Double header drafts tonight! S55 VHLM Draft at 9 EST and the S55 VHL Entry Draft at 9:30 EST.

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  2. Sokolov may have slowed down a tad but I don't think my lead is going anywhere haha
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  6. Who needs Roman Sokolov when you've got five of the top 15 skaters and the top goalie? While Sokolov was again the best player, during the second quarter of play, the 2nd-4th best skaters were all on my team (Unassisted, Aleksei Federov, and Bobby Digital). My worst player is Fook Yu, whose 102.6 fantasy points ranks him at 15th among skaters. But keep in mind that there are also multiple players above him who nobody has on their teams. Of the 25 skaters that my Group 4 opponents have, only six players have more fantasy points than Yu. Three of those players are on @DollarAndADream's second place team. Bo Boeser continues to be a surprise, and the rest of his players are holding up nicely with the exception of Tobias Klingberg, a blemish on this roster that makes me feel comfortable in my lead. Despite having the second worst Q2 in the group, @punkhippie does currently hold on to his third place spot. Roman Sokolov is carrying him hard, as he has three players under 80 and the worst goalie in the group. Axelberry did improve this quarter, though. John Locke had a worse performance and is currently the worst player on the team after a decent Q1. Having the third best Q2, @der meister moves up a spot from 5th place to 4th. A strong performance from his own Essian Ravenwing helped boost his team. Ravenwing being his worst player at 82.4 fantasy points is not a bad mark (every team but mine has at least one worse player), though his best player (Guntis Petenis) has only 104.4 fantasy points (every team in the group has at least one better player). @Higgins swapped spots in the standings with der meister because his team sucks. @canucks30 is still 6th and I've written enough words.
  7. I think it's safe to say Roman Sokolov has solidified himself as the fantasy darling this season. He once again led in fantasy points this quarter, though with a slightly worse total than the last. Though his lead over the second best was not as great, only one other player from the top five in Q1 was once again in the top five, that being Aleksei Federov (2nd in Q1; 3rd in Q2; 2nd overall). Unassisted made a strong jump in the recent games, scoring 72.8 fantasy points this quarter. This was a good improvement on his already respectable 58.2 from before. New York players across the board saw better performances, thanks in part to an easier schedule. The largest improvement came from Essian Ravenwing, who had just 27.2 fantasy points last quarter (placing him 55th of 72 skaters), as he doubled his fantasy production with 55.2 fantasy points this quarter (13th). For the goalies, Astrid Moon cooled down as his shutout pace did not continue. He was 6th among goalies for the quarter, but he does remain the top goalie for the season overall. It was Calgary's Jacob who led the goalies this quarter, but the scores were much closer as less than two fantasy points separated the top four. for mist4ke
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  10. 3-2 Oslo
  11. Storm Lynx Wild
  12. Frank took him off the Fooking line and he became sad.
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  15. updated, but you have 2 banked tpe to add now since you only added 11 this updated when you earned 13. @Gooningitup
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  17. updated (contact higgins to fix that @Lunaro)
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  19. 109 Oslo Storm vs Yukon Rush
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  21. 106 Oslo Storm vs Las Vegas Aces 107 Las Vegas Aces vs Ottawa Lynx 108 Yukon Rush vs Saskatoon Wild
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  23. Pod 7 VHLM Fan Man 1 Score 8 85 1/4 -> 87 1/4 TPE 774
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  25. Don't Even Bother edition ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Intro: Gogol Bordello - Sally Outro: Diablo Swing Orchestra - Lucy Fears the Morning Star ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ No questions. Y'all suck.
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