Aces (From Ottawa): 20. Oslo Storm: Center (4) The Charm, 30 TPE @Tyler Varis Tribuncovs, 30 TPE @bukss_a Ebi Shpeen, 30 TPE @.sniffuM Elias Sobeck, TPE: 74 @Boragina Left Wing (4) Tigertank Williams, 30 TPE @Gooningitup Dustin Evans, 30 TPE @AsylumParty Theo Karlsson, 30 TPE @Daniel Chris Jones, TPE: 30 Right Wing (4) Gary Goose, 30 TPE @fruitcake Kevin Right, 30 TPE @RadulovsFirstBeer Yandall Beast, TPE: 48 @Harry F'n Hans Brad Samford, TPE: 30 @TheWhite44Mamba Defense (3) Luc-Pierre Lespineau-Lebrunette, 60 TPE @FacePuncher Joona Makela, 30 TPE @JoonaIceman Brandon Hood, 39 TPE @philthethrill81 Goaltenders (3) Marcel St-Laurent, 53 TPE @Frank Sir Galahad, 30 TPE @Arthur Elfon Ashelf, 30 TPE @cosbornballboy
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    Mueller Disappointed in League Decision; Looking Forward to New York It had been written in the stars that Kriztof Mueller was to play for the Cologne Express. The young German grew up in the city and had season tickets for nine seasons before moving to North America to pursue his dream. He had made no secret that he wanted to play for the Express and had signed an exclusive deal with them prior to his draft. However, everything would change when the Victory Hockey League announced that they were going to contract two teams, including the Express. A disappointed Mueller had this to say after the announcement: “It’s tough because I definitely see where the league was coming from, but I’m frustrated. It’s infuriating to know that the team I grew up watching was killed even though they were building a bright future. I can’t do anything about it though so I know I will have to just move on, as my dream of playing in the Victory Hockey League is not dead.” Due to the decision to contract the Express, every player that was a part of the franchise got thrown into the Contraction Dispersal Draft as other teams were able to select players from the Express and the other contraction team’s roster. Mueller, due to not officially being a member of the team yet, was informed that he would be entering the Season 58 Draft, immediately becoming one of the draft’s top prospects and an early favourite to be a top three selection. “The choice was taken from me so now I need to hope for the best. There are a few teams I don’t have very much interest in playing for and I have to hope that perhaps they see someone else as a better fit. I do have my eye on a few teams though and I think I will be selected in a spot I should enjoy.” Those were the words of Mueller’s prior to the draft, and after the results this evening we were able to see the results. While Calgary passed on Mueller mainly due to some rumours that Kriztof did not have a significant amount of interest in playing in Canada, the New York Americans were pleased to select the young center to join the team. New York, who also had the first pick in the dispersal draft, are believed to also be targeting Chase Keller, who was a mentor in the brief times Mueller got to spend around the Express. Perhaps this connection may be exactly what Kriztof needs to become comfortable in a new setting. After all, there is some connection with Mueller’s agency and New York. “Yeah, it’s actually pretty cool to be selected second overall there. I know my agent used to be a GM for the Americans and both of his Hall of Fame players were key figures for the team. I hope to be able to fill those shoes successfully, but most of all I hope to take the success I found in the VHLM and apply it to the Americans squad." For Kriztof
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    S58 Draft Prediction

    1. Ivan Morozov 2. Kriztof Mueller 3. Aksel McKnight 4. Dragon McDragon 5. Lavar Ball 6. Elias Sobeck 7. Adam Warlock 8. Ryszard Macht 9. Yandall Beast 10. Elias Karlsson 5TPE @Gooningitup @Kendrick @der meister @tfong @Boragina @UZI™ @Smarch @BluObieZ @Quik @Higgins @ADV 4TPE @diamond_ace 3 TPE @KGR 2 TPE @Beaviss @RadulovsFirstBeer @Green @FacePuncher @Spade18 @solas @Velevra @Banackock @TheLastOlympian07 @philthethrill81 @Laflamme @CowboyinAmerica @Kyle 1 TPE @Kesler @jRuutu ALL GM's GET 3 TPE @Banackock @Bushito @Frank @STZ @DollarAndADream @hedgehog337 @Higgins @Tyler
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    Old boys club

