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  2. Fair enough lol
  3. You're not a GM anymore. Keep your opinions to yourself and let the kid choose Let me at least TRY to sell him on it XD
  4. Thats debatable
  5. Today
  6. Saskatoon would also like to offer 1mill and the chance to play with elite wingers for this season and argueable the best forward in the VHLM
  7. @Green 12 hours passed, it's your turn 2x
  8. Jeff Gow Inactive Enough TPE: 270 + 48 = 318 defense: 40 + 30 = 70 passing: 70 + 10 = 75 strength: 70 + 8 = 74
  9. Felix Savard (Inactive enough that im doing it) TPE: 639+126= 765 skating: 88 + 26 = 92 87=15 = 90 scoring: 92 1/8 + 23 = 95 strength: 82 4/5 + 21 = 87 defense: 93 5/8 + 43 = 98 6/8
  10. welcome
  11. Shawn Gretzky @Exlaxchronicles
  12. Welcome to the league! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions! (Lets go Devils!)
  13. Vegas offers $1 Million as well, I wont lie, you'll start on the second line. But if you put in the work and earn your spot, I will move you up in the line up. Plus with the best goalie in the league, we have the best shot at a cup this year.
  14. Aces offer 2 million for the season
  15. Yukon offers the VHLM active free agent 1 year/1 million for S59 @Will
  16. Hold up could I actually just do this and earn 6 TPE? (No offense)
  17. Welcome hopefully you can make a name for yourself here but in a good way.
  18. Welcome to the league. @Sami K Sorry for the late offer but I'm away for the long weekend. Yukon offers you a 1 year contract and spot on the #1 line.
  19. Hey guys, I'm Sami I am from Ottawa I love to both play and watch hockey and my team is the Flyers I am 16 years old in Grade 11 and I look forward to joining the VHL. I am a former infamous member of the SHL where I acted like a clown and created some Drama fairly quickly you might know me as Triscuit. I am joining this league because I did find it fairly amusing to create your own player and all but could not rejoin the SHL due to the Drama I created for myself I was what you could say an "edgy teen" in his prime so I had 2 choices either the GOMHL or the VHL obviously I picked the VHL mainly due to the website and how nice it looks anyhow that's a little backstory about me I look forward to tearing it up in the VHL.
  20. I am currently considering your offer but would like to wait a couple more hours too see any other options that may come my way.
  21. Has justice been served with you getting the Knight trophy this year? Do you think your team can complete the fabled 3-peat? If so, why?
  22. Lucas Muller - F @Gooningitup
  23. Dunno what you’re talking about, he’s right there at the bottom...
  24. Sorry, was travelling Thursday/Friday G - Markus King F - Mattias Forsberg
  25. In if there is still time.
  26. Congratulations guys!
  27. Accept
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