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  2. Reign Legion Meute Bears
  3. It's a wild wild world with the Cologne Express

  4. It looks good but the red lettering is a little off lol
  5. Haha! Ill let you and the rest of the crowd soak it all in before I delete it and try again. At least the VHL logo looks retro cool.
  6. I do now lol
  7. Beave:See how shitty it is?!
  8. I appreciate all the offers, however I gotta stay true to Saskatoon. Accept!
  9. Haha! C'mon man,it's free! I tried to crop your player that I chose for you on the cover of a PLAYGIRL magazine but I couldn't get it to render properly. I can always delete it if you want.
  10. Overrated episode. Could have predicted most of it.
  11. @Exlaxchronicles VHL logo?
  12. Dynamo 5-0
  13. Yeah thanks,just realised it so I'm deleting and re-trying again.
  14. Links look broken @Exlaxchronicles
  15. Reign Legion Meute Bears
  16. Not the original one I tried to upload but fuck it.
  17. Riga Legion Meute Bears
  18. 111 Reign 112 Legion 113 Meute 114 Bears
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