    This is it right here, we need to bring back fucking chat.
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    Rayne Rush to Storm

    At this point, half of the VHLM Final round is set after The Ottawa Lynx clinched the series in 6 with an over time winner to send Saskatoon packing. There have been many stand out players on this Lynx team, but one stand out in particular is Defenseman Colton Rayne. Rayne spent all of last year on the Las Vegas Aces, and helped them defeat this very Lynx team in the Founders cup. That year though, Rayne mostly played second fiddle to Casey Jones @der meister, who absolutely crushed the VHLM. Many attributed Rayne's success to playing next to such unbridled talent, and many considered themselves proven correct when the Aces got off to a rocky start this year, with Rayne as the leading force on the team. This caused many to question Rayne's decision, as he apparently approached New York GM @STZ and requested to stay down in the VHLM another year. When It became apparent that the Ace's were not going to be repeating, the team sold off assests, and Rayne landed in Ottawa. Rayne played well during the regular season, but many began to question if he was worth the First round pick New York had spent on him. Rayne's time in the playoffs has, so far, put those questions to bed. Rayne is tied with top line center Corey Klopfenstein @crutchfield for points on the team, top 10 in assists in the playoffs, 3rd overall in scoring by defenseman, and BOY has he been clutch. In game 6, a possible series clincher for the Lynx, Rayne broke into the zone with puck, fed a pass to teammate Ho Lee Fuck, passed it right back to Rayne. Rayne wound up and blasted a one timer, streching the twine and sending Ottawa into the Founder Cup Final for the second straight year. The Rush or The Storm await Rayne and The Lynx in the final. Will Rayne's heroics continue? Tune in and find out!
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    Ban Thread

    @boubabi has been suspended 48 hours for derogatory and inflammatory comments toward other members as well as causing members to leave the site. He has been talked to on many occasions and has claimed no responsibility for his actions or their consequences. Upon completion of this suspension if he wishes to return to the league he may do so.
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    Because it isn’t your job. We have people to deal with these things. If you want to point something out fine, PM someone. If you MUST point it out publicly don’t be an ass about it. This isn’t really that hard of a concept to grasp. Proof please. Baseless claims like this mean nothing. And I don’t expect you to agree with my decisions. Shockingly enough that won’t stop me from making them. If you don’t like that you can gladly leave. I’m sure you know where the door is since you have been showing it to enough members lately.
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    Boubabi I’m not sure who you think gave you the right to police the GFX sections n but it certainly wasn’t the blue team. This doesn’t exactly show a huge level of extra work and it would have been nice to see the original but it isn’t required and some extra work was done. Coming in here throwing accusations around and pissing members off doesn’t make you or the league look any good.
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    NA Semi-Finals, GM 6: Quebec vs. Toronto

    Good series, Toronto. Back to back shutouts after being down 3-0 is something to hold your head high over. I'm sure you guys will be back here next season at the very least. @jRuutu @Velevra @solas @Beaviss @Kesler @Smarch @Strtlght 4 straight finals ain't bad eh?
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    Hello Again

    An editor would have caught that. @diamond_ace
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    At least all the arguing makes us look active right!?
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    Ball -----------> Meute

    #BallEra @Frank
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    Next player

    So there will likely be another player coming from the diamond_ace agency on Monday when preseason retirements happen so I can keep Hrdina for S58. I'm trying to figure out what I want to do with this player, not entirely sure at the moment actually, I've made a few kinds of players and had varying degrees of success with each. I've made two defensive defensemen, Lars Intranquilo (who was almost obsessively defensive and ended up being pretty useless) and Kerkko Hyvarinen (who was a little more normally built, still defensive but like a normal person would build who isn't me - he had a moderate degree of success compared to his TPE level which was about half of Intranquilo). I've made two centers, Clark Marcellin (objectively my best player, became defense for the last few seasons of his career, but honestly felt a little weird as during Marcellin was also my prime as GM, so he was always kind of secondary to the team in terms of interest) and Vaclav Hrdina, my current player who obviously can't become much even if I ran him out to the end (a player in the early-mid 100s entering depreciation is never a great idea). I've had a goalie, Martin Brookside (the next best after Marcellin in terms of sim success). I haven't made an offensive defenseman, mostly because I don't really believe they should be a thing, I consider them wingers who lined up wrong... which brings me to the other thing I haven't made, a winger. I've generally felt wingers were the most overfull position because new people tend to want to be the showy scoring guy for the sake of interest, so I've tended to stay away from them for the sake of balance. At this time, however, it seems as though there's actually not an overpopulation of wingers, so if I'm ever going to make one, this would be the time. I could be kind of a combo scoring/physical guy if I want, that might be interesting. I could also go back to my favorite position, defensive defenseman, and try to find some sort of balance between a TPE level higher than Hyvarinen and a sim success higher than Intranquilo. Definitely not doing goalie in the current market, and honestly I'd rather not be at the one position where I have to be the guy.
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    Contraction Implications

    How Contraction Will Affect The League The hot topic this off-season is league changes. While it seems as though our Commish team is very active in taking suggestions, it looks like they are not being shy in implementing high-impact league changes. Not only have we eliminated the Second Player Program, but we are also adjusting the make-up of the league. We have contracted two teams in order to bring the total team count to 8, as it was before the Season 40 expansion, that saw Quebec City and Cologne arrive to the league. Prior to the S58 season we will see one of those expansion teams, the Cologne Express no longer be a part of the league. In joining the Express in contraction is the Stockholm Vikings, a team which was relocated from Vasteras, and never could quite leave their mark on the league via Continental Cup. So what does this mean? Well, immediately we have seen the conference structure collapse into one giant conference. We will see five playoff spots be awarded, with the first round being a wild card match between the 4th and 5th seed. So that should make for a more interesting season and playoff hunt. I don’t think we will see the last of “tanking” however, we won’t see the imbalanced conferences of last season. I actually love this solution a lot more than cross-over. Contraction Draft; where will the players go? The league held a lotto where every team had an equal shot at 1st, and as well as the rest of the order. While it was completely random, one of the teams closer to the end of their rebuild, the New York Americans were handed the first pick. Obviously this puts them in a position to draft one of the top young superstars in the league. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t thrilled to win this, although it’s been kind of funny to see people getting sour over our “luck” The Americans have made a lot of smart moves to put themselves in a great position for the future, yet it has been reduced to luck and privilege of starting rosters. While they will add via Contraction Draft, they also have 3 picks in the first round of the upcoming draft, 2 of which are inside the top 3. The Contraction Draft will be seen as a very memorable and historic moment in VHL History. Seattle has also gained a superstar with the 2nd overall pick, and should put them in a great spot for next season as well as the following three or four. As VHL GM I have been able to watch the Contraction Draft. While the top two assets are seemingly obvious, there are a few other key pieces being moved around to the remaining teams. Shawn Broduer has been acquired by a team, who then scapped their goalie plans all together, that saw a VHL trade, and player retirement. Other teams positioned the draft as an opportunity to gain depth via trading Contraction picks, as well as adding very solid depth players. On top of that, all the players that were set to go to Free Agency on the contracting teams were exempt from the draft, and were able to look at all their options around the league - GM’s were even allowed to speak with those players a few days before the regular Free Agent class. There are many impacts the league will see due to this league contraction, but it has really changed the landscape of the league, and should make for a very exciting season next season! FOR ARKANDER
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    MAL on Announced Contraction

    Recently we managed to catch up with Marc-Alexandre Leblanc and asked his opinions on the news that the VHL was contracting. Here’s what MAL, as he’s affectionately known, had to say: “I’m gonna be honest, I’m a little stunned. Not with the fact that contraction is coming… especially once the news came that the league was instituting new rules restricting the number of players that most agents could represent back down to one. Despite the fact that the VHL is a long-lived league, it still has a relatively small number of agencies who work with it on a regular basis, and so this will make it significantly harder for teams to field a full roster. “That being said, I’m at a complete and total loss as to how in the hell the Calgary Wranglers will continue to exist as a franchise, but its roster will be disbanded. I get that the wranglers have a long and storied franchise and that the fans of that city deserve to keep their team. Removing Cologne and Stockholm truly does make the most sense. But why in the hell should the Stockholm roster be the one that remains intact? It makes no sense for the fans. It makes little sense for the players. I’ve spent a long time here in Calgary, and it totally sucks that I’m potentially not going to get to retire here, like I intended to. I’ve got a home and friends. And look, I get it. I know that this is the life of a professional athlete. Trades happen. Free agency happens. But this is different, you know? My team didn’t want to trade me. My team wasn’t unhappy with my performance. I was happy there. They were happy with me. I think the fans liked me too. But at the end of the day, I’m on my way out, in all likelihood. “And on top of it all, I feel sorry for the fans. The city of Cologne lost its entire team as a unit. Now, if Calgary wins the Cup, the fans of Cologne will know that that cup should have been theirs. Calgary fans will have to watch their players shipped out in bits and pieces, and will never get to know if they were right to Trust the Process. The Process never reached fruition. It wasn’t given the opportunity to come to its conclusion.” MAL paused here for a moment. He seemed pretty emotional, and was perhaps trying to collect himself. “Look, I’m not going to throw some kind of a hissy fit. I’m not going to retire because I think the league made a bad call. And to all the GMs out there who are considering bringing me on board: I will give you everything I’ve got left. I will do my best to bring a cup to your city, will spend extra time learning your schemes and plays, and will play at center or on the wing. I will be one hundred percent committed to your city and your fans.” [note: this is from the perspective of the player, not the Pandar Player Agency, who completely understands the logic and rationale of how contraction is occurring.]
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    QUE/DAV; S57 Off-Season

    Its only a game. In real life though it would be a drag to be traded. At least Tyler/Davos received two 2nds for me, but my players going to have to prove to Quebec that they got the upper hand in the trade for me and Davos Gave up a keeper! Ty: thanks for drafting me, and I look forward to my new team!
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    Because every post is an attack on you. Watch out game threads.
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    there's no luck its all about who sucks the blue team off more
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    i hate new york so much all they ever do is get lucky
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    S58: Removal of Project Player 2

    S56: REMOVAL OF PROJECT PLAYER 2 Hello VHL, After much consideration among the admins and the BOG, we have decided to end the experiment that was the two player system. While some people have very much enjoyed having two players and even thrived, when we look and we talk to people we see for the majority of people the two player system is not giving them anymore activity but rather is burning them out more quickly. We understand having a 2nd player is completely optional, but we feel there still a kind of pressure like you're at a disadvantage if you don't that pushes people to perhaps bite off more than they can chew. This was always a controversial idea that I think the league was divided on pretty evenly when it was introduced, but I think we've seen many of the concerns raised at that time come to reality and it seems time to pull the plug as this league embarks on making some major reforms. All that being said: From this point forward, no new 2nd players may be created. Only 1 active player may exist at a time. For Existing players created under Player 2 - Existing 2nd players will be allowed to play out their career as they normally would. - Once one of a members two players retires, no new player can be created until the other player retires. - When it comes time to re-create, the member can use whichever carryover amount is higher. For General Managers It's been decided that for the time being, General Managers will be allowed to create a 2nd player. This will allow GM's to continue to have the freedom of being a GM and a player at the same time, and also it will give the league some flexibility in getting people to teams that they want to GM which is something we do need at this time with GM interest being low. This will all follow all the same rules as current 2 players with some key exceptions. - GM's have the option of creating a 2nd player when they become GM. This will either be a 'GM Player' or a regular player. If it is GM player, it will obviously follow all the existing rules for GM players. - When a GM steps down, the GM player must retire. We hope everyone understands why we are ending the program in general yet leaving some added freedom to GM's. Any questions or concerns will be answered in this thread. ~VHL Commissioner's, Beketov / Devise / Will
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    S58: Back Down to Eight

    Disappointing for Cologne as we had something really good cooking there but we will see what happens. Good luck gents @bgreene21 @Kendrick @TheLastOlympian07 Frustrating way to end my run as GM but I guess I'll see where I go for a couple seasons.
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    VHL Suggestion Drive

    Call me a hypocrite because I can't think of any ideas outside of ones in other leagues, but one thing I have always found frustrating with this league is the lack of opportunities to earn TPE. From what I can tell the only weekly opportunities are: Media/Graphic/Podcast/Welfare VHL.com Article/Podcast Job Pay And the VHLM practice facility is offered to VHLM players as well. There isn't enough variety. You have 3 tasks to do each week, potentially just 1, if you don't have a job, or got advanced pay from an article or graphic. While I like the concept of being able to write one giant article for 4 weeks pay, that just decreases activity even more. If we had more activity here, I would be all for it, but I really don't think we can afford to allow people to write one article a month, for full points. I have no idea how many people exercise this option, but if just 5 people do, that is 5 articles in one month, rather then 20, must they produce one each week. Another problem with the lack of variety comes with no way to earn max points in a given week, for some members (specifically newer members). If you don't have a job, which I'm sure is a decent amount of the members here (again, having just come back, I have no idea how many), it is impossible to earn 9/9 capped TPE. IF you do a PT for 6, and a podcast for 2, that gives you 8 capped TPE. Not to mention the fact that a lot of people don't like to record themselves, and as such, will avoid doing podcasts. Thus, you have members without a job getting a max of 7/8 capped TPE. I think adding a couple more weekly tasks that give you 1-2 capped TPE, could generate a lot more activity, as everyone will be able to earn the max of 9 capped TPE in any given week. People that claim welfare (whether it is 2, 3, or 4), will also be able to make more in a week, and I've noticed we have nearly 20 members on welfare. Maybe if those members on welfare could do a couple more smaller tasks each week, they would get more engaged in the site. We need more tasks that give the people something to do. Having potentially just one task (which is either a 150 word article, or a short podcast), isn't enough to make people want to check in everyday. This is a bit of a mess, and it might have been brought up before, but again, I just got back, so sue me.
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    randomizer decided he should die
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    Nor does the BOG represent the league... Maybe I'm stepping out of line, but since I've been back this has seemed his MO. I understand we need a younger userbase to continue on, but when posters are this volatile, I don't see how they're helping the league, no matter how good their graphic work, when they are continually alienating members...?
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    You think it’s head Graders job to search for original stocks? Yet it isn’t the Mag Editors job to edit the mag? This is just fake outrage. @Beketov is just feeding a troll.. lol
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    Whatever the case, he definitely did some more editing on top of what was already done. He maybe should have credited wherever he got that pic from but I am approving of it. @boubabi, you don't need to resort to calling people names and whatever condescending attitude you are having. You could have contacted me about this, or simply just brought up your ideas in here and argued it, but it quickly escalated. @BOOM, next time try starting with a stock render, or if you are going to use something edited as much as that image was, credit them and then the reviewers can clearly see the work you put in.
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    S58 VHL Draft Lottery

    On behalf of all the admins, sorry for the delay (again) in getting the draft lottery done. There was some confusion on who was going to do it and some of us have been somewhat side-tracked talking about major changes as well as the large amount of suggestions we got during the suggestion drive. Next season we will be committing to a date for the draft lottery publicly and well in advance and whichever admins happen to be available that day will get it done. Ideally this day will be the day after the regular season ends, where there is no games simmed as playoffs are set up. Obviously it sucks, especially for GMs, that we have done it on such sort notice so a special apology to the GMs.
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    I hope this note can bring a small light to your day. Good morning VHL.
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    Hello Again

    Hello all, after a couple of years, it's nice to see this place is still going strong. Anyways, I had a couple of questions that I was hoping someone could answer, before recreating. - Am I still eligible for carryover? My last player was Rami Jakobssen, and considering how long ago it was, I just wanted to make sure nothing has changed, and I'm still good to claim carryover from him. - Where are we in the season? I don't want to create a player and be entered into the draft a week later, with very little TPE. - Is the welfare/pension upgrade still available in the player store? I didn't see it from my brief look. I ask because I will likely be claiming welfare most weeks, and would like that extra TPE. Thanks, can't wait to get started here again.
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    Hello Again

    You DO know it's "gung ho" right? Anywho, welcome back!
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    I Got Some Suggestions

    1. Contraction I've been suggesting this since Season 52 and while back when I first suggested it we had a reason to reject it (the two-player system was in it's very early stages, although even then the numbers suggested that we wouldn't generate enough players to justify ten teams), it seems obvious looking at the rosters now that the situation has not changed. The user base required to properly sustain ten teams is not there now and in truth, never has been. 2. All Star Game/Bring Public Voting Back From what I can tell, it's been a while since an All-Star team was selected or an All-Star game was played. This seems like something that was an oversight, but while the game itself isn't super necessary, at least having All-Star teams selected should be a no-brainer. One it's a solid achievement for anyone to pick up, especially for those who are newer to the league and aren't yet at the stage where they can break into VHL Award recognition and in truth, makes the league look weaker that something that we'd awarded in the 53 seasons prior is no longer tallied. I also believe 100% member voting should be back for the award, taking that away and giving the BOG the All-Star selection powers in the first place was a big over-reaction to what was a fairly minor issue that had little effect (bias), made the whole task of putting it together more difficult (counting member votes is extremely simple) and in the process took interest away from the All-Star game and condescended the non-BOG user base in their abilities to select the "right choice".
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    *a boring S57 regular season game, amrite?* We've been waiting for this moment since the season has started - the S57 regular season is over and after a week or so we will crown a new champion...or an old-new champ (if Quebec). However, it didn't mean that this season was plain boring - at least it was sorta entertaining for some members, like Boubabi. There were kinda unique things that are not happening often or just an interesting moments that should be mentioned. Here we go. SECOND LINE IS ALSO IMPORTANT Well, at least I got a proof in this season. I'm really lazy to check the old indexes, but perhaps the we witnessed the GOAT second line performance the VHL has ever seen. And yes, Johnny Styles scored only 8 points and RIG D3 amassed even less (two), but the Krīgars-Locke-Thrower trio went ham in this season. Let's take look at their accomplishments: The 74 OV player: * 147 points, good for the tied 19th place in the all-time scoring TOP 25 list (tied with Rybak, Virkkunen and Milo) * Guaranteed Mike Szatkowski award (most points) * Has a shot at the Brett Slobodzian award (most outstanding player) and Scotty Campbell award (regular season MVP) John Locke: * Guaranteed Kevin Brooks award (most goals scored) * 70 goals, good for the tied 16th place in the all-time goal TOP 25 list (tied with Campbell (S3), Radmonovic, Kroenenburg and Berger) * New GWG record - 21 Alexander Thrower: * Guaranteed Alexander Beketov award (most assists) * 90 assists, good for the 24th place in the all-time assist TOP 25 list * Probably has a shot at the Sterling Labatte award, however Casey Jones is a clear leader here I think it was a good season for the 400 TPE dudes and I'll name this season a favorite I've ever had in sim-leagues if Riga wins the Continental Cup this season. THE BEST SAVE % IN A REBUILDING TEAM? EZ. These words are coming out from Rhett DeGrath now. We know that it's not hard to post a good numbers in a bottom feeder team, but I'm not sure if this is enough to get a best save % and if someone was able to pull that. But Rhett DeGrath says it is possible - his Davos was about to fight with Stockholm for not being a worst team in this league, but an MVP goalie decided to make other goalies in shambles. His 93.5% was enough for the best in this category. Also, this is another player who made the all-time TOP 25 list - 93.5% is enough for the tied 16th in the all-time save % TOP 25 list (however, he had a better performance in S55 - the 94.1% was enough for the second place). Is it enough to take a Shaw award? Not sure - the current situation in Davos might screw him, but I think he is pleased with his performance regardless. WHERE ARE THE STARS AT? While the Reign's second line was doing a nasty job, we saw a drastic decline from some players who were supposed to occupy the TOP 5 of scoring lists or grabbing the Labatte award. Only Helsinki's first line and Ravenwing were able to stay consistent. What about others? Lukas Muller - The last season's Slobozian, Beketov and Szatkowski award winner notched 92 points in S57. Decent, but not 137 points from last season. Diana Maxwell - The player who scored 100+ points for three seasons in a row collected only 87 points in S57. But at least her physical play was on top with 374 hits so perhaps she switched this style for the purpose. Phil Shankly - The same goes to Phil. He was supposed to complete the Reign's first line, but instead his mediocre shooting % allowed him to score an okay 76 points. But then he has the league-best 426 hits; I guess he decided to give his scoring power to Ravenwing and Trombone. Fabio Jokinen - The best S56 defenceman certainly won't repeat his success: his 74 points and 124 shot blocks are good, but I think we were waiting something more from the best Quebec def. Lee King Snatch - Perhaps the second/third best S56 defenseman switched his position to a forward and this change kinda screwed him: an okay 68 points definitely helped Quebec to get a bye, but he could've performed better imo. Pierre Gaudette - from two straight 100+ point seasons to 67 points in S57. We can actually say that almost the whole S50-53 Quebec squad underperformed in this season and only Skye saved their Continental Cup dreams. Bow down to Apollo. DEJA VU: SEATTLE BEARS EDITION Remember the S49? Not only this season started the decline of European conference, we also witnessed a 82-point team missing the playoffs from the NA conference. Which makes it worse, the 82 points is 7 points more than two best EU teams (Cologne and Davos) were able to collect. Seattle was definitely the most unlucky team there, but you now what? He comes the deja vu effect - the same happened in S57. Seattle managed to grab some good offensive players, but the mediocre goaltending didn't allow them to make the playoffs again in the highly competitive NA conference. An interesting fact - 88 points is way more than the third EU team Cologne has (88 vs 48). @Banackock could easily become the most unlucky GM of all time if his Seattle won't win a Continental Cup in one or two seasons (depends on his plans). That also caused a discussion about the potential changes in a playoff format - we might implement a crossover system once again to prevent this injustice. AN EXTRA GAME? Once again, my player is featured in this article. Like I said, I'm too lazy to check the old indexes. However, it is not usual to see a player who played more than 72 regular season games and I don't know if this thing even happened. So Guntis Petenis definitely makes a history - he played 73 regular season games instead of 72. There is an obvious explanation of this - by the time when Guntis was traded to Toronto, Davos had more games played than the Legion so thanks to @JardyB10 for this. Also, Ike Arkander played 65 games as a starter. However, we can let it slide as NY didn't make the playoffs. I named some interesting things that happened in S57 regular season. Perhaps I missed something, but I have more than 1000 words for Petenis, hence I'm finished with this article. That's it and I'm out 6x2=12 TPE (14 TPE with an upgrade) goes to Petenis.
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